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  1. If you know the exact date, email, and the last good IP address you signed in with, support might be able to get it back. The problem is it will look the same on LO's end if the account was stolen or sold. LO don't enforce their EULA, and technically they're not legally binding for the end user. Technically, trading your account should not get that account suspended. The US government can't even enforce consumer rights, like how it's illegal to deny warranties on products without proving the end user caused it to break. They're not going to spend money on a free to play game to get someone's account back.
  2. There's also audio latency with most USB DACs. If your DAC supports ASIO, use VB-Audio ASIO Bridge, Voicemeeter, or ASIO4ALL to connect to the ASIO interface. For me it reduced latency by about 100ms in APB.
  3. Blocking client modding is a feature built into the game, but it's not enabled for most files. G1 enabled it on most vehicle related upk files when they started encrypting them. You don't need a 3rd party anticheat to do it. Innova / 4Game, the Russian version, blocked custom shaders with it. My guesses are it puts too much strain on the servers and LO don't have enough staff to work on it. It could have been hard coded per file for all I know.
  4. I'd say screw it and walk the heavy item.
  5. In all seriousness, some streamers use modified .upk files. They have links to these modified in their stream. These are not .ini config files, they are encrypted .upk files being modified. LO approved some of them for the first Beta test, so I'm guessing those kinds of edits are allowed.
  6. Clotting agent adds x seconds to the healing multiplier. Medspray halfs / multiplies the healing multiplier. Medspray gets applied first, then clotting is added on. It does speed up healing, but it's less than 3 seconds between CA3 and CA3+medspray. That's also if you're at 1hp. If you use it at higher hp, the time difference is less. It's not a useless combo, but it has very limited use. Still, I don't think it's balanced stacking HP mods. They should make medspray a green mod and remove "doubles base health regen." It was overpowered prior just not many people had access to unlimited medsprays back then.
  7. No matter where they connect it's going to be bad. Having stable servers would at least give them consistent latency and less stuttering movement. Both are bad. West seems to have worse tickrate spikes than east going by /latencytest in game, but it's hard to get a good comparison with the inconsistent district population. There's tons of 50ms, 20 tps or worse spikes on both. I'm guessing they're running bare minimum server requirements to save money. There's usually 3 combat districts in use, 1 bronze, 1 silver, 1 fightclub. The other 10 or so districts are untouched. Removing them and upgrading to a better host/server to keep the tickrate closer to 30 tps would be ideal. Easier said than done to migrate them, and LO is probably stuck with a contract with the current provider.
  8. What's the point of maintenance? Nothing gets fixed. You continue to double your server costs by splitting NA servers between east and west, while providing the worst possible latency for half of the US. Go back to US central servers. They provided the lowest average latency between players on NA, and I bet it would save you on server cost since you wouldn't need double the servers. You could even cut server costs by not having green or gold districts. They rarely get used due to low pop.
  9. CPU/motherboard/Ram that can run APB at 120+ fps, you can get under $200 US prices. Most expensive part will be the GPU. Still, a GTX 650 Ti ($100) is good enough if you don't mind using the advanced launcher. If I couldn't afford that, I would put effort into finding a better job and reducing my living cost, rather than grind my APB characters to max rank. If they're a young kid I understand though. It was difficult for me to get high end hardware then, I ended up splitting my upgrades across b-days and holidays.
  10. The in game stats are wrong. They have the same range. https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Pistol_RFP9 https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Pistol_RFP9-SD_PR1_Armas
  11. It's 2s plus some if you use it instantly. It negates the disadvantage of CA3 over CA2. Before when it only started the healing, it did not affect CA3. 2s doesn't sound like much but getting that little extra HP in does help, otherwise no one would use CA3 to begin with.
  12. "Doubles base health regeneration for 5 seconds." This is why LO make such weird balance changes. People can't even read the descriptions in game.
  13. "Doubles base health regeneration for 5 seconds." It will be 4 seconds to gain 500HP with CA3. 2 seconds without CA.
  14. Thinks Nano is a secondary OCA. Thinks OSCAR is Carbine. Ya..... The video being a year old makes it even worse since the primary OCA had 30M back then, and the RFP-9 was better at range.
  15. There's a faster way if you have a friend in the district. Open the Group UI. Go to the search tab. Search your friend's name. Left click join, then press Esc when the dialog pops up. Repeat until joined. I have a script that does it while I make food.
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