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  1. Spending more time here and less and less time in game. last weekend i played a single mission and switched game right after.
  2. The teamkill event was the worst... Had to run away from the game for a day. Heard it was hella bad (funny?) in FC though EDIT; Wait, did they even turn off the auto-kick for TK for the event?
  3. Oh they have faint trials, you just don't see them unless the grenade itself lands next to or passes close by you.
  4. ScarecrowXIII

    In game acc's

    I made a new account to play for about week after hearing about the acquisition by LO. I did buy an ATAC and one of the Yukon variants, would like the Yukon variant on my main account.
  5. So I have a 2nd use for my charges, nice.
  6. Yeah, which means I have to really on bad matchmaking to play LTL. Which kind of makes it not fun when you dominate too easily. Maybe next time I'll try using only stun nades. That way I'm not totally handicapped.
  7. I don't cause it looks smart, like my character actually looks like he can't hold onto to shit.
  8. Actually tried it last night. It was hell to use. And I refuse to try the PIG/Perc combo.
  9. But my friends (and clanmates when I used to be in a clan) weren't always (ever) available. Only 2 clans I've ever been in actively tried to group up with people they didn't know to play missions.
  10. The wording at the bottom seems a bit too spaced out. (Optional) The green mark seems kinda weird since in the original, it the horizontal line in A and doesn't exactly have a place in either S or P. But that's minor. (Optional) If you're keeping the mark and care about accuracy, use a paler green and stretch it out a bit more horizontally
  11. Oh i know, it's just usually, when i'm using jammer, I'm already within 50m of the objective and it's a small area with short sight lines so even if you see me >50m away, you can't shoot me. Sometimes I'll enter that direction alone anyway so you focus on me and not my team. But yeah, the better co-ordinated the enemy, the harder it gets. When all else fails I just drive in and remote det shit though so... yolo
  12. I know that, I mean, in terms of cars, concs are king. When it comes to people, depends on your throwing skill. It has the smallest blast radius so I don't like to throw it at people, the core of the blast always misses.
  13. *starts poll to use Kemp's characters as bartenders in both faction hangouts*
  14. Oh thank God. You never know on these forums... It's a nice looking car, would use it more as enforcer if it was tougher for real.
  15. I didn't mean use the jammer just to pass the car. and chances are, the jammer is close to the objective so the 50m is more than enough to cover your approach. Also, no guarantee that just because the jammer is on, they're passing the car, i can enter the area from any direction, you just can't see whether or not it was from the radar tower's direction (although, not sure if this is what you mean by faking the jam), so you fight "blind" and if i start shooting, gotta use sound to track me. Sure, it's not easy but it's something. Hmm, a passive mod to automatically jam radar towers seems a little much. Maybe just makes the user alone immune to it. The enemy's radar still works fine, you simply don't show up unless you shoot
  16. Use them on people.... not cars... Concussion grenades are for cars...
  17. Of course it is. You're a strong dude. Go carry 2 more.
  18. Yay! Nay... @neophobia I feel like the trucks and SUVs should all have mounted LMGs... or at least, open the SUV trunk and fire a heavy weapon without needed car surfer. Just a limited firing arc.
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