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  1. I doubt there are people that generous
  2. Just let us be able to trade Armas weapons, and to avoid players from abusing account bound purchases, make it to work only for R220+ players
  3. Make the ambulance ownable and give it some ramming power
  4. The only non-Armas car worth using is the T-25, every small car is pushed around, and Montane, Fresno or Moirai have no 4 slot option..Anyway, all cars need reworked collision and landing physics...Also, the Varzuga 4x4 should have the highest top speed
  5. Well, a reskin of star would be a nice thing, or maybe some secondary, it's not going to affect sales anyway
  6. https://imgur.com/a/LFLe9Cj[/img] Painted eggs are about the blood that dripped off Jesus onto the eggs basket, thus they are painted red, the bunny is some german folklore that degenerated And please no "other f2p games" arguments, because I can't think of other games where f2p players can only use like 5 different weapons while all the other are either armas or jt store
  7. Yeah but I don't think that the celebrations in-game are related in any way to the reborn of Jesus either
  8. Unless there is some perma gun or 4 slot car as reward, this Easter event is wack
  9. Why do people open up sheety patootie topics about things which have been talked over and over and over again and are also thoroughly explained by r255 bronzies on district chat twice every hour Are you just trying to flex with your Atac ? Because I have a Far Charger AND a Scoped Ntec
  10. Nobody believes that GF bullshoot bud
  11. Can we look at this as a team deathmatch or last man standing rather than battle royale? I got kind of bored of delivery missions over and over again, and at this point, APB can't get any lower really, maybe this Riot thing is not so bad
  12. For a second there, I thought we will get a 3rd new faction that would stomp on both crims and the crooked vigilantes
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