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  1. I miss the times when world events (ram raiding, mugging, boosting cars) was part of the main game. When crims were excellent drivers and practiced escape routes. When enforcers patrolled the streets to witness criminal activity and read the map to set up forward road blocks to stop crims from escaping. When the game had a distinct cops vs robbers feeling. Gone in 60 seconds. Fast n the furious. I also miss when you could buy premium time (or action district time as it was called) for in-game APB$. When there was no customization limits even if you didn't have premium (or action district) time. Today this game is mostly just a shooter on an old engine.... Edit: And i honestly don't think many of the newer mods - such as car surfing with rocket launchers or remote detonator spam - actually added to the game. They made the game worse (and also made a big unnecessary gap between people that had them and people that not yet had them)
  2. World of warcraft was also subscription based. You payed 10$ per month and *still* had to grind to get stuff. APB is free to play, but instead you can pay real world money to get cosmetic items and weapons. If you invest 10$ per month then you don't need to grind 6 weeks to get a new weapon. that it *also* offer people a chance to earn permanent weapons for free just by playing the game is a good thing. It will vastly reduce the perception that the game might be Pay to Win (that some new player might feel when they see veteran players with 3 slotted weapons and level 3 character mods).
  3. I rather they make world events (as in crims ram raiding, mugging and boosting cars while always having an escape car nearby and several practiced escape routes while enforcers patrolling the street to witness criminals and setting up road forward blocks to catch them from escaping) part of the main game again. World events used to be one of the major triggers to get a mission started. This game used to be a lot more "cops vs robbers" and have a distinct "gone in 60 seconds" or "fast n the furious"-feeling over it. Now days world events only take place on empty gold districts while mission districts is just that, missions. Like any other shooter game out there (but on an old engine) the whole "cops n robbers" feeling is not really there anymore. I miss that. I still try to do the 15 JT daily mission to steal 8 random cars, steal 5 taxi/security van/truck, get a 2.500 stash of dirty money or run over 100 innocent citizens (but I don't really like that last one).
  4. ehh. I don't think out of mission griefing add to the game. and i don't think it will be missed if we can no longer do it. but i am also not bothered with it. I just mentioned it as one of the mechanics what will change. not that the game will be unplayable without it or anything. lol Yeah, I guess it can also suck you into an existing instance (based on location of most participants in the mission).
  5. Phasing been around for years now. Think World of Warcraft. So you will probably roam around in Financial or Waterfront, seeing other players, ram raiding and stealing cars, witnessing criminals committing crime, talking to your contacts, griefing out of mission players at the gazstation, spontaneous racing etc - just like today. Just that when you get into a mission other players will probably just fade away out of vision and it will only be you, your team, the opposing team and a district full of NPCs, vehicles and objectives. I think the only major mechanic that will change is the bounty system (as if you are 5 starts while in mission only your team and the opposing team will see you). I love hunting prestige 5 players even if they currently are in mission And of course out of mission "ghosting" and out of mission "griefing" will also no longer be a "thing" (but this is good).
  6. This. If you know that you are not a very good high threat gold player then most of the players that been here for years will seem to be cheating (just because they play much better than you). You fire full auto and they never seem to die while they seem to kill you from miles away with just a few bullets (but this mostly just comes down to bullet control and aiming - as well as forcing the fight into the comfort zone of the weapon you are using and out of the comfort zone of your opponents current weapon). I often get hack accused as well, just for having good situational and map awareness. Most people don't think about the sound they make as they run over empty boxes or the sound they make as they climb a stairs or opening doors. If I hear you trip over a trashcan in the vicinity I know where the trashcan is located and I know how long I need to precook my nade to hit you right as you round the corner. NPCs don't start running in fear by themselves, they only do that when they get spooked by someone coming at them with a weapon (so if I see a NPC running pass a corner I will pretty much know there is a high chance that also a player is coming from that direction). If you don't think about the way the sun is shining I will see your shadow as you hide behind a corner. If you don't think about which direction your in-game character is facing while hiding behind a corner I might see the tip of your rifle clipping through the wall. I often prenade locations where I would like to hide while waiting for attackers to rush the objective even if I don't know for sure if there will be anyone there or not. The mini map show when you are driving a car. Park to close and I know you will be coming. The mini map also show when you fire a bullet. Some people fire their guns for no reason after spawning, big mistake. If whole my team is east of the objective as we wipe your team then I know you only have spawn points to the west (because this is how the spawn system work). I often check what weapons my team and my opponents are using and what the actual object and objective location is, I also know by heart what the next mission objective will be - and I often use this to switch to a weapon best suited for the situation. If I am waiting to spawn and see that all my spawn points are north of the objective then I know that opponents will currently spawn south of the objective, So I let my team know. If I recently killed someone but then died myself and while spawning see 1-2 spawn points not being available then I know at least one of the opponents spawned close to it and I can often select a spawn point next to it and directly get a clear line of fire. Spotter is the most imba character mod while playing with a coordinated team. etc etc etc.......... There are so much detail that inexperienced players have not learned yet. That comes with in-game experience and play time. Playing with and against better players, observing them, asking for hints on how to improve - are both great way of improving. Accusing them of cheating, is not. You need to accept that there might be players that out-played you (or got lucky). It does not automatically mean that they are cheating (I have personally not seen a single cheater for weeks.....´)
  7. I like it. Place have more emphasis on really short ranges and really long ranges at the same time. While in financial N TEC-5 rules pretty much all missions. But yes, if you are mostly a N TEC-5 guy then Financial is probably the "better" map. And for anecdotal statistics,.. on Citadel both maps often have 40/40 high threat districts. Both having elite premade clan groups with R255 gold players that don't care about in-game character progression. Sometimes more players in Financial. Sometimes more players in Waterfront. They both look to be about equally popular if you ask me.
  8. That would be a technical matchmaking discussion on the original RTW forums back in 2010 or so..... There is a much bigger difference between high gold and low gold than a low gold and a high silver. The first two gold you were matched against were probably very very skilled (and either you or your partner or both of you are close to silver). In the second match-up you probably got a silver player that is about to become gold and the two you faced where probably close to silver.
  9. You are maybe thinking about the 30 visible threat levels we had back during RTW times...? But no, behind the scenes (in the code) it used to be 300 threat levels. This was then split into 30 "visible" levels client side (bronze 1-10, silver 1-10 and gold 1-10) which was then, later, changed into just 4 visible levels (green, bronze, silver and gold) but behind the scenes, in the code, it have always been 300 unique internal threat levels that matchmaker used to gauge individual skill level (unless I remember incorrectly and unless it changed recent years).
  10. Because it is 3 vs 3....? Matchmaker value numbers quite high and player skill quite low. In my opinion 2 medium threat silvers is "worth" roughly as much as 1 medium threat gold That for example a match-up with 1 gold and 2 silver vs 2 gold would be a "fair". Matchmaker disagrees and would give the 2 gold backup (not really needed!) IIRC there are still 300 unique threat levels (behind the scenes, that matchmaker is utilizing)
  11. That is why I don't think only a carrot will work. You also need to reduce / remove the incentive of doing the wrong thing (in this case dethrating). Remember back when we had 30 threat levels? Elite gold players desperately tried to get to gold-10 and resorted to all kinds of silly tactics to get there (out of mission ghosting, 3rd party software cheating etc....) It was horrible. This was part why G1 decided to change the visibility of your hidden threat rating. Today we don't really see this behavior anymore. Success. My point being that reaching gold-10 was sort of a "carrot" and it appealed to a big chunk of the elite gold veteran community. You just need to design the "carrot" correctly (the best "carrot" is to make the game more "fun"... preferable by always giving you close match-ups that are challenging to your character rating, in-game equipment, FPS and true skill level but not overpowering and can go either way at any time). If you prevent golds from joining missions with vastly lesser skilled players in a F2P game like APB:R then you always have the risk of someone (like OP) creating a smurf account. With the current system you can stay in the bronze district and get matched against players in the district for a whole day even if you went gold many hours ago. But if you are also prevent people from joining missions with vastly lesser skilled players (by disabling the mission ready feature or by mechanically prevent matchmaking against vastly less skilled players by using phasing or some other method) much of the incentive to dethreat will be removed. It will just take maybe 3-10 missions for a stomper on a new account until he or she no longer will be matched up against vastly lesser skilled players and have to leave for the higher threat district.
  12. In game character rank have little or nothing to do with player skill. An elite gold player that have a R10 character will win 10 times out of 10 against a bronze skill player that have a R255 character and every legendary and ARMAS weapon. Ban dethreaters? Yes. They destroy the regrowth of the game more than cheaters. A bronze beginner matched against a gold player in disguise will 100% think the gold player is cheating (even if 100% legit). Due to player skill difference alone. He will leave the game. Tell everyone to not start playing APB. Fuel the rumor that APB is riddled with cheaters. Dethreaters hurt the game more than cheaters. Dethreating need to be punished. Hard. Disable dethreat? Threat behind the curtains is a zero sum sliding scale (IIRC it have 300 unique levels in a normal distribution bell curve). If you ever only gained threat then everyone would eventually end up with very high threat. Would not work. What they could do, however, and i suggested this else where in this very thread, is to make it harder and more time consuming to dethrat and once you become gold in silver district they disable the ready button so you can't continue playing there for hours at end. Also reward players for playing with gold threat. Perhaps some bonus EXP and APB$ (but bored players with maxed out characters doesn't really need either of them). Perhaps grant 1 bonus JT for each mission you win while being a gold player. Whip as well as Carrot. Give people a reason to stay gold. Make it easy to do the right thing. Remove reasons to dethreat. Make it hard to do the wrong thing. Merged. Silver district is currently the High threat district where all elite gold players are. A new player should exclusively play in the green (which is the low threat district) or bronze (which is the medium threat district) district. LO should also: EITHER Rename Green district to Low threat (and make it default to green and bronze players) Rename Bronze district to Medium threat (and make it default to silver players) Rename Silver district to High threat (and make it default to gold players) Delete gold district OR Delete green district. Limit silver players to silver (and gold) district. Limit gold players to gold district.
  13. The issue is two fold. One is that bronze players by default join the medium threat district rather than manually selecting the low threat district (my suggestion you quoted adress this) The second issue are dethreaters. This is where "banishing dethreaters", the "carrot on the stick" and the "whip" comes in as I posted on at page 2: They will change with the right incitements and the correct punishments. And if district population become an issue (it really isn't in Europe where I play) then they should go down to two districts instead of three: * Current Green District = Delete * Current Bronze District = Rename to Low Threat (open for Green and Bronze players) * Current Silver District = Rename to High Threat (only district where silver and gold players are allowed to play) * Current Gold District = Delete (this is similar to how it is today with the difference that silver and lower gold players would not be allowed to play in the low threat district) We tried this (Open Conflict Districts, remember?). The conclusion was that it was TERRIBLE(!) 4 players were "worth" 4 players no matter the skill. 3 elite gold players could be matched against 4 bronze and 3 elite gold players had option to call for backup (not needed!) What they should do is quite the opposite. In reality 2 medium silver players is "worth" about 1 medium gold player (1 gold and 2 silver vs 2 gold is a "fair" and quite fun matchup for both parties) But currently matchmaker value numbers higher than skill. In-game right now 1 silver player and 1 bronze player is "worth" less than 1 gold player and the solo gold player have the option to call for backup (not needed!)
  14. Currently it look like this: * Current Green District = Empty (because unlike gold players, beginners don't know how to manually select it) * Current Bronze District = "Low Threat District" (default for green and bronze players, but silver and gold dethraters may manually select it) * Current Silver District = "High Threat District" (default for silver, but gold may manually select it) * Current Gold District = Empty Fix: * Current Green District = Rename to "Low Threat" (make it default for current bronze players) * Current Bronze District = Rename to "Medium Threat" (make it default for current silver players) * Current Silver District = Rename to "High Threat"(make it default for current gold players) * Current Gold District = Delete OR * Current Green District = Delete * Current Bronze District = Prevent silver players from joining * Current Silver District = Prevent gold players from joining * Current Gold District = Only mission district for gold players
  15. GREEN is the beginner / low threat district where you find beginners and bronze players. Bronze is the MEDIUM threat district where high bronze, mostly silvers and the occasional low golds fight it out. Silver is the high threat district where you can find all elite gold clan players, regular gold players and some high silvers. (Gold is almost always empty - it is only used for racing, ram raiding and pre-arranged match-ups) Agreed. Dethreating should be a banishable offense. It hurt the game more than cheaters. To be fair, you are a gold player in a bronze district. Adding to the problem. SPCT at that. Agreed. But it is not too late to change. Just because its been this way for a long time does not make it right. To be fair, there are a lot of random low to medium silver threat PuG players (even with hundreds of hours or high ranked in-game characters) that are simply not ready to fight teamed up elite gold players that coordinate with voip. They need to rename the districts and change default districts to make it more obvious for new players where they should play: * Current Green District = Rename to "Low Threat" (make it default for current bronze players) * Current Bronze District = Rename to "Medium Threat" (make it default for current silver players) * Current Silver District = Rename to "High Threat"(make it default for current gold players) * Current Gold District = Delete OR * Current Green District = Delete * Current Bronze District = Prevent silver from joining * Current Silver District = Prevent gold players from joining * Current Gold District = Only mission district for gold players (the effect is identical, it is only the wrapping that changed) To discourage dethreating they should use a mix of carrot on a stick and whip. Carrot on a stick: Perhaps consider giving gold players some sort of advantage, such as faster XP and APB$ per mission or maybe 1 JT per mission or whatever. Whip: At the very least make it harder / more time consuming to dethreat and disable "ready" ("K") if you become gold in medium threat district or if you become silver in a low threat district.
  16. Go to ARMAS and preview it (for free) for 30 minutes (or 2 hours if you are premium user). That way you can find out for yourself if the weapon fit your way of playing or not. Why not? Reason for Mobility Sling is to move faster while you are aiming down the sights. Reason for Reflex Sight 1 is to get bigger field which make it easier to aim down sights during close encounters.
  17. Phrasing it like that could sound like a challenge to some groups that are into things like that... Just sayin
  18. I for one think this is a great idea. Glad to see some in-game events Devs: "Here fun event and free stuff - join if you like" Forum: "Fuck you!"
  19. People played Counterstrike back when it was a free mod to Half Life. Without any persistent information. No achievements. No loot boxes. No skins. No persistent leader boards. No content releases. People still played the same map over and over and over. Why? Because it was competitive. When map reloaded everyone started out with a pistol and a knife. You played the game because it was fun. It was challenging. And there was always someone better than you. You, as a player, could always improve and become better at the game. Since it was a player skill progression game it worked. Then you have World of Warcraft (or shooter looter games such as Destiny or The Division). Persistent world. Full of achievements and boxes to loot. Plenty of skins. In game character experience. Raids. PvE content. Constant content releases with more and more powerful items and equipment. Your in-game character, not you as a player, could always improve and find better items or gain more experience. Addictive in its own way, perhaps even more so than a game that is "just" fun and/or challenging. This is an in-game character progression game. APB:Reloaded is the first type (but with some minor elements of the second). The game will become better if you improve the competitive features of the game. The game will not really become better by adding a weapon that is far better than all other weapons (in reality that will give players less choice, not more). The game will not really become better by adding a vehicle that is far better than all other vehicles (in reality this will also give players less choice, not more - and this is precisely what Pioneer and Vegas 4x4 did to the game). Weapons should not be equal. They they should be balanced. Big difference. Weapons should have Advantages and Disadvantages. Pros and Cons. Powers and Weaknesses. Same with vehicles. They should not be equal, but they should be balanced. Vehicles should have Advantages and Disadvantages. Pros and Cons. Powers and Weaknesses. Sure I can understand that you want to keep your Vegas 4x4 all mighty and powerful (I do too). You (we both) worked hard for it and all. But currently Vegas 4x4 and Pioneer are not balanced (I think we all can agree on that). They have all the advantages and not enough disadvantages (again a lot of people can agree to this). Too many pros, not enough cons. They are overpowered. This is actually hurting the game as a whole. Their existence are not improving the game. The game as a whole would be more fun and more interesting if they had apparent weakness so that other vehicles could have some obvious powers that they didn't have. A while back we had a weapon called VAS-C2 'Trouble Maker'. At the time of introduction it was the Vegas 4x4 of weapons. It hurt the game as a whole. Eventually G1 decided to listen to the player-base and they gave it weaknesses. Looking back this was a very good move and it made the game better as a whole. It is still a competitive weapon in the hands of a competent user, but at least it is not clearly better than anything else on the market. Making it more balanced was a Good Thing(tm) for the game as a whole.
  20. Just because something been in a certain way for some time does not automatically mean it is correct or that it cannot be improved upon.... Please stop assuming things about who I am or how I play the game. For all you know I might or might not be driving around in my Vegas 4x4, abusing car bombs, car surfing with OSMAW and wtfpawn people with my ARMAS weapons just like many other veteran players that played the game since it came out back in 2010. Having said that, I honestly think the game as a whole would be better if there was no car bombs, no mobile car spawns, no car surfing, no Vegas 4x4, no Pioneer (or at least that Vegas 4x4 and Pioneer were given weaknesses so that other vehicles may challenge them in some way). At least G1 didn't introduce so many pure P2W weapons as 4Game/Innova did over at the Russian server. That was really bad..... Eh... I am not trying to get you removed from the forum (why would I). I just want you to stop and think for a second before you start to flame people around you. Let me refresh your memory. All the following quotes are you trying to insulting me (and I just picked them from your most recent replies in this very topic)
  21. 1. Seiyo Espacio is better designed for providing cover while spending time on an objective (like breaking up an exposed door). Enforcers often get objects that are "pick up" an item or a car where parking a van in the way to provide cover make less sense. 2. Seiyo Espacio also have faster reverse acceleration from stationary (which might be useful now and then). Besides this I agree with you that Pioneer is the stronger of the two (i would use my Pioneer a lot more if it wasn't for the fact I like driving in this game but in this aspect Pioneer is very boring).
  22. You are welcome. It is actually quite common that people don't realize that in a player skill progression game like APB:Reloaded it is important that rewards (if any) to skilled players should come in other forms than giving them access to pure upgrades (such Vegas 4x4 in its current incarnation). From what you typed in previous posts I assumed that you were one of them. Seem as if I were mistaken. I type very quick (while not looking at the keyboard). As a result my posts tend to be quite lengthy (but most people still more often than not find them to be both correct and informative). I am sorry, but I don't fully understand where you are going with your reply here (especially since you just agreed with me). You are of course free to agree or disagree with any post, and no matter the length of the post. (at least as long as you have valid arguments on the topic) This was totally uncalled for. Please stop doing this.
  23. See. that is what he does. All the time. I never seen a single post that is actually on topic or that make any sense. They are *all* either pure troll bait or heavily "lost in translation". Every single one. I normally never ignore people and I normally love a lengthy discussion, but reading and replying to this forum became so much easier after I choose to ignore him. Best decision ever.
  24. I am thinking of the mission district trial where match making was turned off. 1 player was worth 1 player. No threat. Team of 3 of the best players on the server would have option to call backup against 4 bronze because 4 players is more than 3 players. Thought it was called Chaos District, but maybe they called it something else. (The name if the actual district is not really important though)
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