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  1. At this point even a heartfelt apology would seem misleading. "Gamerslast" this was the first phrase uttered to me on these forums in 2010. Now we know them as "Liarsfirst"
  2. sittin at the winchester wit a pint weighten for this ta all blowwww over
  3. This game has been going down the shitter since APB Vendetta was brainstormed
  4. This thread is redundant, and topics like this tend to divulge into pointless analogies or arguments. The reality is all you can do is keeping eating the BS they are feeding you or turn a blind eye to it and hopefully your wallet too. When vacationboy comes back I imagine it will go something like this: "Hey guys we did all this work and got nowhere, the team got exhausted dealing with it but they were able to enjoy their holidays and come back to work fresh, so maybe definitely probably this year we do the engine upgrade!!!" EDIT: Sorry let me address something in post.. I did not mean to insult anyone trying to help develop/code this game in it's current state nor have I ever. The developers of the current team that actually are doing things and working out the kinks of the system: I'm sure have plenty of great things to add to a resume after this. But the engine upgrade has always been a carrot on a stick for the community. It takes an entire team to make a game and it takes just as many to screw it up but no single person is solely responsible. (unless you count revoemag)
  5. less time and resources would have been better spent on a more successful sequel However, if you haven't been paying attention the life-cycle of the game goes like this Title Acquisition --> post mortem cleanup of the prior company's disasters --> Big Promises / High Ambition --> No Results --> Sell Out --> New Company Title Acquisition
  6. yea let's enjoy this new company that interjects a new vocabulary word every 'engine update' post. shaders, collision, threads, hyperthreads, threshold reservoirs, bitmapping,, construct allocation, foilage AI... i could go on and on EDIT: added the word 'post'
  7. $2000 per med spray/etc.... which some people use several times a match... spending tens of thousands of APB$ just to win matches is ridiculous! Things like that & remote detonator need to be a 1time use per mission at the very least. Imagine being new in this already huge skill ceiling game
  8. not a good sign, as the OP was suggesting, like watching a rerun of an old cartoon... we all know what happens next
  9. new AI requires an engine upgrade though
  10. didn't we have enough of these threads from years 2011-2019?
  11. It's not really a roadmap if every iota of intricacy relies on a phantom engine upgrade. Oh wait, new player name strategy... wait, no, it requires the engine upgrade too because no new players until they market their game which they are waiting for the engine upgrade to do
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