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  1. If NFAS will require 4 shots to kill, what do you think about bumping the base clip size to 8 shells? Otherwise you're forced to reload after every kill.
  2. MooTownSnacker

    I can not buy G1C

    Also getting the "There was a problem initializing your order. Please try again." message when trying to use PayPal
  3. If LO really wanted to throw us a bone, I think the easiest thing for them to do would be to provide a character copy service
  4. Are you asking for a server merge or cross-server communication? The former is doable, the latter difficult. Annnnd you guys are faster typers than me. Anyhow, I don't think anyone is disagreeing that cross server playability is bad, just that it's way more than LO can handle right now.
  5. I get this problem every now and then as well. Restarting the game fixes it (for a while at least)
  6. Didn't vote because I didn't see a squirrel option
  7. 1. 50vs50 population - along with the servers that could handle this load 2. Old threat tiers. I think we need that level of granularity. 3. Wouldn't mind saying hi to a couple old clan members
  8. Re: queuing, if they can't do it server side, then just have the client loop until a spot opens up. My poor wrists would be eternally grateful.
  9. Of all games, I can't believe people waste their time ddos'ing this one.
  10. literally tens of players Enough to fill another district on Jericho? Half a district? I'll take it!
  11. Tell that to my Vladivostok But 3 slot with CJ3 does sound promising.
  12. Yeah, I'm not too happy about what IR3 did to the Obir. Maybe 5/10/15% would be better penalties to the fire rate. Or unique effects per weapon, as others have mentioned.
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