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  1. So... are you adding structure building after or at the same time you Open the New battle royal district?
  2. and all I wanted to do was waste time with you, apb
  3. dude...leave chixx alone. >> fuck is wrong with yall? :?
  4. It's a secret guy, just wait. They are like ninjas, all sneaky dicky like...LOL...ROFL...I'm sorry I can't. XD
  5. With the integration of the admin tracker directly into the forums its just a matter of forcing yourself to look at that before running apb. I fear this will still happen even after BE+FF. People cant just be better than you, that's just not possible I have played for x amount if time and I know what all guns do under every scenario known to the living. (APB Logic) :^)
  6. I tend to adapt to my surroundings and sometimes I like to put the spaceship on autopilot. I'm mostly at the helm as of late. So maybe if you start coming back you could see that dude you remember when you left.
  7. I don't even have words to describe how nice all this communication feels. It almost makes be behave less toxic in game..."almost"
  8. So it begins...(again)
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