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    Hi, you can create additional chat tabs and set filters to, for example, only show messages from team, group, whispers etc. I don't remember the exact steps to create but you can find out playing with the chat configurations (in the ⚙ button)
  2. Yes! Agreed 100%! 1v1 are so so boring, countless times I've been playing in the server with 40x40 people and getting stuck in a boring 1v1 mission, it makes no sense and it's so depressing.
  3. The ranking system definitively needs a rework, the currently ones makes no sense anymore, the "Gold" rank means nothing since there are a huge gap of skill between the same Gold rank. And of course extend the level 255, we have been with this limit for god knows how many years now, for many characters there are almost no progress to make in the game anymore, no incentive to play.
  4. I miss hunting bountys too, and currently it is almost impossible to make the Daily Joker Mission where you need to kill a Notority 5 player. I hope they hear your suggestion.
  5. Hello, are the interviews available to watch?
  6. Hello LO team and all APB's community! I was thinking about the scenario that is getting more serious as the time passes, the APB population is decreasing a lot. It is so sad to see. I'm an almost everyday player, but there are days that I want so much to play and there is simply almost no one to play, and I'm not talking about late hours, I'm talking about the middle of the day, and we are in a quarentine. My suggestion would be to leave a permanent APB 2.1 BETA server online for us to play. Why am I suggesting this? I really believe that people are so bored of the current APB because all of its problems and mainly there is nothing really new to do ingame for years. For example, I (aswell as many "old" players) have already a criminal and an enforcer character at level 255 for years (more than 3 in my case), and almost all weapons of the game. We need something to motivate us to play, and there is almost nothing in the current APB that can do it. On the contrary, it is making more and more people give up it and go play another game. Even with the unfinished and with probably still many problems, the past BETA test servers attracted so many people to play on. That being said, leaving a server for us "APB enthusiasts" would be something to motivate us to play it at least a little; The Pros and Cons about this in my point o view: Pros: - Something different to try and get to know more the new changes, many APB players didn't have the opportunity to play on the past BETA test servers; - More constant feedback since it would be like a 24/7 test server to collect and analyze data; - Enjoy the new beautiful graphics of the new BETA(for those who have a PC that can enjoy it); - Improve the gameplay of the people that noticed performances improvement with the new engine; ... more things that I can't think of right now ... Cons: - Handle the complaints/feedback of the problems of a still work-in-progress that APB 2.1 BETA is; - Maintain the infraestructure needed to keep online this new server alongside the default one; - All the players' progresses and achviements would not count; - Make it more difficult to play for the people that had problems with the new engine(based on the last BETA feedbacks); - Decrease even more the live APB population; ... more things that people will probably point out in the comments ... If you can please leave your comment below with your Pros and Cons about this, and what you think we could do to help increase APB population and make the game more enjoyable for the ones that like it and still insist want to play.
  7. Today was the first time I had the pleasure of playing on the new BETA, and as a player that has been playing APB for more than 6 years now, I LOVED IT! We all know it is a little far from perfect, but it brights my eyes to see where this is going, I'm so bored of current APB and this new engine turns it more interesting and fun to play. For me I wouldn't care if this BETA was released already as a replacement for the current version. I'm so bored on the old version that even with the many problems the BETA has, I still love it much much much more than the current APB(i know most people don't feel like that). About the problems I had: - I really expected more of performance, I had huge FPS drops(from 100 to 40~50) and the max FPS didn't get to the max FPS I get nowadays in the current APB(even on minimal settings); - PLEASE REMOVE the blur scenario we see when we get damage, I really lost many gun fights because I couldn't aim anymore, the screen gets so distorted. Please remove this, this is the worst thing I have ever seen on a fast paced game like APB, we need clear and smooth view of the screen to have a good aim and precision; - Please add something where we can see the ping since this information was removed from the /fps command, it is crucial for us that play in South America to watch our ping and see if we are having some connection/route problem; My message for you LO: Thanks so much for the work you are doing with APB, Little Orbit! I love this game so much since the first time I played it(2013), I cannot wait to see this new engine as the official one. There is a lot of negativity on the APB community, there have always been. Try not to focus on the many complaints you see, but in the complements many people are giving, the ones who truly love and care about this game and understand that this is a huge advance. We care about it. My setup: i7 9700f 3.00GHz RX 5500 XT 8GB 16GB RAM HyperX 2333mhz SSD M2 Corsair 480GB Windows 10 Pro 1909 Played on 1920x1080 144hz and 1280x720p 144hz
  8. If that's the case, the same should happen with FAR and Ursus. But no, they just completely nerfed this aspect of N-TEC and didn't do it for it's similar weapons, making it weird, much less attracting(and inferior), changing the META to the other weapons, such as(again) FAR and N-TEC Ursus, that literally in 8 out of 10 missions you will find someone using them.
  9. I love the changes! One thing that I think would be interesting is to not give full defense or attack missions. Would be better if each objective would switch between defense and attack, because is much easier to defend than to attack, it's a big advantage for the team that defends. I've played almost daily and new missions are nice, but so are if new NPCs comes with it. I see no point on playing anymore other than up the weapon roles or use the weapons I like to have fun, other than that there is no motivation to keep playing the game, it lacks objective when you get at a certain part of the game where you have almost all weapons/items unlocked. And please fix the N-TEC jump shot, it is literally one of the weapons with the biggest aim when you jump, even Light Machine Guns don't have such a big size opening when jumping. This makes N-TEC so unneficient on closer combats, you feel powerless, I believe that is one of the mainly reasons why everyone is using FAR/Ursus nowadays and very few using N-TEC, Ahh and I almost forgot, there isn't ANY SENSE on the missions where you need to defend a shopping glass, there is no possible way to defend such objectives, the same for Security Camera missions, those are really just meaningless missions and I believe nobody would complain if you just remove those missions from the game.
  10. Looking forward for a server in South America, we Brazilians love APB so much, but we are hugely affected by the lag, high ping and most of the times also packet loss playing on USA servers.
  11. I agree with you, before the "buff" I used to liike to use the COBR-A, but now it is almost useless, my money certainly went down the drain.
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