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  1. Currently there's a bug that causes your character to slide instead of stopping if the fps is over 120.
  2. Go to the install directory. Delete the two files "APB Reloaded\Engine\Config\BaseCompat.ini" and "APB Reloaded\APBGame\Config\APBCompat.ini" After that, run a repair from the launcher. If using Steam, verify the game files first. The repair button ignores those files if they were modified.
  3. Why are you not using the Game Updates section to post game updates?
  4. SquirrelFace

    about shaw..

    Are you using the in game volume slider to adjust your sound? There is a bug that prevents the in game slider from affecting different sounds. The SHAW was one of them last I checked. Use Windows to control APB's volume as a work around.
  5. You can get 60+ fps on hardware that is older than APB with some tweaks. I'm curious what the integrated GPU can do. It gets 80fps average in Fortnite at 1080p.
  6. With my experience when the silver district is populated, the difference is I have to wait around for the mission to end because the opposing team went AFK.
  7. That CPU will get you 100+ fps with a dedicated GPU, but I cannot comment on the integrated GPU. You will need to use the advanced launcher to reduce RAM usage since it's sharing RAM. Get 16GB of RAM for future proofing. Most modern games will eat through 8GB of RAM, and APB will too with the new engine. Make sure your motherboard has the option to disable HPET. It's known to cause low fps in APB.
  8. It's APB. Nothing you can really do about it. Higher speed RAM and higher clocked CPU will reduce the freezing time but it's still noticeable and will screw up your aim.
  9. Equip an HVR-762, stand next to a teammate, and shoot the same players they're shooting at. One of you will get the kill. Use the FBW as a sidearm, or get the RFP-9 if you need a little more range. Would you mind posting your mouse sensitivity settings, including in game and DPI? It could be your sensitivity is too high and it's causing your aim to skip around. Also, what framerate do you get on average in game? Really low framerates, like under 50fps, can affect your aim as well since it will have higher input lag.
  10. Where's that hack that lets you join the bronze district? I would try dethreating but I can't get opp in silver, and creating a new account isn't viable since I won't have access to my 3 slot weapons.
  11. I constantly get placed against players who refuse to participate in the mission. Every time I play APB I run into multiple players who go AFK, ignores the objectives, team kill, suicide, ect. I stopped bothering sending reports because it's obvious they're being ignored. I guess you have to get 1000s of team kills a day for something to be done.
  12. Could add -NA or -EU to the end of the conflicting character names, and then offer a free name change in case those players don't want it added to their name. I still don't see the purpose of forcing the Russians to name change. Wouldn't it be easier to fix the UI so non Russians can properly report players? How about instead of reporting the character name, players report the account ID, like how in other games you report their Steam ID.
  13. What you really mean is it's going horribly wrong because if it was good news it would be public.
  14. That's too easy. Gotta play the long hard game and screw over the old time players.
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