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  1. Well... If they get unbanned... Probably they'll get banned again for the same reason. AND they'll swarm the forums crying all over their ban reason calling it unfair.
  2. The only car that interests me is Vegas (The normal one, not that autistic 4x4 atrocitiy [I have both Vegas G24]) The only thing that Vegas needs is a new Kit to look like more Death Race/Mad Max-ish. Ya know... A kit that resembles Armor Plating (In a similar way to Pioneer's Waragi LAV / Jericho's Pursuit Special and Nightrider / Vaquero's Toreador and Vengador / Seiyo's Citadel and Mammoth)
  3. They should re-do the pricing, and add some new stuff... (NO, I WON'T BE ASKING FOR ATAC BUNDLE THIS TIME) A new preset NHVR Scout will be awesome with 3 mods. Cooling Jacket 3 + Magazine Pull 3 + 3 Point Sling 3. JUST SAYIN'
  4. Thank God. But the way some companies are bowing down to some SJW bullshoot... BUT, everybody knows that these companies are doing it for the money, they don't really care for the sjw "fight", well played capitalism... Well, played. =D
  5. Mate... You're right. If LO bows down to SJWs that don't even play the game, they'll have to re-create the formula. BUT, IMHO. Following the lore of APB: "Not to mention the wildly skewed moral compass: We have missions fighting over drug caches, blood money, weapon shipments, and holding transplant organs hostage for blackmai among many other thingsl. Along with this, we have literal suicide bombing techniques using detonator and vehicles. Not to mention the basic level of shooting other people in the face. But no. No sex allowed. Sex is bad. Go back to catholic school and be chaste and cover everything up. Pretty crazy morals." The city is falling apart due violence. So criminals are doing what they want and not giving a fuck about it. APB's motto is: BE WHAT YOU CAN'T BE.
  6. Lol... So they get banned for not knowing da wae (sorry, had to do this kind of idiocy) I wasn't aware of people getting banned for streaming such content.
  7. If people want to jerk off with his/her character, go to another game (one that really contains nudity) to do so. The game community is full of weebs. hu3hu3hu3.
  8. Yep... Every obsession, even yelling at silvers... Believe, it's lose it's fun. LET'S YELL AT BRONZES...
  9. Well... Let's see if I make a 2nd Amendment Support Symbol will be considered Hate Speech. Because, ya know, how everything is turning nowadays. People in some areas goes berserk if you show support to the right of bear firearms.
  10. Vegas 4x4 Sucks. RWD Vegas >>> And, call me high or something, I think they should make the Armored Truck purchasable. It'll be fun.
  11. Mate... I'm in the same situation as yours. I play the game Since 2014 and joined the Forums in 2016, but my pace still not the same as the majority of the players that lives on the Silver districts.
  12. Finally... Well. A brighter future awaits.
  13. HK33E

    Suggestions as CBT

    Agree with you, specially in the #4 and #5. The matchmaking should return to the way it was in RTW era. But concerning about #4... Just an observation. Well. We'll gonna have Golds dethreating in purpose only to join Silver Districts to troll the players. The old stuff we already know that happens.
  14. IMHO, it's a way to create flexibility when purchasing weapons in Armas Marketplace. MY idea. The Pack should be Account Bound ONLY, divided into 2 bundles and contain the Following: Pack 01: Primary Weapons: - Assault Rifle: NTEC-5 DVAH - Light Machine Gun: SHAW 556 R&D 3 - Semi Auto: Obeya CR762 NFCP3 - Shotgun: JG-1140 - Sniper Rifle: NHVR-762 Dvah - Sub Machine Gun: OCA-EW 626 NFCP3 Secondary Weapon: - Colby .45 AP All Prices Combined Separately: 22893 (All ACCOUNT BOUND prices) Just take this combined price and give a 30% discount on it. Just an idea.
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