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  1. Before the nerfs, when you switched to the HVR, it would not start out with max bloom, it would have the base accuracy. As long as you stopped moving before you switched to the HVR, there was no RNG involved in landing the shot. It's hypocritical to claim they didn't want RNG weapons in cqc when they neutered shotguns to the point that they are literally RNG cannons in cqc.
  2. You can miss all of your pellets due to the RNG pellet spread, and with a damage dropoff of 7M, the damage output is extremely inconsistent in cqc combat. The HVR would always deal the damage, and before the nerfs, it's base accuracy was tight enough to land hits in cqc 100% of the time.
  3. IBM Model M. I still use it, but the 2-key rollover is getting annoying. Unicomp still make this keyboard, but didn't fixed the n-key rollover.
  4. Nothing really stands out between this test and the previous. Seems to run the same, which is far from good. The framerate drops without reason, regardless of graphics settings. Standing still at a contact it will go from 144fps to 40fps, and vary between those without touching the mouse or keyboard. When you do move the mouse, the game isn't responding to your input properly. A close comparison would be trying to control a puppet with rubber bands instead of string. Directional audio is still bugged. While driving it shifts between the left and right ear. This was marked as fixed, but it was not. Also, there's nothing in game that tells you the game version. Your bug report thread asks specifically which version. Do we just put 2.1 as the game version? The bug report template looks like it should be a build number. This is not listed in game.
  5. I still don't get why APB uses the installation folder to store settings. It should be using the "%appdata%" folder to store user settings, not it's installation directory. This would allow APB to run without admin rights, and allow users who share the same PC to have different options saved between their windows profiles.
  6. Summary: Graphics options are not displayed properly in the UI Game Version: (Where do we find this?) Description: The graphics options are not displayed properly when you launch APB. Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch the game. 2. Open the options menu. 3. Uncheck Support Variable Refresh rate. Click OK. 4. Close APB, Launch APB. 5. Open the options menu. 6. The box is checked in again. How many times have you recreated this bug: 3/3 Results: The box you unchecked is still checked in. Expected results: The graphics options should be properly displayed. The box you unchecked should be unchecked after restarting APB.
  7. My 10yo $25 CPU runs this game over 100fps. What kinda hardware you running that can't handle APB?
  8. Having the option to disable themes has improved the experience for me. I used to delete the instruments folder and miss out on all the cool songs people write. Now I can listen to people's custom songs as they drive by, without getting ear raped mid mission. The mods are not hunting you down. I apologize if this sounds offensive. Many of your posts are hard to read. If English is not your native language, write your posts in both English and your native language to clear up any translation errors.
  9. For everyone wanting to play, run the launcher and get the latest updates now so you don't have to download everything on the weekend when everyone else is trying to download it.
  10. You're probably missing the Visual C++ redistributes, or the installation for those files is corrupted. Normally, Steam automatically installs these when you download a new game. The installers for these are located inside APB's folder. Right click APB Reloaded in Steam. Go to Properties. Go to the Local Files tab. Click Browse Local Files. Go to APB Reloaded\TPI\ Go into each VC200 folder. Run vcredist_x86.exe. Do this one at a time. After running all of them, restart your PC. Once restarted try launching APB.
  11. If you like playing APB, then stream it. Getting lots of views is all about luck.
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