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  1. Or they could just pust the walls so you can't take the item outside of it or the VIP can't leave a certain are untill he dies
  2. Assuming that the green are is easy, i find it harder to play on that part of the map then the one marked with red I don't think you spawn on highway, what i think he said is that the highways give you a much better overlook of the objective and easier to defend, also harder to reach and it takes valuable time, and for new player, the time is gold
  3. But that happens with the areas of the map that are not marked, some of them have objectives that are a bit hard to reach for new players, you kinda excluded them from your drawing.
  4. Just pit the preset slider to minimal an voila. You go back to stone age where the wheels are square and everything is made of 0.5px. Good luck with that EDIT: Also if you mean config by changing the physical game files that is not allowed
  5. Deathshow99


    Hellou, my name is Jovan(John in english) i'm 19 y/o and i'm from serbian. I've been playing this game since it went F2P in 2011 but playing on my current acc since 2013. Main characters are Deathshow99( R255 enf) and Yamennes (R160+ crim) and an alt enf named LadyTiamat. I'm great in team coordination because i rarely play solo (Hate playing solo cause of the MM), wouldn't say im in the top ranks of players but as much as i see on a good day i can be really good. I'm usualy playing snipers but often switch to a shotty or some close to mid ranged weapon. Also i know every bit of corner of the map and have a general sense where the enemy will be coming from and where they will be most likely spawning. I hope i will get reviewed at least and i hope i will get accepted. Cheers, Deathshow
  6. Don't wanna ruin your guide, but let me just say this, you could also use DMR at longer ranges because when your're about 80-90m away from the enemy the DMR will also kill in 2 shots.
  7. I could help you in making the post if you want, as i got nothing else smart to do at least i could help the newbies Just send me a DM if you need any help.
  8. Even on consoles he would complain about widescreen tv-s giving unfair advantage
  9. I'll just mark my glasses with an + so i can cheat in every game
  10. I've got 2 monitors, as much as i remember i can split the game on those 2 monitors, it will give me wider screen right? But WAIT, im not using wide screen monitor, so i'm safe from being banned, right guys?
  11. I'm wearing glasses 100% of my day and when i'm driving the sun blinds me so i put sun glasses over them, should i be banned from driving? Awww shame
  12. I can BET that the only person who voted "Yes" is the op, am I right?
  13. Yes, fightclub only would be awesome. I agree with you, would be nice if they put it when the weapon is dropped it only has 1 full mag of ammo and that's it, would make you decide what you wanna do with it and when the weapon is empty it dissapears and you go back to your old loadout
  14. This would ask the pc for more resourses and not everybody has a high-end pc I don't think this should be implemented, im fine with the customization as it is now.
  15. I'm not ending it because people disagree, i'm ending it because clearly nobody want's that mechanic, just like everything else. I never said anything about toxicity, i understand the negativity about the mechanic, just dont want people arguing about something thats probably never gonna be in the game. @Lixil decide yourself if the post needs locking down, nobody broke any rules so i will be fine if the post stays active, but i don't think there's anything more to discuss about the matter.
  16. Firstly, i apologize for starting this thread on the wrong foot. I should've stated some facts and pros/cons, but i wasn't thinking that much when i was posting( you can even see at what time the thread was posted). But i agree with @Dopefish when he wrote: I think the community got used to not recieving any changes in the game for a long period of time( there's all the negativity about BE ). Thats why everybody is so protective but cmon guys, don't you agree we need at least some changes to the game? As somebody stated if you want a gun or a sking go buy it yourself... Well not everybody is in a position to do so. For example not everybody has a monthly salary of 1k+$/€. In my country for instance (Serbia) we get roughly 300€ a month, so do your own calculations... I remember when this mechanic first got introduced i was extremly happy when i got to use somebody else's premium or legendary weapon (Don't remember if secundary's were dropped though). As this thread recieved so much negativity and thats not good for the community now, I would like to ask @Lixil or somebody of the mods to once again, close my thread. Im asking this for a reason because i feel like i started a fight after i read all the reply's i can see thats it's bot worth to ask for a change in game mechanics because everybody will just protect apb as it is now. Cheers, Deathshow
  17. Exactly, not everybody uses them, if the team is premade they will use all kinds of blue mods
  18. So you want them to be removed and yet you're constantly using them? Can somebody explain what's going on around here The spawn will go red when you have cooldown and if an enemy is near it it will still display a message that you can't spawn because of the cooldown
  19. Now thats impossible, they've put the cooldown like 2 years ago if i remember
  20. It's a rare ocassion to find a full hp pioneer, its either already shot up a bit or naded
  21. Look at the top left or the top right corner of the spawn screen and you will notice red numbers if you already spawned in a spawner
  22. Stop using low yields and take concussion for a moment, one nade is enough to damage the car so enemy can't spawn. Don't be silly please, it's your own fault you're not using it. I've got a 4x4 and i can make it so its tough as pioneer
  23. Ahh that one moment you just look ar your router and it restarts itself, priceless
  24. No worries mate. I had a desktop pc though Single core cpu with 2ghz and some nvidia gpu so tell me about it Played like that from 2011 to 2014
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