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  1. You're absolutely right about that, i adopted playing with 15-25 fps when i started, and when i finaly got a new pc i was even better then i was
  2. It's kinda funny how most people would prefer to get new content before optimising the fps drops But i can agree with them because it's becoming boring to play without lvling up
  3. Well that was the thing and its still there with the valentines boxes, you can check yourself if you have any spare ones left around, once the gun is out of ammo its gone untill you find another gun
  4. Well the thing about the pickups is that you can't resupply it.. once its out of ammo its out, even if it swaps your weapon entirely once you run out of ammo you would have to drop a box to get your own gun then... people will need to bring up a decision if they wanna risk by picking up a dropped gun and have to spend a box of ammo to bring your gun back if the dropped weapon is low on ammo or empty (yes, empty guns should be dropped to for balancing)
  5. If you want a crosshair that much, get a marker and put a dot onto your screen(monitor) might destroy it for the rest of its life ( not likd really but you would have a black dot on your screen) an there ya go
  6. Well not everybody can pinpoint the exact center where the crosshair is located in a one secund window to shoot your gun, at that point when you flick your mouse its either hit or miss
  7. I liked that mechanic, you had a choice to play with all kinds of guns from different players around the game. The system in short: basicly every time you die or kill an enemy, yours or his primary weapon and you would be able to pick it up but wouldn't be able to resupply it, so when you run out of ammo thats it.
  8. Well i think the BE will mark any third party tool for crosshair or something and they said they're gonna put like a color for the colorblind people and also implement parts of the advanced launcher into the game
  9. All same here, but my clan mates told me they don't see them.
  10. Borderlands shaders were illegal even when G1 was in charge. Any modification of game files will be flagged by BE exept advanced launcher
  11. Would be nice if they made something like a stunt district, a district without missions and without out of bounds limitation, apb was way more fun untill they put that up
  12. Somebody in a post some time ago said that that config is just a placebo effect and it doesen't actually work. Anyway i suggest you delete that whole config file and repair apb because when BattleEye gets released it will flag you as a cheater. Though they got much bigger problems that need fixing so we'll just have to wait of the fix someday.
  13. They they will verify him is through paypal payment ticket numbers, thats what i had to do when i was returning my acc
  14. It's unplayable because the NA servers are on mitigation
  15. They stopped announcing bans because of player name and shame, that doesen't mean people aren't getting banned it just means we will not be able to know of it
  16. I literally made a post about blaming LO staff and Matt like an hour ago and now this guy comes. As i said they never said any release date but instead gave us a road map of what they want to accomplish
  17. Well he was still violating the rules even though it was not intentional but he sparked a huge rage in the community
  18. This already went off topic so i don't mind you even locking it, thank @Lixil
  19. Almost everyone, i've read dozens of bad comments pointed toward LO It's like that in a lot of games, especially LoL No my friend, in this case downhill is never better
  20. That is the best thing about them, unlike G1 they communicate with players and now just post weekly maintenance details
  21. I'm not talking about the problem you had Shini, im talking about how we behave to new staff. Some people are very rude to them and point all fingers at them without even giving themselves a minut to think about it. It hurts ti be welcomed like that in the first month being here.
  22. I read the post about shini's spawn. It's not a gm's work but a bug in the network and the game, that happened to me a few times and i never blamed a gm for that nor am i doing it now. Now maybe a lot of you will probably disagree with me now but let not jump the conclusions just yet. LO proved to us that they are going to do something good for the game by firstly announcing new anti cheat engine which is great in my opinion and i belive they're gonna do everything they say... They approached us for help around the game and i can't remember when was the last time G1 ever did Q&A session if they ever did. Just let them do their work and stop making it harder by blaming them about the stuff that G1 missed out to do. LO never said exactly that they are gonna do this or that in 2-3 months but they gave us a road map of their plans and hopes that they will achieve all that but they won't be any closer without us and our support. Last time i played while G1 was still the boss there were roughly 200 people active most of the day and the game was unplayable due to massive lags. But when LO took over those lags stopped and the population suddenly jumped to about 900-1000. Lets be real people, they cant do everything in a week or a month, just give them some time and we will have apb just like we always wanted.
  23. We all for sure agree that G1 was terrible at communicating with the community but LO showed us interest in the community and into game since day one of them taking over
  24. G1 didn't really remove all connections to RTW... when you start the game you will see a Real time worlds productions logo, that is if you didn't remove the ingame movies
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