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  1. Rename your modified file and use a launch argument to tell APB to use it. For example, I renamed mine to A_APBCompat.ini and launch APB with the following command: -COMPATINI=..\APBGame\Config\A_APBCompat.ini This will work with most of the config files.
  2. I reinstalled the game and it's now fixed in game, but the INT localization is still wrong. Either way it's fixed.
  3. I deleted the localization files and repaired the game. This is the description in INT for improved rifling that was downloaded. [code[ModifierEffects_Weapon_Rifling1_Description=<Color:R=0 G=1 B=0>+2.5m<Color:R=1 G=1 B=1> effective range ModifierEffects_Weapon_Rifling1_Description_2=Reduces Fire Rate by <Color:R=1 G=0 B=0>6%<Color:R=1 G=1 B=1> ModifierEffects_Weapon_Rifling2_Description=<Color:R=0 G=1 B=0>+5m<Color:R=1 G=1 B=1> effective range ModifierEffects_Weapon_Rifling2_Description_2=Reduces Fire Rate by <Color:R=1 G=0 B=0>12%<Color:R=1 G=1 B=1> ModifierEffects_Weapon_Rifling3_Description=<Color:R=0 G=1 B=0>+7.5m<Color:R=1 G=1 B=1> effective range ModifierEffects_Weapon_Rifling3_Description_2=Reduces Fire Rate by <Color:R=1 G=0 B=0>18%<Color:R=1 G=1 B=1>[/code] This needs to be updated.
  4. Current listed effects in game:: IR1 +2.5m effective range Reduces Fire Rate by 6% IR2 +5m effective range Reduces Fire Rate by 12% IR3 +7.5m effective range Reduces Fire Rate by 18% Expected listed effects: IR1: +3m effective range Slightly increases maximum reticle bloom IR2: +5m effective range Moderately increases maximum reticle bloom IR3: +7m effective range Substantially increases maximum reticle bloom
  5. Crashes have been extremely rare for me since PB was removed. I can't remember the last crash. Knocks on wood
  6. Mine only takes a few seconds for these small patches.
  7. https://imgur.com/a/aHqNLkc That's a lot of action on those other cores for only running one thread, and this is only a half filled district with little action, bouncing off the fps cap of 145fps. It's often in the +20% bracket when in gun fights.
  8. Another suggestion. Buy a large CRT monitor and manually adjust the picture so it's stretched. Enjoy the high pitch screech as you still get pwned by bronze players.
  9. 3 burst, pause, 3 burst, pause, 3 burst, pause. It's not hard to use, it's a stupid mechanic. The accuracy and recoil should be consistent between shots, especially after the bloom and recoil fully recover. It's a kick in the nuts on the tommy gun.
  10. What are your system specs? The blood and smoke particles cause fps drops on weaker graphics cards. You can reduce these with the advanced launcher.
  11. The problem is if you tap fire and wait for the crosshair to close, the weapon increase bloom and recoil more each shot. It doesn't feel natural since it only applies to certain weapons. There's no indication for when the curve timer resets. There's also no information publicly available on how the recoil and bloom curves are calculated.
  12. Here's my wall of text on secondaries. If it's not listed I haven't used it. ACT 44 - The base ACT 44 does not have enough ADS accuracy to hit reliably within it's max damage range of 70M. A 5% or 10% buff to it's ADS accuracy would help. Colby .45 AP - It has more range and more damage than the FBW, but it's limited to 7 shots and has more recoil. I think the .8 ttk is a little fast, but I don't see many players who can control the recoil. Colby Commander / Colby RSA - Too slow of bloom recovery. It might be a good choice if your primary is an SMG or carbine, but otherwise it's just not viable. Firework launcher / Flair Gun - They're basically a wall hack you can toggle. The player marker should stay in place where the player was spotted, not follow them. Joker RFP-9 - The main issue is the RFP-9 'Fang'. The extra range and better accuracy makes it better than the joker carbine and OSCAR. Than again, those rifles should not have had their range reduced in the first place. Montie - This series needs slightly better base accuracy. The 'Yukon' should have it's -10% base accuracy and +50% equip time removed from the select fire mod since it's rate of fire is no longer bugged. N-FA 9 - Reduce the horizontal recoil and/or reduce the bloom. OCA Nano - I always have hitreg or damage problems with this weapon, but it might be I'm using it outside it's intended range. I do like that you can stun players who have CA3. OCSP - Increase the damage dropoff to 40M. It still won't be as reliable as the FBW, but at least you could then utilize the higher accuracy. Obeya FBW - It's perfect when compared to primaries. It should be used in comparison to balance other secondaries. It is the starting pistol. S-AS PDW - It needs less bloom per shot. It's ttk isn't low enough to compete with SMGs, but it's bloom is too high to use at close to mid range. The Per Shot Modifier should be reduced to 0.15 or 0.20. Showstopper - The default showstopper is fine. It fills that shotgun secondary niche. The 'Thunder' has way too much range. It's more reliable than the primary shotguns due to having tighter spread and more damage range. The TTK is between an AR and SMG. It's blatantly obvious Little Orbit make this weapon to sell joker boxes. Stabba - PIG - I think it's stun damage should be reduced slightly to prevent it from being used with lethal weapons. Maybe lethal weapons just need less stamina damage overall. Stabba - TG-8 - Why does it stop dealing damage after 34M? Give it damage dropoff like the lethal weapons. UL-3 - I have little experience with these. Having 3 versions is stupid. Why can't we just have the base UL-3 with open slots as a primary?
  13. It feels like trying to play rust solo. The moment you spawn you have someone just hunting you down. I wish they would separate the two event types, but I guess the player pop isn't big enough. The long range mugging issue seems to be related to a few players, but it's rare. Maybe ping has an effect.
  14. Could we remove the stupid mugging mechanic. I'm always mugged by someone 10-20M away while I still have a shield so I can't shoot them first. Also, will you ban players who are teaming up to farm eggs. They work in large groups and then feed the one player all the eggs.
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