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  1. OSMAW rockets don’t curve, something tells me you actually haven’t played the game or encountered a OSMAW. It will quite literally travel in a straight line.
  2. Okay; so explain to me this then, if they're bad for all of those and the frags arent nerfed, then why are they more common recently? Surely, with all of those faults why use them over other grenades? Again; my point isn't because of how "almighty" percs are. If you look at whats going on now, with the OCA being nerfed and the NFAS being nerfed and the PMG now being the king of CQC with little to no competitors and is now being called to get a nerfed and is considered OP since everyone's using it now. If Frags got nerfed, Percs or even Concs, would suffer the same fate? Why? Because when something gets nerfed, everyone moves onto the next best thing. This is why you don't see YOLOs as much anymore, because they got nerfed and everyone wanted to use frags more(other then the fact its the starting grenade and everyone has access too it.). Hell, that's probably the reason why there's more percs usage recently because YOLOs got nerfed.
  3. What he fails to understand is that if frags got nerfed, people would just start using the Percs and concs more Or just go back to YOLOs since frags wouldn't have a real advantage over them anymore. Then the process would start over again, Percs have already seen an increased used as of late, so, if Frags got nerfed, then percs would certaintly see even more usage. And i highly doubt anyone would want to see percs become the top used grenades. But if frags were nerfed, they'd also just be restricting new players from accessing other grenade types save for the four that aren't locked by the role with stun nades being locked to LTL role and only to enforcer. If anything we'd probably be making the game even harder for new players, as it'd take them longer to unlock concs and percs, and that might lose a reliable means of pushing someone who's taking cover without getting shredded.
  4. That hitbox is the reason why headshots wouldn't be good, notice how the hitbox is actually just a little bit above the box despite you're model being completely behind it. Most of the snipers rifles; even the worst off ones like the Reaper, Anubis, IRS and DMRs could still easily click that one pixel and it would likely count as a headshot.
  5. Depends on how much time is available; I’d rather just destroy the corpse and get rid of any evidence.
  6. God forbid you're intelligent enough to stay near the objective and not let the enemy touch it and potentially even run with it or move it to a spot thats even harder for you to get it back.
  7. Yes, they’re getting banned. You realize that it’s impossible for anyone to 100% eliminate cheaters? This doesn’t mean the anti-cheat isn’t working, because that logic can be applied to literally every anti-cheat for even letting one cheater get past.
  8. Bet if frags got nerfed, People would go after percs then concs(which where already nerfed) and then stun grenades. Stop hugging corners, learn to move and anticipate and nades won’t be an issue.
  9. But....everyone already does those things; you require skill to make sure you cook the nade long enough that it explodes before they run but not long enough that it'll detonate in flight and fail to reach the target, nades were always meant to counter people using corners as cover, they're meant to force you out of cover or take damage/be killed. There's also skill in making sure those frags land anywhere near the target, you can't just hit G, throw a nade and it'll damage someone. This is why its important to have good reaction time and pay attention to your enemy, as well as listen, grenades make a beeping sound, giving you plenty of time to fall back to avoid them(unless its a perc.) This is especially applies to frags. As for stairs; of all four grenades that can roll(frags, concs, low yields and stuns), that scenario could easily happen with any of them just depending on how quickly you react and how long the nade is cooked; plus the distance the nade might need to travel. YOU can always run from grenades or at least minimize the damage done; most cover can block a grenade's damage as long as its big enough and tall enough to conceal a majority of the player. Also this is the primary reason why paying attention and having game sense is important. As mentioned above; all grenades expect Percs make a beeping noise when being cooked, not only that, as i said before as well, just noticing your enemies' actions can be a even better warning then the beeping noise itself. Throwing a grenade is one of the most predictable actions anyone in the game could ever do. Frags don't need a nerf.
  10. This video really doesn't prove anything. Its just a silver being a silver and dying because of poor reaction time.
  11. How about we don't nerf it and just tweak it a bit??? Like a nerf to its actual range or even a slight TTK increase; you don't gotta gut a weapon to balance it and buff some other lesser weapons while we're at it. I bet if the ATAC did get nerfed, the next weapon would be the Raptors.
  12. Title is click bait, but, i'd really would like to address something; buffing and nerfing, most importantly, the dangers of nerfing weapons without tweaking or bringing other weapons into line. This is one of the primary issues were currently facing, as seen with the PMG now ruling CQC due to the OCA getting nerfed and the NFAS as well. This leaves the weapon with very few viable competitors outside of the only two viable shotguns(JG and CSG) and the Manic when it comes to CQC. I'm fine with things getting nerfed, especially if they're something that is truly broken and OP, such as the Yukon before it had its rate of fire fixed, but, things start becoming a problem when other weapons; especially the dogshit and generally bad ones, still remain not even touched to try and at least make them decent enough to make them viable picks among the meta weapons. I'm talking about the Norsemens, The Revelation Pack Weapons, The SBSRS, Harbringer, COBR-A, The Artemis, Shredder, The frenzy and rabid. These weapons all have the potential to be good enough, but all in their current state? They really aren't the best tools to pick, why use any of them when theres at least two or three other weapons that do their job better? For fun? Even then, it might just be frustrating to put them to effective use when you could just switch to the Obeya or NTEC. Now, all of these weapons might not really need a buff per say to bring them in line, The Frenzy and Rabid are two examples, the most they need is a tweak to their recoil and they're good to go. The Frenzy especially, as the weapon is at most, is just a shittier NTEC. The Oblivion could use maybe a increase in Rate of Fire? A slight one? Also, Why is does the Coroner have 30m less range then the IRS? They're the same guns to every stat expect that, that kind of needs to be fixed and also; Why don't either of them have a free trial? Give them one, LO, if they're going to remain in the bad state they're in at least give unknowing souls the ability to see that before they actually waste like $15 or $20 and regret it.
  13. I honestly think there's two types of tryhards; You got the ones that do indeed try their best to win, relying on their skills and tactics plus assuming they're with others, communication with teammates to ensure they win. They learn the game, learn the weapons and react accordingly to the opponents' own weapons and tactics to win. They can be frustrating to play against but are also a good way to test your mettle and even improve your own skills in the game, sometimes you can learn one or two things from playing against them. Then there's the other type that is tryhard in every sense of the word; they try their best to win just like the group i mentioned above, but instead, they exploit everything they can, including glitches and cheats. They're the people who run in a premade with a pioneer with one or two guys running the repair tool and a volcano ontop car surfering. They're not he fun ones
  14. Strife would lose of its a direct 1v1 and they don’t take cover, a good corner pop with a strife would beat the FBW.
  15. Well, looking at it, its obviously based off of the Browning Hi-Power and the M1911(which is obviously already in the game as the Colby.45) and knowing Joker, as seen with the CR-5 and TAS, they have a tendency to copycat other arms manufacturer's weapons. So, if anything, its justifiable that this pistol is supposed to be another one of Joker's of attempts at taking their rival's customers. One could easily argue that in-lore that the Colby .45 is a fairly popular weapon just like the actual M1911 is today. So Joker would have a good reason to make some sort of copy of it.
  16. That’s why buff those mentioned weapons lmao. so they can be decent enough.
  17. He didn't even insult you. Again, PMG doesn't need to be nerfed, other weapons need to be buff so they it has things to rival it. This whole PMG OP thing became an issue in the first place because another weapon was nerfed; The OCA and the NFAS.
  18. They aren't, there's a reason why people censor them when posting the codes.
  19. They can't be gifted but if you really wanted to you simply could give someone else the could.
  20. It doesn't need to be nerfed, other weapons need to be buffed. Only reason you think its OP is because its the most used SMG right now because literally every other SMG is worst in comparison and offer no advantages over the PMG. It's like an animal when you take away its predators'; it flourishes because theres nothing that can compete against it save for the Manic and the Shotguns. This is what happens when you just nerf shit and not buff anything; honestly, nerfing should only be used for the most broken of things, like the Yukon's rate of fire was. Lets buff the norsemen and the curse instead of just nerfing more weapons.
  21. Are you high, drunk or both?
  22. The Yukon was nerfed on PC. Console is still broken. If you think the Yukon needs another nerf, then i don't know what to tell you other then you needing to take a look at how you play and improve.
  23. Yeah but unless youre in the open and there isnt even a single car around, just dip in cover for like 2 or 3 seconds and you've fucked up the Bullshark assuming you dont keep trying to peek it, cuz they either have to keep firing or reload. But...this doesn't explain why people think the HAMMER is broken.
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