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  1. It's just a 1024x1024 bitmap. The only thing it should affect is how long it takes your client to load the character after joining a district. I haven't noticed an fps difference.
  2. It was a circle of cheaters pleasuring themselves, with some innocent players getting caught in the crossfire.
  3. They should unlock the weapon via contacts so you can repurchase it. That way you can remove weapons when you're no longer using them and not worry about it.
  4. Don't forget Punkbuster. So many "Disallowed program/driver" kicks.
  5. They reverted Improved Rifling but they didn't revert the range reduction on carbines (OSCAR, Joker Carbine, VBR, etc.) Then they nerfed the range on semi-auto rifles, because they were out of balance. Then nerfed shotgun range, SMG range, and destroyed the RFP. All this because they refused to revert the carbines.
  6. Someone was griefing my clan and random grouped players, all because one of our clan members wouldn't date them. (Online, not IRL). It took about a year for the first ban under G1 ownership. Not sure if their second account got banned or the griefer got bored.
  7. Conflicting names should not be an issue. APB uses character IDs. The only issue I see is players getting confused, and possibly having issues using the /w and other name related commands. This can be solved by adding "-NA -EU" at the end of their names, and give those players a one time name change in case they don't like the NA, EU tag. The database size I can see being an issue. I would say keep the databases separate, but the current game probably has hard coded crap that can only use 1 database, which would be a pain to sift though. Hopefully this is being fixed in the engine upgrade, otherwise I don't know how they're going to get phasing across NA and EU working. The databases aren't getting smaller. I rather have them go back to a central NA location instead of splitting it between east and west. It would cut the server cost in half, and reduce the average latency between players. For me, west is unplayable, sometimes worse than playing on EU. My buddy out in LA has packet loss on NA east.
  8. You shouldn't get trade locked just because your external IP address changed. Most ISPs assign dynamic IP addresses to home users. This means their IP address will most likely change whenever their modem restarts. This also means you can't access all features in game when traveling for work. It's a big middle finger to people in the service. They should be tracking your hardware ID. The only time it will change is if you change hardware or reinstall your operating system. They have to track you hwid for the anticheat to work properly.
  9. They're teenagers, they find anything funny. Are all of you so old you can't remember the stupid things you found funny as a kid?
  10. Is US east now having maintenance? East servers are down. This includes Social district.
  11. I saw a grammar nazi. You sure it wasn't a G on their arm?
  12. The only time silver is available is when enough borderline silver/gold players are stuck with gold threat. These players can't go down in threat while in Bronze without intentionally dethreating, due to there not being permanent golds in the bronze district. At the same time, they don't want to face 4 man groups of max threat players over and over. There needs to be ways to progress contacts and unlock customization that does not involve being locked into a single game mode and single district. Contacts should be available in all districts, including fightclub. Symbols shouldn't be locked behind single contacts. Consumables should be made into a normal mod that's yellow, and removed from random rewards so symbols can be unlocked faster. I cannot unlock all symbols on my newer characters due to the consumable rewards. I've got pages of "You won a mission reward" while at the same time missing half the symbols on some sheets.
  13. 1 team kill gives you a demerit. Suicide needs 2 for a demerit.
  14. It's no different than battleye since the server sided half does not work on APB's servers. If LO want to give it a try sure go ahead but I don't think it will reduce cheating. I'd be happy to be proven wrong though.
  15. At least silvers with the grenade launcher will be useful.
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