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  1. I most certainly will check out the release.
  2. Armas is still grossly overpriced. The majority of people that made purchases during the old regiment made those purchases during holiday sales. Myself included. LO should have revamped the store to holiday fixed pricing (50%) and had further discounts during holidays. You also have to understand I am from Canada so there is a conversion rate to deal with as well, making prices even more expensive. Lowered prices may also have enticed those returning to spend more...doubt a fancy looking store with a smaller price tag didnt bode well with many...myself included. Haven't even wanted to buy premium since the NA servers are garbage that lags people to oblivion. To be honest...a lower priced armas still wouldn't coach me into buying G1 products. I have many perm account wide weapons and as I said before...on servers that would not allow me to even finish a match. GG. I wish you the best LO/G1. Please regard my comments as a lover of San Paro not as a hater.
  3. The current tutorial is great for showing the basics of the game but as for most of the things needed to actually contribute to a match is only gained by playing over and over. Watching and mimicking things done by your teammates and opposition then applying those means to future games played. The only way I can think of speeding up the learning process of game mechanics not already implemented in the current tutorial, aside from forum topics would be a mentorship program which seems to already have a unofficial gathering of those willing to help newcomers. A year ago I returned to a game I played before APB was released(released 2013). Everything had changed. New worlds. New weapons. New skills. New mentorship program where I met a very knowledgeable person who took me under their wing and showed me how to succeed in the worlds we set foot upon. It would have taken me 5 times longer to figure out the revamped mechanics of this game if it hadn't been for my mentor. This is why I support anyone helping their fellow players new or old.
  4. Probably plays in NA on those crap servers...seriously I don't know. I'm saving for a new PC right now... Hope I don't have issues like this guy.
  5. No....they are not but seriously... OBIR AND RFP-9 NEW META!!!!!THINK OF THE TOXICITY!!!
  6. I had pretty good opposition this morning on Jericho. No degenerates, excuse me dethreaters stupid auto populate. A player wide merge I hope will be a last sort of resort to keep a salvageable play base. I will welcome it when the time comes forth that it means whether or not my toon will be accessable to join a server with a population. Guess I want my moneys worth.
  7. This game is much more enjoyable when you do not care about the outcome of matches. That being said, speed hacks or aim bots should not bother you. Let the bans come organically. One attains Zen when one worries not about others actions in a video game. Take the loss and ready up again. You could possibly try playing later when one is not bothering your gaming. Gaming should be fun, not frustrating. I have not played in months and I am content. Maybe your energy would be better spent focusing on real world issues.
  8. Question is..why the fuck do you need to draw nipples on female tops anyways? Pornhub has all your boobie needs. Its like these tools WANT the attention by walking the line of allowed or not. If you cant show it in public....then it should not be allowed in game. So dumb this issue.
  9. I may reinstall in the office based solely on this so I can restart selling mods.
  10. One or the many reasons why I opt not to return to San Paro. Guess a new subscription method is more important. Kappa. Still killing the new player population you stupid dethreating f-tards...without repercussions. GG. New subscription method is pointless if nobody is there to pay for it.
  11. Still havent had the all server merge. Worry whence that time comes.
  12. My reply is moot since I havent played since the IR3 changes were initially in effect. IR3 used to be a staple selling mod for me. Now it is poo poo so I mind my time between games were my PC will perform better. While playing DbD I play at 20-30 fps max. No aim involved and its coded pretty well. I bet a better PC will bring me back...and probably gold as well. Hoping not to return to guns I bought being f#@&ed up. Regards.
  13. Has anyone seen that Big Bang Theory episode whereas Penny gets addicted to a virtual game world in order to fullfil the lack of wealth and success in her real life? I think this holds true to many of us....including me as well.
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