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  1. realy? :3 oh sorry my english not so good only slowli and liddle bit.
  2. But you Know in apb are 80 People in a Distrikt. When we Had 1000 players or 100 it Nothing change for the mm. And i Played much pvp rank Games in tryhard in my live. And i can say the People cry overall over the mm. You can not make it Good that all Happy. And for me for the Player Pool what it have it work Not much Bad. Sure sometime it is bad but in fact the People can only change himself Not the teamates or enemy. And when you cant win every match when Play it solo then the reason the matches Not Always fair then you have to live With it. Apb can be very Strong as Team. Strongest wappon is the teamplay we all Know! With this you can Beat every enemy we all Know. Ist a streangh From apb. So want win More make friends Stop selfish And Play as group. And when you realy new in the game you have anyway First to lvl up before you can expect to carry a game. Andto become exp you need to Do Nothing in this game And this Good. Then With expirence And Good equip And cars the game will feel better why not give noobs when Start a Email With a tanky car (1hour) And Good wappon (1hour Full Moded atac). Then they have the feel And a motivation. Later again going in his shit car what they have.
  3. They give us the jokerstore in Social. Wehre everybody can Buy wappons And clothing or car kits for jockertickets And they to Farm need much time. Thats alot of Grind. A Event can boost you Good but then you become they only From Daily activity, 3-30jt for Complete a Mission And weekly in fc. There you have a Good Grind for every day. Other Grind is exp Grind lvl your Charakters to Max.Oh you have 1on Max alrady. Make a 2. Or 3. This so much Grind. To have enfo girl,Boy, or crim girl,Boy whatever. Or try to Make higher a wappon Role. And whatever you Do, in all what you Do, you Grind apb Dollar. And hey it give a Crown in the game. I trink Grind is there you have enough to Do wehen you Set Goals. A higher Max rank lvl is planend for the game.
  4. Who say they deathrating? you drop easy from gold to silver in the silver district. When you play legit and face to many cheater. And oh this game have many this days. And when you not belive try fightclub oh you will face so msny cheater.
  5. that's what I think. And just because one no longer cheats you can not conclude on all. because almost all cheaters remain cheaters. for why did they cheat.. to look better. bad players just who want feel pro. I'm talking about the right cheaters. not from any reroll children. These closet cheaters remain and leave only with a ban and they most no come back when banned. Once a cheater, always a cheater. so yes. And im long gamer but that cheater become unban its for me very uniqe. And to see this names from cheaters alrady hurts every day! And we need manual bans. And FF was good how it worked. to have statistics over players say more then 1000 words.
  6. Explosive wappon have his own wappon role, its nice. They are no terribad players. Osmav is easy to use but sure not easy to master same Opgl.
  7. Apb have some mechanics who are uniqe. The game can easy revive. I play the game and have fun and Lo work on Engine update this will fix all the problems. I don't understand what you want here
  8. Eviltara

    Petition: Fight Club

    Yes please its anyway unplayabale. To Many asylum cheaters
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