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  1. What even is the point in boring, long, repetitive posts if it's always the same 5 people that will bother replying
  2. GTA V going free is the reason for the pop drop
  3. Matt said it in the Q&A, it's only logical that once the new contacts arrive, the unlock trees would shift, so these new contacts would unlock stuff like the 3-slot Vegas and Fresno, and Birth/Ernst would unlock the 4 slot variants
  4. All 4 slot cars will get released with the new contacts
  5. -Dan-


    RIOT was awful
  6. So? Maybe some people want a Stheno, a .45, a 4x4
  7. Guys, the purpose of this event is to help newcomers and newbs to rack some JT's and be able to purchase some JT guns and maybe boost the already low pop, you want anarchy or new missions but if LO was to do it, then there'd be complaints about poor matchmaking or something
  8. Well, achievements give no reward, and having APB of all games on 100% achievement completion on Steam is not something to be proud of or be happy to show off
  9. Why ? What's the difference between APB and, for example, CSGO's achievements ?
  10. Best fix for Atac is to increase its ttk and keep it accurate and long range as it is now, any changes to its accuracy/bloom will render it useless, and this way it won't be a FAR reskin
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