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  1. It looks like a camera with poorly implemented HDR. Rather than gain detail, you lose detail. It's not as bad as what G1 did with the excessive bloom and blue instagram filter, but still how could anyone think this is normal looking?
  2. Ntec needs shovel stock skin.
  3. The DMR-AV and steel plating mods are fine. Most likely what happened was they had a player using blowtourch to repair the vehicle faster than you can deal damage.
  4. East has better latency. West has packet loss.
  5. 1.560 sec time to stun. Swapping that to lethal damage would not make this weapon OP. If a player has time to land 3 hits, they would have killed you faster with any other primary weapon.
  6. With the current district configuration and player population on NA, there is a 25% chance that there is a playable server, 12.5% chance I can rank up. 50% chance I can connect to the populated district due to being gold threat. 50% chance it's a district I need for ranking up my character. 50% chance that the district is on the east coast (West has bad packet loss atm) Then on top of it, the 40/40 player population means I will be fighting the same team every mission due to how matchmaking works. Dethreaters and trolls, who refuse to play the missions, have still not been dealt with. The odds now go even lower that I will get a mission that I gain a reasonable amount of standing in, if I gain any standing at all.
  7. They need to remove the east/west server split too and go back to central servers. It's 50/50 if there's going to be a server available that I can even connect to without desync issues.
  8. Logical solutions on the APB forums? Get out of here with that!
  9. Sure add it. The gun is trash since they reduced the max range on it.
  10. On the forums I don't hear "tick, tick, tick" when someone's rage whispering me.
  11. APB is one of the few games that still has proper sound panning when wearing headphones. I'm really hoping the engine upgrade doesn't screw this up. Seems like all the new shooters base their sound off of TV speaker position, so you end up with sound cutting hard left/right when only turning a few degrees. I have never seen this weapon show up on radar. Besides, G1 broke the radar after adding that weapon.
  12. Currently there's a bug that causes your character to slide instead of stopping if the fps is over 120.
  13. Go to the install directory. Delete the two files "APB Reloaded\Engine\Config\BaseCompat.ini" and "APB Reloaded\APBGame\Config\APBCompat.ini" After that, run a repair from the launcher. If using Steam, verify the game files first. The repair button ignores those files if they were modified.
  14. Why are you not using the Game Updates section to post game updates?
  15. SquirrelFace

    about shaw..

    Are you using the in game volume slider to adjust your sound? There is a bug that prevents the in game slider from affecting different sounds. The SHAW was one of them last I checked. Use Windows to control APB's volume as a work around.
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