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  1. I personally loved the negatve fire rate, I only disliked that we couldn't remove the mod from preset weapons
  2. If you'd read some comments you'd realise that this point has been brought up multiple times. Balancing weapons is one thing, but balancing a mods which then affects weapons that didn't deserve a nerf and you not being able to work around it cause the mod is preset into the weapon is a whole other thing. That's the discussion now "my weapon got nerfed I want refund"
  3. It's irrelevant cause we're not discussing the weapon balance, tactics or stat's. The discussion is that a weapon that wasn't supposed to get nerfed got nerfed, and some of us want's compensation or some kind of way to just not have a mod in a weapon we bought. Mods are there to tailor a weapon to fit your playstyle, and having -18% firerate on a shotgun is very much not my personal playstyle. If you're fine with having -18% range and losing most shotgun fights cause you don't have the firerate then good for you, I'm glad you like it.
  4. I own a tasz20 stock and still uses it. Still kills...still kills This argument is completely irrelevant to the discussion, I don't see where you're trying to go with this information, besides making me seem like a shitty player for not liking a shotgun what's 18% slower.
  5. Seems like neither of you understand that some weapons doesn't come with open slots. This includes CSG, TAS20's and Scouts
  6. It doesn't exist for CSG or TAS20, that's why I purchased the TAS20 Stock in the first place. I always go for open slot variants when avalible
  7. Troublemaker users would like a word. I think balancing weapons to make the game fair and balanced is good and I didn't want a refund when they nerfed the troublameker or HVR whatever. The problem I see is that there's a lot of weapons with preset IR3's that received a massive nerf that they didn't deserve. Cause the mods are locked in place we don't get the option to just take the reworked mod off and play with a weapon we otherwise enjoy.
  8. I would advise you to message support instead of debating with people who may or may not have terrible grammar. Kind of what I asked in the start. I know other people asked for similar stuff, so I was wondering if it was something that we got an official statement on as I know support is already loaded and I don't want to waste their time if they've already made a statement on preser IR3
  9. I said multiple times that I'm happy with the Improved Rifeling rework. Refunding the G1C was the best option for the problem imo, but I'm open to other options. If LO allows players to eleminte IR3 from their weapon and lock the mod slot, for example my TAS20 Stock would have Tagger and 2 closed weapon slots instead or IR3, Tagger and a closed weapon slot. I'd be alright with that. I think that changing a weapon is fair game and players shouldn't be refunded (unless it was a very reason purchase (1-2 weeks max)), but changing a mod which affects some weapons greatly, we should have some kind of option to have the spesific mod revoked from the weapon. So a G1C refund would be nice and easy, but If LO want's to put extra time into just removing the mod from players who desiers it I'd be fine with that too
  10. A product I paid for has been fundementally changed and is no longer what I purchased. As I already stated I'm happy for the changes but the product I paid for is no longer the product I own therefor I should be inclined to get the G1C i paid for it back, or at the very least be given an option to change it to another product worth the same amount of G1C. If you buy a new phone and a software update changes/breaks it completely you'd want a refund too.
  11. I've read the upcoming changes post, doesn't seem like they're going to change IR3 other than nerfing the range slightly. I personally like the changes with IR3, think it's good we'll need to take a proper drawback for range and it'll for sure make modding a little more interesting. I'm just sat with a TAS20 Stock that I'm not going to use cause the firerate is too slow now, I'd like that replaced
  12. Any news on this? I don't want to create a support ticket about it as I'm fairly sertain a lot of people also want a refund for one or more weapons. I saw some threads about it right after the update, but I haven't seen LO reply to it. EDIT: I've contacted support sugesting they do 1 of 3 things. 1. Refund G1C. I personally don't want my money back, I just want the ability to get the same weapon but with different mods. 2. Simply unlock weapon slots. Entierly remove weapons with preset mods from Armas and open mod slots on weapons ingame. All mods will be stripped from weapons and be sent to your ingame inbox. 3. Give players the option to have IR3 eliminated from their weapon. I don't know how this should work but somehow have a poll or something in your inbox for each weapon with a preset IR3 where you can check either "eleminate IR3" or "keep as is". The IR3 will be removed from the spesific weapon and the weapon slot will be locked. I'm very well aware that LO don't "need" to do anything at all, but I think it's unfair for the players who've supported APB to just leave them with a weapon that can't be used competetively cause a preset mod got reworked.
  13. I've spent too much money on this game that I regret so even though I want to support the game I can't justify purchasing anything for this unreasonable price anymore. When we get an armas rework to fix prices I'll probably buy stuff, till then I'll sit back and watch my 1220 days of premium slowly tick down.
  14. Game is worse than it was 5 years ago. I have high hopes for Little Orbit to fix it and make it better but unfortunaitly I have very little faith in them. I'd recomment checking forums once again in a month or two
  15. Generally seems like decent changes all around. Improved Rifling might of needed a nerf but I'm very much against this particular nerf. The weapons that I personally felt needed nerf (mainly n-tec) feels roughly the same, while weapons like Obeya CR762 got severely handicapped. Weapons like ATAC and TAS20 Stock received some major nerfs they definitly didn't deserve from this.
  16. I've watched this a solid 20 times, I can't seem to find the skill, just a noob being a noob with a weapon that's not supposed to be able to do that cqc
  17. So nerfing a mod you use on every other AR aswell will suddenly make the most broken weapon in the game balanced, even though every weapon that's supposed to compete will receive the same nerf? SMH Just nerf the effective range of n-tec by 5-7m and bam the weapon is kinda balanced.
  18. It being good for most situations is exactly what makes it overpowered. You clearly don't know a thing about weapon balance.
  19. I switch weapons a lot, depending on my mood and spesific situation/mission ingame. N-TEC is one of the guns I semi-frequently use. It's simply too easy to use for how good it is. I hear people aguring about the n-tec's skill curve and tbh it's just about being able to time your shots, which takes about 30 secs of shooting at a wall to learn. The problem with the ntec is how versitile it is how easially you can kill at short range and fast you can consistantly spam out accurate shots at long range. The ntec dooms APB in anything from 15-60/70m. The lack of downside of the N-TEC is what breaks the game. I like how the ntec is to play, so I don't want it removed or made useless, just want it to have a downside so it doesn't do everything as well as it does. My personal thoughts is in nerfing the minimum damage, effective range or increase bloom recovery time. (preferable either of the first two options) Making the game feel the exact same to play except not being as effective at longer ranges, giving the STAR or FAR a chance, even with their slower tapfire rate.
  20. Let me guess you're in the "ntec perfect, just buff every other weapon" boat
  21. Nerf effective range, lower minumum damage or increase bloom recovery. Don't get me wrong. I like the n-tec I don't want it's playstyle changed (well except for jump shooting but tbh you can do that with every assault rifle), I just want it to be on par with other weapons. What fusturates me with the ntec is how little it'll take for it to be balanced, but without that little it's just better than every other weapon
  22. Nah I use the N-TEC. Kinda have to to get anything done, don't I?
  23. Thank you, I take great pride in surpressing my own opinions for the integrity of having a fair conversation about weapon balancing. Anythinig STAR can do, N-TEC does better
  24. I honestly don't care how LO goes about balancing it. What they've "sugested" in Matt's rebalancing post is completely useless if the one weapon that's blatantly better than everything else doesn't get fixed. If LO want's to buff all other weapons fine, but I'd personally say that nerfing 1 weapon would be a lot easier.
  25. Please don't anwser this poll if you use N-TEC 90% of the time you play. Your anwser is completely invalid. LO, please don't take advise from people who uses the same weapon 90% of the time they play, they obviously don't know how balancing works.
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