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  1. For someone who bought it, I agree. And I bought the Fang because I got tired of being outgunned by it....
  2. Another quality Pair of socks thread I do agree on the tryhards though. a purge needs to happen But still...added to the pile.
  3. I'll be quick. 1. Bring back cars. If vets don't like running and have their shift key hammered down to the point that your finger hurts, don't expect new players to like it. 2. Spawn system needs a rework. Spawning 5 blocks away with no cars and getting slowly killed by the gas is annoying at best. 3. Make sure the rewards don't suck. Nobody is going to play RIOT for titles and skins. The rewards better be worth this mess. Also as with everyone before me said. Engine Upgrade is the TOP priority. It was promised 6 years ago and there is only so much this community can tolerate. Focus on that first, then Matchmaking and Threat and finally RIOT. honestly, I'd just ditch this game mode and focus on racing district or a classic BR mode.... Be very careful about what you do LO. Choose your next move wisely. This community doesn't forget. Ball is in your corner.
  4. Wake up call for LO. Ditch RIOT, nobody wants it. I hyped the game mode to my old friends who quit years ago. When it got released.....it was just me again. All alone... Give us the Engine Upgrade and then focus on Matchmaking and threat, ^ The Holy Trinity of this game.
  5. Guys, don't you get it? It was a free bonus for everyone with the new update. Free content. I don't see any problem here *sarcasm*
  6. Give me this: Would be way more fun that this shit.
  7. They won't do it because they saw how bad it was received by the community. Even Shini quit and distanced himself from this update and he stopped streaming about 2 hours in RIOT.
  8. As with previous posts. They haven't tested this game mode and they have no idea how bad of a decision that was.
  9. At least you made it till the end. My game crashed till I reached that part.....
  11. The only thing they can salvage from this mess is the map changes. Make a traditional BR mode, but I'm sure they are gonna force this shitty mode on us anyway and then nobody is gonna play it on release. Then Matt will make another apology thread that we can add to the pile.
  12. Like I said this mode was not truly tested. After the changes they made I think it proves they have no idea what they are doing. Edit: Watching Shini's stream. Even he says he doesn't enjoy it.
  13. Game crashed when I FINALLY reached the last stage. GG best game mode 2019 hands down.
  14. Because this game mode and its mechanics were not truly tested. I was legit laughing when I spawned 700 meters away from the safe zones only to die constantly because removing cars and forcing me to run at a Usain Bolt speed to try and get to the safe zone before I die was a great idea.
  15. When it comes to APB you AUTOMATICALLY add an extra 4 hours of downtime by default. It's just the way it works. I knew it was gonna happen. Called it.
  16. I love the people bashing new players in this thread. No wonder this game died and we are stuck only with the sweatlords (hence while I try to avoid Missions altogether and just play FC - but its NA so we can't have nice things) All they had to was add a fucking tutorial district that you can't leave till you reach R75, so you could play with other beginners. If you reach gold you can't get back in after the next login. Would allow rookies to play the game at their own pace. They are thrown into the wolves and everyone expects them to learn everything quickly while they are fighting players who have been here for years! But that makes too much sense! As if coding any BASIC FUNCTIONS into this game is like giving alien technology to kindergartners and leaving them to figure it out. IT DOESN'T TAKE MUCH TO FIX PROBLEM! YET IT HASN'T BEEN SOLVED FOR YEARS! HOW HARD IT IS TO REMOVE SOME COLOURED CIRCLES NEXT TO THE DISTRICT NAMES!?! But hey guys don't worry RIOT will fix everything.
  17. Well LO did keep their promise. We got RIOT. It's just not in the game. It's on the forums....
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