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  1. I already said all the people in Jericho are not from the USA
  2. All people in jericho are from usa then
  3. Do you play Jericho? I really miss those times
  4. The time doesn't really matter much. I talk about the server in general there are almost no people in the day see how citadel thrives no matter the time There are different options to play now
  5. As the title says the server is dying. I feel anger at having the ping in 200 in citadel.
  6. I'm not angry with LO Those who make the attack have no social life or what. Today is my free day so go in to play for a while.
  7. Asco

    Wmi Provider host 10% CPU

    Thanks Fixed now I do not know what happens is a problem with windows update when I open apb reloaded. I just go to services.msc and stop it
  8. this happens now with the game only happens in apb.
  9. Yeah, I'm still waiting for the price to go down:s
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