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  1. Camp by the last eco toilet and wait for skrubs to come plant it, ez kills
  2. Remove weapons and the option to sprint, whoever gets to the van first wins
  3. So you upgraded your pc and got better performance I use win7 cracked and I only have 60+ fps
  4. Yeah, you're no techie, just a casual thinking that the internet is a crack hooker and upgrading to win 10 protects you
  5. Every time someone does bad, a russian starts talking smack on /d or /w If not region locking, at least district locking russians that were toxic would be a good start
  6. Why not implement them on Citadel instead? We could use some extra stuff really
  7. Unless they have some spectating option, I don't know how can a GM ban someone for dt'ing
  8. GM responded rather quickly when someone reported me for blocking a parking lot with the dumptruck
  9. Out of all the weapons, ALL OF THEM, you pick Atac and Hvr ?? What was the thought process behind it ? Why no love for lmg's ? Or any secondary ?
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