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  1. Haha you cry at moment realy with a scout? This gun is at moment to good. When i see with Hvr what i can do all not. Look scout very strong in all ranges. Without the medspray he had dead anyway and when smart he had stay under cover then the second shot from the scout comes to fast with this fast aiming what they can.
  2. Make the settings on low and relax. For the big update u have to be lazy it will need time.
  3. Ok i know i will some people Trigger here. But hey i have fun in the Game. And i see so much Gms how never before in the Game this is good. The Only what i not liked from L.O was the Unban the cheaters. There they was definitivly listen to the Wrong guys from the Game. It was BAD! But is ok i can forgive. And YES Tiggs was a good GM! But in the End im fine with Lo the support works very well. 1-2 days waiting is for me not long. And im happy Lo is good for Apb they not a Company who want make big bigger biggest Money like Blizzard. i think its the right Company for APb. For apb its enough when its costs covered with a liddle + in the Money.
  4. I must say the most player are friendly and want play the game when they are in san paro.
  5. Please read this https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/16236-griefing-psa/
  6. Atac is the better star take this. And as secondary buy a nano (expensive). Pistols are for nooooooobis
  7. I want see more threads from banned people. I like
  8. When i see someone use it i atak and make fast a shot and i know he stop regen and he wastet it. No problem. And bring the old spotter back its totaly usless now. And why we cant use radar tower in car? I want it You only nerf the legit players!
  9. I think this guns have weakness vs guns with more mobility.
  10. Before long time it was in the shopping mall waterfront everyone know this spot. We had no much time more left. The enemy team hold it with 5 peoples. No way to clear the spot. We shoot in a last fight and we kill nobbody and all say no way! and my ftiend was ninja the spot and finished it. This was amaizing later we won. This are the moments you will never forget. And for this moments i love apb.
  11. For this they can become only a time ban how you want to know. A perm ban you become not so fast and this is good.
  12. I would like when lo let all play the game but do every month doing a Ban wave And when they found a cheat let them play and feel save. To ban so many they can. But in real i see not same punish the cheaters how g1 did.
  13. I play apb legit all my live. No cheats no macro. And i had never any problem with a anti cheat from apb. No problem with punkbuster, be, fairfight, and eac. Crazy or? That show me in privat it was alltime work. You people should try play legit only Thats is your problem it was never a anticheat. Fuck liers overall
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