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  1. Just checked the support portal today, and my ticket has disappeared....
  2. I did... Not only that, but they seemingly kept deleting my ticket/request which resulted in me having to re-email them the same info 14-15 times. I eventually just gave up until I heard about the fact that APB might actually get competent management with Little Orbit.
  3. Yea... I didn't use paypal. I used an old credit card.
  4. Holy shit... Yea, it's going to be a hot minute. I don't really have a choice. I've put way too much $$ into this game to just start anew.
  5. Anyone have any experience getting an account back that they were locked out of do to not having access to their old email? It's been 7 days since I filed my ticket, I'm curious as to how long it's taken for other people....
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