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  1. Good idea but then they must ban Cheater. And i dont see they want people who cheating are SCPT that says all. And people Cheating for weeks with high rank accounts in twitch. Ban the cheating fucks or my break will be longer.
  2. Yeah fairfight was a nice anticheat. Sad that they all unbanned and cheating since today.
  3. 1vs1 is for me fine. It was altime in apb and it good. Only what is cancer is the fact when alll other go abandonmission and you start a 1vs1 in a mission who is maked for 3 or 4 players. This i sometime no play. Then this was balanced for more player and will fast feel not fair.
  4. In the theory yes But in real i have see today.
  5. Yes but its not the same kill speed. What some people was doing with this guns was not normal.
  6. You have to wait. All other tickets are important to.
  7. Im playing right now and what i can say. NOBODY runs or kill me with .45 how before. they all suck with it. I had not think that it was so bad. The hacks and macro user was much more then i had ever think. To day the game and it makes fun is easy and i have see some people who use alltime the .45 and was op with it now playing with nano . Now i can see who was Legit and who not good for me to know. THANK LO
  8. I make i see sometime no whispers when toxic players my enemy. The all chat is most of the time funny i like all chat and i think the people there are more friendly they know every read it.
  9. please never ever more unban. The unban from ff bans was the biggest mistake already from LO. Cheater destroy the fun for other players and kill the playerbase.
  10. Gun Game is very nice I like it to play. but it gives many joker ticket so it should not come to much. But I think the Gms know this. But when it come I see the people like it and are happy for the chance to farm so easy joker tickets. Its in all, very special, to have a so big battle with all players.
  11. you can sprintshooting with the Oscar or joker put reflexsight 3 in and let's go.
  12. The only thing what makes the gun nice its that we have no cool reskin from the obir in armars.
  13. Before long time i liked it. I had try it before 1 month again and it was weak. I think same how the tread owner its need less bloom and a good accuraty. I mean it is rifleman gun. With a touch to a smg but a asaultrifle.
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