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  1. Same here. Unable to join action districts for the last 10 minutes or so.
  2. We already have great games for battle royale, and tons of garbage knockoff ones. We don't need another.
  3. SquirrelFace


    It's because the garbage collection system can't keep up with APB's sloppy code. By default, it runs every 60s and clears up unused memory. There's tons of memory leaks. There's also been a lot of new content added which uses more memory. Faster RAM can help reduce the stutters. You can limit the garbage collector in the config files, but it has a downside. The garbage collector will run less, but when it does run it will stutter harder due to there being more memory to clear. You may also get an out of memory error if it's set too high or if you swap districts often. - Goto APB Reloaded\Engine\Config\ - Open the file BaseEngine.ini. - Find TimeBetweenPurgingPendingKillObjects=60 - The value is in seconds, change it to 120 or higher.
  4. Make sure your system temperatures are good and disable any power saving features that might be affecting performance.
  5. Many players are limited to 101fps because they do not have a 120Hz or higher monitor. If you are one of these users, this guide is for you. Notes: This will not affect overall performance. If you do not get 100fps on average, you most likely will not benefit from this setting. For AMD GPUs, you might need to find an alternative solution. I do not have an AMD GPU to test with. (Feedback welcomed) Warning: DO NOT set your monitor's refresh rate to the 120hz. You will mostly likely get a black screen and may need to boot your PC in safe mode to fix it. APB does not care what your refresh rate is, it just looks at the extension blocks for a 120hz entry. Requirements: Custom Resolution Utility: - http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/custom_resolution_utility.html - https://www.monitortests.com/forum/Thread-Custom-Resolution-Utility-CRU 1). Download CRU, extract the .zip file, and open the application. You should see something similar to this: 2a). Under "Standard resolutions" click "Add..." You should see a window popup. Enter "120" next to Refresh rate. 2b). If you do not have enough slots left for Standard resolutions, select click "Add..." under "Extension blocks." - In the popup window, click "Add..." under "Detailed resolutions." - For "Timing", select "Automatic - LCD Standard." Enter "120" next to Refresh rate. Click "OK", then click "OK" again. 3). Click OK on the main window, and the applications should close. 4). Inside the extracted folder, run the appropriate application. This will restart your graphics driver. - For users with a 64 Bit OS: "restart64programprogram" - For users with a 32 Bit OS: "restartprogramprogram" 5). Launch APB. When in game, open the chat box and type "/fps". You should now see 121 fps as the limit. - Now enjoy your extra 20 frames per second.
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