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  1. I love the mechanic that let's me change my weapon weapon list so I can easially bump weapons I use a lot to the top so it's easier to change weapons. Ohhh... wait... Serious though, I'd like to see a rework of the vehicles ingame, atm every car feels heavy and goofy to drive, even if it's a light weight car. Also car's are generally unbalanced Vegas 4x4 is hands down the best car ingame, with a Pioneer coming close, some people prefer the jeep cause it's the only car that doesn't feel heavy and clunky to drive. For example change the IO Growl to do sharper turns so it's easier to drive, Growl is in my opinion the most affected car atm as it's heavy, it doesn't turn well, it's impossible to drift and even small bumps will stop it like a brick wall.
  2. I know, I'm thinking of a fev very spesific players who I've for some time have suspected of cheating, or doing something that'll give them a slight advantage. I suspect them of cheating, but I also wouldn't be too surprised if some of them are just that good.
  3. Hopefully new support will work, my account was banned for around 2-3 years after a G1C trade and I only got automated repplies, if I made a new account to get contact they'd just ban the new account without giving me any information. I got it back around 6 months ago, and I can't even begin to explain how many hoops I'd had to jump through to get contact with Tiggs.
  4. What I'm most excited about with BattleEye is just seeing all of those very "pro" players who never loses a mission and can consistantly fuck a premade team 4v1, all of a sudden play very passive.
  5. FAR is my all time fav weapon in the game, you don't see it a lot cause N-TEC is stright up overpowered and broken, so no other AR or any gun in general can compete with the N-TEC (LO plz fix N-TEK, k thx)
  6. Thought SWARM was an alig reskin, but I just tested it, It just feels like a way worse ALIG kind of thing, not an underrated weapon, just really bad. EDIT: After a little more testing I take back the "really bad part" seems like a really good mixture of ALIG and NSSR, I might even get a 3 day version of it to really test it out in different senarios, I might enjoy this weapon a lot.
  7. I liked the temptress a lot when RaF first came out, but the huntress is a lot better if you ask me
  8. I considered saying the Manic too, but I think it's a pretty well-known fact that it's a really good SMG, just people don't wanna get Jugger pack just for it
  9. N-ISSR-B 'Dog-Ear' idk how "underrated" it is, you see it around from time to time, but I don't think it's very out there. It's 4 shot ability, combined with high hard damage for cars and it's ability to shoot from windows, makes this an overall amazing sniper. It does have damage dropoff, which means at 100m you'll requier 7 shots (LO plz fix) but for most instances it's a 4 shot kiss of death.
  10. In a perfect world nobody would even cheat, but this ain't a perfect world, and considering how few people actually cheat on PUBG or Fortnite compared to their playerbase, I'd say BattleEye seems pretty good, no anti-cheat is perfect, but I'd for sure rather fact a hacker every couple of weeks or months, than multiple hackers a day
  11. Not quite sure how to do all the complicated stuff to make it go to 255 and add the proper rank symbol, plus lacks a lot of my favorite weapons. However it's really cool and once it get's updated I'll be sure to make myself a nice sig
  12. I'm on the exact opposite page than you are, I'd much rather have LO add more requierments, unlocks and such so there's a better feel of progression in the game. I don't want higher rank options that are better than lower rank options (other words; I want the game balanced in terms of weapons, mods, cars etc). I have 3 max rank characters and I constantly make new ones as I feel a lack of progression with roles, only sense of accomplishment I get is just by ranking up for the sake of ranking up.
  13. Personally think that credit rewards and cooldown gives Premium players a huge advantage over f2p players. Just giving premium players extra standing and benefits in designer is good enough for me. I have 3 and a half years of premium left so this is my actual opinion, not just cause I'm jealous of any premium player.
  14. This is still not a topic about my playstyle, I found weird inconsistansies in dropoff range, that I'd like LO to potentionally adress in the future.
  15. I don't blame anything, just think that dropoff ranges are very inconsistant, like a LMG losing the same damage in 5m as an N-TEC loses in 20m, or a 2 shot sniper needing 4 shots to kill someone at longer ranges.
  16. So me and my friend was discussing weapon balance, mainly which weapons needed buffs like COBR-A, Anubis, DOW etc but it lead us down a wormhole that brought us to APB:DB and testing for various weapons. I'll mainly focus on the VAS-SW2 'Empire' as it was the weirdest to me. I've on many occassions switched to Empire in an attempt to gain a range advantage on ntecs, but after looking at APB:DB and testing I can safetly say, that was a stupid move on my part. N-TEC 5's effective range is 50m like most other AR's, Empire's effective range is 65m, so you'd think that I'd definitly gain an advantage; WRONG. Both weapon's got a minimum dmg at 70m, Yes, the Empire got more range but in 5m the damage will drop signifigantly and at 75m it requiers 18 shots to kill exactly like the N-TEC. Then N-TECs absolutely ridicilous bloom recovery and firerate absolutely eniolates the Empire, really not what I'd expect. Something I think LO should look into is damage dropoff for various weapons, it's not something you notice on the surface level of playing but when it comes to picking the right loadout for various situations, having something like a LMG you'd expect to outpreform an Assault rifle at range, actually do it would make a big difference. Also noticed some other things like the DogEar requiering 7 shots to kill at 98m, and silenced scouts like Reaper to take 4 hits at 98m. Just a lot of weapons you'd expect to be able to do good at range like snipers, becomes pretty much useless for taking out players and fades in comparison to the HVR or even N-TEC. This is not meant to be a rant about how overpowered I find some weapon, but rather an interesting things me and my friend tested, and would like to be adressed once LO get's around to rebalancing weapons. If anybody else tested other weapons or are curious about something please leave a comment explaining it as I find stuff like this rather interesting to test out.
  17. Personally feel like the N-TEC is more deserving of a nerf but HVR is a close second
  18. This might be a "Cops and robbers" game as you so delicatly put it. But it has the best character customization in any game I've ever seen. It should be allowed to make such outfits, a lot of players want to be able to roleplay in the cummunity, and in my opinion it should definitly be allowed, as long as there's no hateful intent behind it, and only want's to have an outfit like that for the outfits and roleplays sake.
  19. HVR: Nerf dmg to 750-800, make super inaccurate when not scoped in, it's a sniper not a shotgun. N-TEC: Increase bloom recovery time, still making it viable but slower for perfect accuracy at longer range. Do something about jump shooting. Scout: Increase dmg to 570, make it slightly more accurate while jumping, but not perfect accuracy. DogEar: Remove damage drop off. These are weapons I either frequently use or go up against often. Other weapons I don't use like COBR-A needs buffs, but besides that I feel like the majority of weapons are fine and balanced with eachoter. My main complaint is just the N-TEC being too versitile, and can do pretty much anything from 0-80m
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