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  1. Its about lags, the more speed the more desync. I told this before and ive been laughed at by the "pro, cool and popular guys". Or either you die when getting out the car at speed or slow it down to reasonable levels to get down, or otherwise you cant get out. Another one is ragdoll, take damage and be unable to attack after a few seconds depending on speed. Not really that hard to be creative. I said the same to switching hands, stop-aim-run in hip fire etc. All of quick movements create desync and should have been slowed down to reasonable levels, so people with acceptable ping can also play or buggy ghosting abuse movements would crap the game. "bUt mUh fAsT pAcEd gAeM..."
  2. Thats great idea! make the code public so cheaters can cheat harder. How didnt anyone think of this?
  3. Not really the point... but degrading lower levels is a good thing since it push them to actually try to learn to play better. T. gamer for life since 3. Offering freedom in the game is the best thing that can happen to apb. edit: for what ive been reading nothing chaged at all. Even the forums seem dead. Well ill come back in a few years lol, i hope they learn for once.
  4. I do not consume much since the people who manage it is disgusting. I been talking about ingame too. Do they keep doing what silvers say? Thats poor news honestly. Nah i like to read what players have to say. And yes it makes sonse a lot of it.
  5. What are the news? Is the engine update here? Did they stop nerfing guns? Is there a good anticheat with gm enforcement? Did they stop censorship and sjw? Etcs. I am amxious to hear the good news since i am probably getting a pc in the next months.
  6. 10 years of slow and painful sinking... actually worst than the ginosaji. More than a celebration would be like a funeral xD
  7. Do not give atention to justice warriors, silence justice warriors if you want your game healthy. When you notice they will be fill forums and game with them complaining for every little thing pushing agenda they dont even understand.
  8. Come on guys... a guy in the art subforum riged hundreds of chars and has his own sticky thread. Just dont use it for profit and should be fine.
  9. It would be fair yes. But there are reasons why not to do it... business one, knowing what is best or not will affect it.
  10. What if two pros, one use low config and the other high, face each other? Thats the point.
  11. There never been need to balance guns, people never undertood how to use them. And as i said multiple times, enviroment matters for gyns to be more or less useful. All weapons have variants in their role and range works. Lets put an example in pointman guns under 30 meters: -Very close range: shotguns (there are also variations). -Close to mid range: oca and variations of it. -Mid to long range: pmg. This happens with almost every other gun roles, thats why balance cant be achieved and shouldnt be achieved. Dividing guns in more categories (and this is something no one usually say), there are the guns that work for high ping players like are the ones with fast fire rate, and poor damage. Thats why youll see complaining about weapons not being usefull, its the ping playing against them and the incorrect weapon usage. And so on. Theres much to talk about weapons but this is something varely anyone understand nor even developers and thats why they mess everything non stop. Check your guns and check your enviroment, weapons are not meant to be balanced but work under specific circumstances. Understand that once for all please. And yes, i am not saying that the new guns they been releasing are not useless. I would extent but i know my advice will go to waste and im on phone.
  12. I played for free many years and i didnt have a single problem, even enjoyed the game. You are pulling all of this from your behind.
  13. Prem is the worthest thing investing into. Stop. It could be really worth but g1 broke certain features that made it more desireable. You really need to stop this trend "gib fri stuf pls or i dun pley". At much players that spend real cash should be able to sell for apb$ (this really works in f2p games but matt didnt care in this fact i gave him) but NOT FOR FREE. I see your opinions as worth as you supporting genocide in your discord channel. You even banned me for pointing it out. You are awful person with awful opinions.
  14. Wew i wish i lived near you xD
  15. It was a joke... i know i7 is way more powerful than 965 be (3.6 oc).
  16. My 965 x4 be runs better than your i7 lol. You should learn to build pc bud.
  17. Make your own? Shouldnt be that hard.
  18. I am a wh-0r3 and im offended by this thread.
  19. 100 hours and doing a review... i thought that having around 8k+ my experience ingame would worth something, imagine yours xD
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