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Mentioning cheaters is now censored.

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SyllyBear what happened to your main forum account? Lol get your just deserts

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12 minutes ago, Kimotsi said:

Aaah Americans.

What?! You dare to say that IN MY GAME is played by this damn immigrants from Europe, Middle East, Russia and South America? HOW DARE THEY?! THEY SHOULD OBEY OUR LAW!



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7 hours ago, MattScott said:



There are announcements coming. New systems coming. Optimizations to existing systems happening. But before we start accusing LO of protecting cheaters or some other subversive agenda, let’s consider an alternate possibility - we’re just not very good at this yet. It’s new for us. Many of the things we thought would work, have only been partially successful. We have a dozen work streams

to manage - all of them are critical. And we have limited resources. 


My promise is that we will get better.


Hold us to that statement.


Good post. 

I know some of these clowns live by the patch cycles... they turn it off the moment they fear there's an update on the horizon that would catch their current software and then they wait to see for their software to be updated.

Despite people badly wanting to hear news (myself included) regarding what you will do with the current situation, consider not to announce anything regarding new anti-cheat measures or BE changes, until after the fact :)) 

gl with the work.

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6 hours ago, SyllyBear said:

About mods they could simply [REDACTED] the pic and say they are contacting a gm or anything to get that shit out of the game... but deleting the whole thread and warn me was the best option and cheater enjoy himself.

consider this - mods were not hired to photoshop pictures that violate the terms.

and - you could've just done that yourself instead of violated the rules of this forum.


(or spent the time learning proper english :^) )

9 hours ago, Speedz said:

Making APB P2P is not an option at this point. No one will pay those 5 bucks if they look at the steam reviews

tbf, the recent ones were more positive.

11 hours ago, SyllyBear said:

Funny how they bring some copyright bullshoot or feminist bullshoot and they indeed make it work on the internet. It seems that some interests people do care.


Anyways, plenty of people mentioned that you cant post certain stuff because certain law restrictions, but when it comes to freedom of speech it seems like null. What hypocricy.

No private anything should be above governments law. I do not bring a person to my house and i am able to murder him because i am in a private space out of the law reach. Thats simply ridiculous.

sorry to tell you, but this is not something lo made up. there are laws you have to comply with whereas there are laws only the state has to comply with. do you understand that while state authorities might arrest you, you can't just do that? laws have different scopes and fields of applications. your dear first amendment just doesn't apply to non-state-owned companies. and they don't need to comply with it to be allowed to conduct their business. whereas e.g. nazi propaganda etc might lead to a ban in germany. noone here has to care about your first amendment that you only use to whine.

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@MattScott has only been one thing to APB and that is honest. so when he states that cheating is their top issue and that they despise it as much as we do... then we should believe that statement.


they are trying to ensure bans are done properly. and that process takes a lot of time. if you have ever been wrongfully banned before, you know what i am talking about.


all the while we play that game and face the cheaters, getting ever more "tired" of the situation until there is a venting... because we feel nothing is happening to remove them from the game. we have to take solace in what info Matt is providing us as there really is no other way to resolve the issue.


it's closing in the holidays... and maybe it's a time of year for us to come together as a player base that cares about this game and wants it to continue... drop the "git gud" and what not hate statements... and just try to support each other? it's really hard to do because it's so easy to revert to emotional response when you are emotionally evoked. but in the end, this is a game. and it should provide fun and not be a dark spot in your life.


do what you can to at least provide documentation for LO to pursue these people. be happy that we are at least all together in this and let's see what comes of this issue in a few weeks time.


seem reasonable?

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Do you people forget why the name and shame rule exists?


It is not to stop people from shaming cheaters, it is there to stop witch hunts and shaming innocent people. Sure it is not perfect but I would much rather have it this way than someone's reputation being thrown away at poor word of mouth because some people can't function properly.

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16 hours ago, AngelaWhitefront said:

The horribele part is - it's true!!! I've recorded speedhackers in the first few games I've played!


It's true!!! Why would you get censored? Are they in on it? Watch this post never be shown, because of 'vollunteers'. I'll screencap it now though.



Most speedhackers were able to speedhack off of one exploit that was found, then patched once LO came in. As far as I know, it's impossible to speedhack now.


17 hours ago, -KC- said:

No action what so ever in-game. When fair-playing, paying customers bring the issue to your forums they get harassed, the topic is moved trying to hide it and eventually blocked.


You want to censor good people, for whatever reason. Fair playing and paying customers touching on the cheater subject while even mentioning their First Amendment right to the United States Constitution to do so, our freedom to address this unfair and cheating weirdness, get trampled on. This is un-American. This is horrible, Because you decide it is against your policey to talk about cheating in your game on your public forum, all of this is going to appear on game reviewing sites now. This is going on any battleye forums for people to see.


Censoring the good people. What are you thinking.

Every player who says shit like this is somehow silver in 2018, and cant minttk with ntec/oca/pmg, so they resort to using meme guns, and then get upset when someone who uses a much better weapon with way better aim just absolutely destroys them. People are better than you, people are allowed to be better than you. You can't expect to play a competitive team-based shooter and not get stomped by a select dozen players, while destroying everyone else.


Short answer: Get good. Learn from the sweaty players, don't be toxic, admit that they outplayed you, admit you're worse than others, and move on. If you keep blaming it on "cheating" and "hacking," you'll be blinded by your own ignorance, and never be good at apb.

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Cleaned up some random bits of spam and irrelevant comments.

I feel as if this thread reached a conclusion.




Refer to Matt's post.


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