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  1. Bro dont get me wrong. Im half Russian myself but living in the EU. Could you please direct me where can i find whats new about APB ? Thanks.
  2. So let me ask how are things going with APB ? I left this game a long time ago cuz nothing was changing expect new weapons in armas...When Little Orb took the game i heard something about new engine balances to the game better servers and staff like that. Is it worth it to come back ? Do Russians stlll play on EU servers ? (For me this is the worst...Fuse EU/NA to 1 server with decent Ping and let Russians play on their Server!! HACKERS!!)
  3. Oh wow, really sad to see that it's even worse that it was 5 years ago Well, back then people were just playing and waiting for G1 to finally update the Unreal Engine but it never happend and because of that all my Clan mates quit playing it. They just got bored and tired of waiting for G1 to do what they promised...
  4. Hello everyone, Recently I've noticed alot of people talking about APB again. Im really curious if this game is worth playing again because it was one of my favourite ones. I still remember the hours I wasted playing this game and the ammount of exams I failed because of it haha. Could some of you please tell me what have changed and if it is a good time to come back ?
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