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  1. If it's US-West servers they're always screwed up.
  2. You sprayed a wall, then changed resolution. All that proves is you know how to change your in game resolution. When you said it reduces recoil I thought you meant there's an oddity that causes the recoil to rotate your camera less at low resolutions. What you're showing here is the equivalent of playing with a larger monitor or sitting closer to your screen. Recoil is not reduced. Slaps muzzle break on tommy gun
  3. In the end I just want opp. I'd prefer if it made both teams the same size, but getting uneven opp is better than no opp.
  4. Most people left because other competitive games don't have as many issues. Popular APB streamers play at 800x600 res, some even lower, just to get the game to not stutter so bad.
  5. OCSAR and Obeya CR762. Both have tight enough accuracy that you won't land lucky hits by being off target, and their ttk is low enough to compete with most other weapons as long as you shoot first. From there, adjust your sensitivity till you get comfortable. Lower is generally better, but some players prefer higher. APB doesn't have a lot of range and hitboxes are quite big, so you don't need to be as precise.
  6. It shouldn't take them a year to notice that the same players are receiving reports daily for not showing up for missions, getting lower than 0 score with multiple team kills.
  7. I would remove threat segregation and hide threat. I would also adjust the matchmaking system so it favors matching even team numbers. If that fails, use a hidden ELO to match close enough, but still allow teams to call for backup if they have less players. Backup should only be used to make the team sizes even. I hate how the current backup system will call in a group of 4 without even waiting to see if a solo player readies up. If I'm on offense I hesitate to call for backup. If I get a full group, that means the other team will then get more players, and the mission won't be able to progress.
  8. Yes I know this is file modifications, but custom configs are allowed and there are colorblind players who need easier to read text. Worst case you break the kill feed and can't see your teammates. - Create a new folder in the localization folder. Rename it "GER" - Copy the file "HUDMessages.INT" from the INT folder and paste it in the "GER" folder. - Rename the file to "HUDMessages.GER" - Create a shortcut to APB.exe. Edit the shortcut and add "-language=1031" to the end of the target path. - Use this shortcut to launch APB for now on. In the HUDMessages file, the kill messages start at line 109, and I think end at 118. I would use Notepad++ or another advanced text editor to make it easier to replace the text. For this example, I changed line 109. I replaced <col:Action_Enemy> with <col:StageText> Old: HUDMessages_AM_CombatKillOpp_DisplayText=<col:Action_Enemy><KillerCharacterName></col> <col:Action_Enemy_Assist><KillerAssistName></col><WeaponIcon> <col:Action_Team><KilledCharacterName></col> New: HUDMessages_AM_CombatKillOpp_DisplayText=<col:StageText><KillerCharacterName></col> <col:Action_Enemy_Assist><KillerAssistName></col><WeaponIcon> <col:Action_Team><KilledCharacterName></col> If you wanted the text to be blue, you would replace it with <col:Blue> If you wanted the pink color that the valentines day text uses, you would use <col:Valentine_Pink> You can also use RGB values by replacing it with <Color:R=1 G=1 B=1>. You can enter values from 0 to 1. 0 being no color, 1 being full color.
  9. Just joined fight club and I had 2 teammates running faster than normal. One was moving 1.5x normal speed, the other teleporting a meter or so every 5 seconds.
  10. I don't get why they changed everything. Nerfing just the accuracy, bloom, damage, or range would have been fine, but nerfing all of them was stupid.
  11. It would be cool to have a maintenance notice in the Launcher. It could ping the servers to show if they are up or down. It does not need to be fancy. Maybe it's there and I missed it, but there should be a server shutdown notice 30minutes before hand. The current 10 minute warning is too short for some missions.
  12. Starting gear only. STAR, FBW, Frags, no mods or equipment. I'd even go as far as saying you can only respawn the unlocked tutorial car with no mods, since mobile spawner is game breaking. This would allow all players to compete equally regardless of in game hours and Armas purchases. Fresh accounts still couldn't compete, but I think everyone could spend a few hours in the tutorial to prepare. For wins I would go by stages won rather than final outcome. Defenders winning the final stage just means they failed the previous stages. To keep things short, the teams must complete 5 stages, swap factions and mission side, then complete another 5. Who ever has more won stages wins. Settle ties in the next stage. I would also look at the factions and determine which starting contact has the fairest missions. Maybe even auto quit specific ones. But even with these restrictions, the missions themselves can still decide who wins. I also don't think you'll get a lot of entries due to the RTX crash bug. RTX GPU owners won't be able to compete. Owners of these cards tend to be the competitive type, while those with old hardware tend to be less competitive. Then again, that might make it easier to decide on rules.
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