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  1. It's rather pathetic though, people being offended because others are insulting themselves
  2. The swastika is illegal in Deutschland (idk why tho), so they need to not be displayed in APB to comply with German law The ISIS flag is perfectly legal tho, OP is just too sensible
  3. Peak virtue signaling, crying over people freely mocking themselves
  4. Improved bloom recovery and faster equip time would be enough to buff the Harbinger
  5. Most tricksters in Vegases end up flipping or hitting walls, so it's still okay
  6. Car surfer means you're an easy target to anyone capable of aiming
  7. At least 10 rounds per event pretty please
  8. Replace field supplier with blowtorch
  9. It was on all the bronze and gold districts
  10. Once every 2 hours would've been nicer, or if it lasted for longer, but it's nice nonetheless
  11. I don't understand the rewards, so we get $$+JTs for each gun level ?
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