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  1. Because FF is server sided. It can check camera direction vs where the player you're shooting is. It's probably overkill for that. I doubt that would be hard to add into the server's code.
  2. No one uses you because you got replaced by the FBW as the default secondary. Now they nerf you over a weapon switch combo that required 100% luck to kill with. The SPCT is nothing but silver veterans. Probably the worst people you could chose to balance weapons. They mostly play on the EU between themselves nowadays.
  3. LO would need to change the way shooting functions server sided to fix that cheat. When you shoot at a player, the server checks if there's line of sight between you and where your client says it's aiming on the other player's hitbox. It's a way to compensate for latency differences between players. Otherwise, players would need to aim ahead of the player to be able to get hits server sided. The cheat tells the server the player is aiming at the other player when they shoot, even if they're not. That cheat should be instantly detected, but they're not doing on the fly checks for them. FairFight was designed to find impossible actions such as this, but LO ditched it because of how bad G1 had it setup.
  4. Threat is based on your score points at the end of the mission. Winning increases the final score, but it does not directly affect threat. To increase in threat, you need to score higher than the average score of all the players in the mission. To lose, threat, you must score lower than it. There's also a minimum score you must reach to decrease threat, otherwise the mission is ignored. There was a trust factor that determined how easily you can change threat. There's was also a variable comparing your threat to the threat of your opposition. I don't know if these are still in use, maybe an SPCT or dev can confirm. If you lose threat after winning against lower threat players, it's because you scored poorly in that mission or previous missions. The trust factor may play a part in this. I can see it lowering your threat if you score slightly better than the opp but you are gold and they are bronze. Dethreaters are able to dethreat easily because they are borderline gold/silver. Their threat doesn't go up as fast in the bronze district because they're not that skilled of players and don't score significantly better, and their threat drops rapidly in gold because they throw missions against players of similar threat. The only way their threat will drop faster by fighting lower ranked players, I think you meant threat, is if the dethreaters throw the mission against them too.
  5. It's not an issue for everyone but it is a known problem. Not seeing max clocks means lower average framerates and in some cases stuttering and freezing. The driver automatically adjusts the clocks based on the GPU load. Games never run at the same GPU load. One moment you're looking at an open area, 1ns later a grenade explodes and your GPU is under heavy load. The driver cannot react fast enough. Your game stutters and you die as a result. On tech and game forums, I see lots of people recommending increasing the graphics settings in games to increase the framerate. It works for some people, because it keeps the GPU at a high enough load to not lower the clock speed. APB does not have high enough graphics settings. APB might not be optimized for multi-core CPUs, but it does use more than 1 thread. In a full district, an old X5690 6 Core CPU sees over 40% CPU utilization with Hyper Threading disabled. 2 cores are near maxed, with the others having some load. Most likely it's 2 rendering threads plus other threads for light loads like network and audio. With Hyper Threading enabled (12 threads) it's over 20% load. It can help but for me it doesn't do anything. The GPU still downclocks under low loads.
  6. The carbines/rifles (Joker Carbine, OSCAR, VBR, CR762, OBIR, etc) did have their min damage range reduced by 5M when IR was adjusted, and it remains the same since. APB:DB failed to include these changes in their change log. The carbines had their range nerfed heavily due to the very low minimum damage percentage, while the rifles were barely affected. The only thing that stupid curve system does is make the weapons go from dealing 90% damage to 30% in just a few meters. The curves need to be removed. Linear change is easier for humans to keep track of. It also does not make sense to all of a sudden not deal damage because a player moved 5M.
  7. Were you still in the womb when you played beta? In all seriousness though, I am surprised that there aren't more SPCT members who cry hacks. They are on the lower skill side of the game, and make really poor weapon balance decisions.
  8. Occasionally I see it, but most of the time the players underestimating their opp. Last cheater I saw was a fresh character trialing Armas weapons. Only saw them for one day. Most SPCT members have thousands of hours in action districts. Some are from RTW times. They know how the game works and what's possible to do in game legitimately.
  9. I liked the mission changes, but the weapon balance changes are all over the place. I don't think changing a ton of weapons in one go is a good way to balance either. Change 1 or 2 at a time and see how it goes.
  10. Weapons: OCA: Good. OCA 'Whisper': Unnecessary nerf. PMG: Unnecessary nerf. Buffing the OCA meant the PMG has competition. It did not need a change. CAP40: Good. FAR: Unnecessary nerf. ATAC: Unnecessary nerf. N-TEC: Remove the bloom curve instead. SNR: Unnecessary nerf. OBIR: Unnecessary nerf. PIG: Good. N-HVR 243: Unnecessary changes. N-HVR 762: Good. Manic: Any one of those changes would have been good enough, not all of them. Joker Carbine: Good. ACT 44: Unnecessary nerf. Colby RSA: Unnecessary nerf. It only needed the buff. N-ISSR-B: Good. Jump Shooting: All pointless changes. Ammo Capacity: The increased capacity on all weapons is good. The nerfs for the other weapons were unnecessary. So basically, a few good buffs, and a ton of nerfs that were not needed. Did you ask the green district for help making these changes?
  11. For the most part ya it is, but thought it might help prevent ghost shots. It might be routing issue. I have issues to US-West, and every so often US-East craps out. I need to disconnect/reconnect to the district to fix it on east.
  12. Get a foot pedal and assign it to sprint. Place a brick on it while in game. Could also use a second keyboard and lay a brick on shift.
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