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  1. On 7/8/2019 at 4:39 PM, BlueB said:

    Or you could learn to play and not be scared of doing pvp...

    You want to kill apb dividing the rest of the players even more with pvp/pve.


    Apb is pvp exclusive game, if you dont like it go play sims or other thing.

    Even if it's not a fully implemented AI system, there should still at least be some sort of method of testing weapons and modifications that is not a 'once off' like renting from the marketplace. A sandbox mode like this would be the perfect place to test out different combinations and see what works best, without having to spend hours grinding only for the result to be disappointing.


    Also, there should be some means of teaching a new player the basics, and this would be perfect if done properly. I, personally, think that the current tutorial system needs tweaking and that L.O should add some sort of 'training system,' (kind of like the one in CS:GO) to ensure that new players aren't completely unprepared when entering an actual mission district.


    Feel free to argue for or against it if you really want to, but just keep in mind that this is just my opinion.

  2. I tried to login to APB earlier today, and it said that the servers might be down for maintenance. I can't find any posts that explain why the servers might be down. My friend also tried logging in and it said the same thing for him. Does anyone know why the servers are down and / or when they will be back?


    P.S, Apologies if i am in the wrong thread, i am new to the forums.

  3. One on the hood, one on the roof, another on the back and two on each side. 25 shapes each symbol. Yes, it's a little pixelated but it works. 


    Plus, i like the challenge of trying to make a car look good with freemium. In my opinion, when you have 50 symbols you can place it gets a little overwhwelming. 


    I'm not saying that they shouldn't increase the limit, but i'm fine with how it is currently. Maybe 1 more symbol for the back and front, making it 9 symbols total could work. But let's not undervalue premium here.

  4. 4 minutes ago, Seedy said:

    refer a friend was decent. Why is that not a thing now?

    Because a crazy percentage (around 80% if i remember correctly) of the people who participated were just exploiting it.

    Also, remember the items that were offered were paid items, so the more people who participated meant less cash for g1 (at the time).


    I think they could fix this by making refer-a-friend exclusive items or even if RAF just gave JT. 


    But hey, in my opinion, even if the people doing it were using fake accounts, at least it was people playing the game. 

  5. (This might be slightly unrelated, but i see it as helpful to those who don't know it), early on in APB, it is important to know your priorities. I find the best is something like this (in order of importance from left to right): 


    Life > objective > protecting allies > kill. *


    Also, if you get the oppertunity to kill a moving group of unaware opponents, always aim for the person at the back.


    Also also, always make sure you have cover (and, if possable, cover to fall back to as well) before an encounter, and use grenades*. 


    (* : may differ depending on the situation)

  6. 5 minutes ago, moneychixx said:

    RECAP for weapon damage modification.


    First of all, nerf OBIR damage per bullet from 16.5% to 15.4%


    +8% weapon damage

    -18% fire rate

    -25% effective range

    -25% accuracy loss (inspired by heavy barrel)

    Unaffect Agrotech DMR Range.



    Just replace the dmr with 'any weapons with inverse drop-off' because the volcano has inverse dropoff as well. Or, just restrict it from explosive weapons.. or any high-damage weapons in general such as the HVR



  7. 8 hours ago, IROCkiller said:

    I love this idea, it would make fight club that much more interesting. Having constant balanced teams would be good. Only thing is LTL would become even more useless than it is, as you can't arrest a stunned Enforcer.

    Maybe they should try fixing the ladders again 😄

  8. 33 minutes ago, K3ith said:

    It's been around for a while lad, good luck on trying it next year tho

    Yeah, I've played it before... but that was an entire year ago, i miss it. It was fun having an army of pumpkins chase you and your 4-man crew. Also, being the horseman at the beginning, the rush...


  9. I second this topic! (Although the team kill one was chaotic as hell. Bring it back!)


    Also, while we're on the topic or bringing things back, What about the RAF (Refer-A-Friend) system? (Am i on the wrong sub-forum?) Yes, It was exploited. But the exploits weren't directly harming other players. If anything, it was motivating players to play together, and do the whole RAF thing together. It's at least something to get some more population into APB. 


    Also, I've been thinking (yes, i know I've de-railed this topic already :/) Maybe you could implement a system where it's possible to go enfo vs enfo or crim vs crim? Scince the player base is on a steady decline (from my point of view, don't hate me pls) It might be a good system to consider. 

    Basically, The way i see it happening (if it get's implemented) is that there are two ready keys, one to go enfo vs crim only, and one to go cvc (crim vs crim) or eve (enfo vs enfo). 

    A possible reason to make it 'lore-friendly' is to call an eve a 'training match' and a cvc a 'gang war'?


    Anyway, those are just my thoughts. 

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  10. On 10/23/2018 at 8:48 AM, SunnyMonroe said:

    Im no Goldie but Nades are a very good friend too,

    Especialy when ure facing a group of enemies

    Cook ur nade behind a cover or a corner, place it into the group and start shooting


    And allways be sure to be reloaded😇


    Good secondaries are any kind of:


    Act 44 



    And yukon


    Learn also to hipfire them when ure close and run out of ammo with ur shotgun

    I'd say another good secondary is the snubnose, or the jersy devil. So that if your ammo is low, you can quickly swich and get that killing blow in. As soon as i see the 'reload' prompt (i have about 2 or 3 shots in my clip still) i swich to my secondary. I usually have 3-point sling so that if i have missed enough with my secondary, i can swich back to my shotgun for that last shot.


    So, basically, you won't be able to play long range, but if you know the map well enough, you will barely ever need to.


    So, grenades:  i use low-yeilds for the low prime duration, and they go well with flack jacket. Although, i'd recommend clotting agent 2 or 3 if you are planning to run into cqc often. You can also use concs, although they have low spread but high damage, but you shotgun does high damage as well, so i'd say frags are better than concs in this situation for the increased spread.


    But just learn how best you play. Some people play fragile, some even play kevlar. Just use what suits you best.

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  11. On 10/12/2018 at 12:55 AM, killerskull said:

    Wouldnt it be cool for pve if all the ai were turned into zombies that would attack you? With the current coding the AI is missing the I, so they sorta are zombies.


    Matt, please, JT are useless unless you add in perma weapons. When I hear JT and title rewards, they are of no value.

    If you're rocking Freemium, Jt is useful for getting kits for the car's you'll never really get to use the full potential of, and trying out guns that you will never own. But, Frankly i think JT is too much of a grind. Asylum (forgive me if i'm spelling it wrong) is mostly full and i can never really complete any activities in baylan either. Daily activities are a plus, as those slowly but surely get you JT every now and then. 

    On my crim, i used to complete activities whenever i played, so i have around 5k jt or something (i also got a lot of jt from when there were events on armas). If jt were tradable, i'd finally be able to get my jericho a kit... (my enforcer has around 5k jt as well, as a result from my seemingly endless grinding). 


    But oh well, Suppose it's a reason for me to play APB a bit more these days.

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