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  1. Every 3rd or 4th mission I run into a dethreater in the silver districts. Often it's whole clans dedicated to it. It feels like LO are ignoring the problem, but I think the actual issue is those dethreaters don't get reported enough due to new players not knowing how to use the /report command.
  2. The biggest complaint was preset weapons being locked to the mod. It wouldn't have been a bad change if we could purchase 3 open slots for all weapons.
  3. I support this. It's kinda useless in most combat but hey if people want it let them have it.
  4. It has less bloom and lower rate of fire. It still has the bloom curve but not as severe as the N-TEC 5.
  5. There's a threat value behind the colors. You can go up or down a color while barely changing the hidden value. Adding another color wouldn't really solve anything, it would just further segregate players. Dethreating wouldn't be a big issue if districts weren't segregated by threat to begin with.
  6. Some objectives take over 20 seconds to complete, even with lvl 4 equipment. This is often too long of a completion time due to opposing players spawning within 100M of the objective. If possible could we have the maximum completion time reduced to say 15 seconds with no equipment? Another option would be to not need to stack equipment, or at least unlock the 4th equipment slot. For example, stage 3 objectives in the mission "What goes around..." takes over 15 seconds with Blistor QE 425MM.
  7. In a perfect world, people wouldn't crash with their brand new 2080ti. I guess we'll just have to wait for the engine upgrade for any of this to get fixed.
  8. I don't see the point to riot mode outside of testing district spinup. The market is already over saturated with BR style games, we really didn't need another. PUBG struggles to properly match players and there's 100000s on per day, there's no way APB could with it's sub 1000 player count on Steam.
  9. Everyone should have at bare minimum of a GTX 1080 am I right? I guess you don't get shot much playing in the bronze district.
  10. It would be nice to be able to turn off weapon flash and blood particles separately again. They don't really do much outside of kill your framerate.
  11. Remember when the IO Growl was released? It did not slow down with a hold item or VIP, so G1 fixed it. I don't get why they didn't do the same for the Vegas 4x4 and Coywolf. Then again, this could be easily fixed if the hold item affected the vehicles top speed instead of the torque. It would even allow low tier vehicles to move the item/vip to a safer location, while still discouraging long distance runs. You'll still have the push tactic, but I can't come up with a solution that doesn't involve completely reworking every vehicle in game.
  12. You'd have a point if the explosions didn't drop your fps on mid range hardware. Also, you can't see burning vehicles so you're likely to walk up to one that's about to explode. You can't see rocket or grenade trails either.
  13. This is my dilemma. I want to create custom songs to play through my vehicle but I don't want to hear death themes. I don't even use a death theme myself.
  14. The only nerf the ogre needs is it's visible pellets reduced. You need a flagship GPU to stop the thing from dropping your fps.
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