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  1. Sounds like you're mad that other players could use your weapons better than you. - Merging Innova would have been fine if players kept their Russian names, inventory, and if the EU servers were hosted in east Europe. - The idiotic move was blocking Brazilians to begin with. G1 could have setup a Latin American server and got more money from the influx in players than Hoplon paid. They could have done an account merge to SA, or even split the districts between North and South America like LO did with US east and west. - There's very few players left. Besides, many players play on both servers. What needs to be fixed is the netcode so high latency players can't shoot low latency players behind cover.
  2. Some PUBG bans show as, 1 game ban 1 VAC ban, on your steam account. Had a teammate get banned. No bans prior to the PUBG, and PUBG was the only game on their steam profile. They had both on their profile immediately after. Yes, they were not banned by VAC, but it prevents you from playing in VAC protected games. Not saying this teammate was legit or not, just saying that these systems shouldn't be linked. They're run by different companies with different detection methods. You can't trust that both will be 100% accurate.
  3. This is still a problem. It's currently off by 3 minutes. I was unable to use a weapon because of it.
  4. Clouds have dynamic shadows that can't be disabled in game or with the config files. Part of the fog shader calculations aren't needed for the horseman event.
  5. The minimum player count for matching opposition should be changed to 2 players. Have it ignore threat for those first 2 players so it quickly matches.
  6. Most gaming like peripherals are garbage. There's not many options for higher quality mice with low latency.
  7. SquirrelFace

    the p90

    What gets to me is the fact that this weapon was suppose to be a 3 Slot ACES with no dummy red mod. G1 messed up and added a permanent version to the joker store. They didn't want to lose money on ACES sales, so they changed it to an OCA reskin.
  8. Meanwhile you need shader edits just to disable the extra processing done with their shader changes, like the fog, extra bloom, and instagram blue filter.
  9. No screw that. I've seen enough false bans in various games to want that to be a feature. PUBG for example would hand out VAC bans for Battleye bans. You see how poorly it works with APB, getting kicked for using everyday software. What Steam needs to do is enforce their own ToS and blacklist companies that allow their users to cheat on their Cafe license.
  10. It would be nice if these anti-cheat apps would tell you exactly what is blocked and why it's blocked so legit users can fix it. Cheaters will know it's blocked and find workarounds regardless. Security through obscurity never works. Leaving my door open and not telling anyone doesn't stop anyone from walking in. Closing and locking it without telling anyone only stops honest people from walking in.
  11. High latnecy is bad for everyone, including the low latency players. The server delays the low latency player's hits if it thinks the high latency player shot first, but the high latency player has to shoot far in advance or the shots won't make it to the server before they die. It lets high latency players land hits on low latency players who have moved behind cover, but high latency players will always get hit behind cover due to their own movement delay.
  12. Don't remove it, let us buy the OPGL permanently with Joker tickets.
  13. I see the error. I forgot to add +1 to the modifier cap. Corrected it. Still, Nano has the lowest bloom. The FBW can reach max bloom, but that's on it's last shot so you'll never fire at max bloom.
  14. I don't understand what your argument is. You said the nano has no bloom, which you are correct since it fully recovers it's bloom before firing the next shot. You also asked about the calculations for max bloom, which I provided. Here's the bloom per shot when fired at max rate of fire, for each of those pistols. Per Shot Modifier - (Fire Interval - Recovery Delay) * Recovery Per Second Colby .45 AP: 0.5 - (0.2 - 0.05) * 3 = 0.05 Obeya FBW: 0.2 - (0.2 - 0.1) * 1 = 0.1 FR0G series: 0.2 - (0.2 - 0.1) * 1 = 0.1 OCA Nano: 0.2 - (0.15 - 0) * 6 = -0.7 Since the Nano is negative, it means it fully recovers it's bloom. The Colby .45 blooms the slowest, the FBW and FR0G are tied for the fastest. Total bloom after a whole mag: Colby .45 AP (1.5) : 7 * 0.05 = 0.35 FR0G series (1.5): 10 * 0.1 = 1 Obeya FBW (1.5): on the 15th shot. (15 * 0.1 = 1.5)
  15. EDIT: Add +1 to modifier cap. .45: https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Pistol_Colby45AP Accuracy Radius: 20 cm Shot modifier cap: 1.50 20 * (1+1.5) = 50 FBW: https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Pistol_FBW Accuracy Radius: 19 cm Shot modifier cap: 1.50 19 * (1+1.5) = 47.5 FR0G: https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Pistol_Frog_DA Accuracy Radius: 19 cm Shot modifier cap: 1.50 19 * (1+1.5) = 47.5 Nano: https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Pistol_OCANano Accuracy Radius: 24 cm Shot modifier cap: 0.85 24 * (1+0.85) = 44,4 But, the max bloom on the OCA Nano is not a factor since it recovers before firing the next shot, which can be calculated by: (Fire Interval - Recovery Delay) * Recovery Per Second (0.15 - 0) * 6 = 0.9 Per Shot Modifier is only 0.2, while recovery between shots is 0.9. You know what would be a great idea. Add a link to APBDB in game. It would be so much better for new players.
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