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  1. After installing APB on a new rig, I crashed to desktop. After reading some old forum posts this happens to people with 2080s and i9's. Later sessions have been good so no worries. The server yesterday was acting foolishly, uncertain if this pertains to your issue.
  2. I have 10000+ JTs and was wondering the communities opinion on some of the weapons I should be looking at buying? Recently returned with a new PC to slay with and loving APB again. Please be kind with your reposonses you doodie lords🥰 Be well and shine on with peace love and happiness.
  3. I truly hoped that ddos was rectified when gamersfirst changed hands. Maybe there is a butthurt soul who was banned/denied unban recently. Servers have always been dodgy since they moved to Dallas. I recall the servers being changed soon...seems the issues can't be resolved fast enough for the APB community.
  4. ??????? Servers have been fine for the few short times I have logged.
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