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  1. This abomination is 6 years old, what company did this most likely went under and the people behind it are untraceable In no way is it worth sueing, especially if the makers are russian or something It wouldn't be worth it even for Ubisoft
  2. Matt would waste more money trying to find whoever made this than he could ever get out of a lawsuit
  3. -Dan-

    Season contacts

    You should know better than doing suggestion threads, LO won't do anything other than struggling with the Engine Upgrade
  4. Uhhh, isn't the gender items lock just a simple "if" function ? Or where did you get that info?
  5. If you feel angry or frustrated, just look at this
  6. I don't remember watching twitch to try and bust a nut
  7. Ah yes, twitch didn't exist before this giveaway, I forgot You do make a fair point
  8. Why would people waste time watching others play rather than playing themselves
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