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  1. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD SO MUCH THIS! Havving to recreate my Nerdy Arse SPPD Liveries when going from the Broadwing with 1 slot to 2 slots is driving me MENTAL.
  2. AFAIK tell the joker store stuff is user submitted? When was the last time new stuff was added? Could be cool for L.O to do a contest for new items to go in there when they have the time.
  3. Sorry, but I've never really followed the mechanics of this game, i just play it. How does LTL balance ram raiding for cash?
  4. But in all likelyhood how this plays out, as it has for me plenty of time is: Enemy delivers, gets 10 points. We try to deliver, get stopped walking the item. The Enemy camp the item. 6 minutes later we lose 10 points to 0 Because yes, our base is easy to camp. But the enemy are the ones who got to camp it.
  5. More cop looking stuff for Enf is needed, and for m ore of the cars too.
  6. I have a Job, but $26 for one gun is insane.
  7. The new gun, for a character lifetime, which should be the default IMHO. Is $26.50 I can buy a raft of indie game off of Steam for that princely sum. I LIKE APB and want to support it but these prices are unreasonable and the fact that anyone has ever bought anything from ARMAS is a joke. (Also i though $1 = 100 G1C now? It still shows 1 = 83)
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