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maybe it's just me, but generally seems like there's more 'info' flowing.


feels like it's time for a communicative update of some sort.


(+2 for the use of the word 'communicative')

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We usually get updates every 30 days or so (sometimes a bit longer).

Last update was June 21st.

You can read it here:


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there was a quick Q&A on the "unofficial official" apb discord the other day, here's a bunch of screenshots because im too lazy to actually transcribe it































































































tried to keep things separated by topic

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9 hours ago, Glaciers said:

there was a quick Q&A on the "unofficial official" apb discord the other day, here's a bunch of screenshots because im too lazy to actually transcribe it.


tried to keep things separated by topic

Transcribed the  generally relevant info quickly. Copy paste is friend.



MattScottLast Saturday at 3:13 AM
Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've had time to check in, so I figured I would stop by and address a couple questions floating around on the forums.


obsessLast Saturday at 3:14 AM
what the fucks up with riot

MattScottLast Saturday at 3:15 AM
@obsess Lol. I see this on the forums, which can be a bit of an echo chamber for a very small part of the community. I fully understand that many players are not into RIOT. We aren't investing a lot of time into it. But our stats show that RIOT is 1.5x more popular than Fight Club. So there are players engaging the mode (for whatever reason).

We have significantly scaled back plans for RIOT right now. All of the major content that was planned is being moved into new Contacts that will launch with the Engine Upgrade.


SeedyLast Saturday at 3:16 AM
i was on Riot last night.. could nto get a game.. Im playing on EU server5s

MattScottLast Saturday at 3:17 AM
@Seedy We have a bug that was identified over the last couple days that is affecting the startup of matches. Some players are sitting in the lobby and do not get put into the match.


obsessLast Saturday at 3:17 AM
so new contacts are bundled with engine upgrade now?


MattScottLast Saturday at 3:17 AM
@obsess Yes. I was going to launch them sooner, but we're close enough to the Engine Upgrade now that I feel comfortable holding them back.


SkittyLast Saturday at 3:18 AM
Any upcoming plans Matt?

MattScottLast Saturday at 3:19 AM
@Skitty You know there are. 😃 I'm going to save those for a post on the forum soon.


AceLast Saturday at 3:19 AM
I have a question - do you have any plans to add any more non-themed primitive symbols to the designer, for more general use? It'd be so useful to have a broader set of shapes to work with, for example curved gradients, variously shaped smoke symbols etc

MattScottLast Saturday at 3:21 AM
@Ace That's a great question. We are definitely up for adding primitives. They are extremely easy for the team to work with. However, we have prioritized other forms of content in order to get more experience adding more difficult kinds of content. For instance, we have new clothing going in with the new Contacts, and the art team has spent the last month deciphering how to get clothing made properly.

I am a little wary of giving dates right now, so I am avoiding any sort of time frame on the Engine Upgrade. Instead I am trying to share the actual tasks that need to be completed, so players can track progress. I can say that I have shared internal dates for a public test on OTW with the SPCT. We are working hard to get there.


Explosion #GibYourDirtyBombStuffLast Saturday at 3:23 AM
I don't know if you're able to answer this matt, but when you guys acquired gamers first  did that come with any old design documents from real time worlds? because we know of a lot of the plans they had for the game back in the day. Along with this is there anything left of apb vendetta or was all of that deleted?

MattScottLast Saturday at 3:24 AM
@Explosion #GibYourDirtyBombStuff  We got all about 90% of everything.. source art, design docs, things that weren't implemented yet, etc.

Vendetta was nothing more than a movie demo.
No code.
That's not a slam on Reloaded. It was a Kickstarter that never got off the ground. They built a bunch of mockups in Unreal for what they wanted, but it never got past that.


Explosion #GibYourDirtyBombStuffLast Saturday at 3:26 AM
ah ok fair, also is there any chance of seeing some of the old concept art that was left lying around? I have a collection of old apb stuff because so much of the concept art has this light cyberpunk vibe that i love


MattScottLast Saturday at 3:26 AM
The map for Vendetta was all smoke and mirrors cobbled together from parking garage elements they created. Nothing terribly usable. Sort of like the infamous Hotel map. There is work there, but everything is too tightly cramped to be usable.


obsessLast Saturday at 3:26 AM
since riot is no longer a priority will those devs be working on smaller simple fixes to the base game


MattScottLast Saturday at 3:28 AM
@obsess That's a good topic. The simple answer is yes. We have seen more growth in concurrency over the last 45 days based on simple fixes versus large shiny additions like RIOT. Clearly the idea of the "silver

bullet" that is going to reactivate the community is a flawed approach. Instead we are going back to basics and starting to clean up things alongside the Engine Upgrade.


obsessLast Saturday at 3:29 AM
altho not to be a banana or anything but the "community" on the forums has been pretty clear on that from day 1


MattScottLast Saturday at 3:30 AM
@obsess They certainly were. It's a tricky thing when you buy a company like G1. I have been given advice on all sides since the beginning. "Just do this and players will flock back..". While I have my own ideas and input, sometimes as an executive you're too inexperienced to question the strategies you are handed.

I had my reasons for moving forward with RIOT, which have already been explained. We've been working on 3.5 since Day 1. So it was just a matter of choosing tasks for the rest of the team.

Most players dont understand that fixing mechanics or gameplay in the current engine is a nightmare. It's really a wasted effort.
Which is one of the reasons I chose to chase RIOT. It is largely disconnected from the game in a way that we could make a lot more changes there without breaking things (as much)

obsessLast Saturday at 3:32 AM
another question, whats up with the current server/network provider? they seem to have a lot of issues

i rarely play eu, unless NA is down or unplayable, which is becoming more and more of an issue these days


MattScottLast Saturday at 3:35 AM
@obsess Another good question. We use the same provider for both Citadel and Jericho. However that provider just rents rackspace in larger ISPs around the world. This means the setup between the two locations is different and subject to other outside forces. For some reason the Jericho location has more game publishers, and some of them have seen an increase in DDoS attacks (just like us).

For the record, we havent seen any DDoS attacks get through in the last 48-72 hours. We did see outages related to other issues. One was our mistake.

My hope is that Jericho will stabilize over the coming weeks and players will see the effort.


obsessLast Saturday at 3:40 AM
another question
i realize giving out anticheat specifics is bad for security, but is the server side component of EAC similar to FairFight's statistical analysis tool? imo the combination of a heuristic serverside anticheat and a client side detection based anticheat is the best way to go


MattScottLast Saturday at 3:40 AM
@obsess With respect to cheating, we had a significant ban wave at the beginning of the week. You can see some of the disruption if you check the Russian cheat sites. We are also inspecting several other cheats right now. Those players will get banned in the coming weeks. It's important to recognize that these things take time. My goal is to detect the cheat and block it, but also collect enough information that we can catch all of the players and their alt accounts that were using it over a couple week period.

I recognize our policy of not broadcasting cheats is frustrating. I stand by that decision. Again, I hope that over the coming weeks we can show a difference to the players. Admittedly, EAC did not get off to a great start. We got everything integrated, and then Kamu (the entire company) went on vacation for 2 weeks, while we sat there with no tools. That has been corrected, and everything is working great now. In fact there were a lot of retroactive bans this week.


bobbysackLast Saturday at 3:41 AM
Matt Scott do y’all care about console ?


MattScottLast Saturday at 3:44 AM
@bobbysack We do care about consoles. That has been a very frustrating experience for us. Most players dont realize that Reloaded sold the console publishing rights to Koch / Deep Silver. We have a completed, tested build for XB1 that is sitting on their end waiting for their testing and deployment. PS4 got kicked back with a couple bugs. Those have been fixed and we anticipate resubmitting today.

Here is why console is important: With the Engine Upgrade, all platforms will share the same code. We found lots of benefit in optimizing XB1 that also helped us improve performance on PC.

Machine659 #WeWantEngineUpgradeLast Saturday at 3:46 AM
Guys, The upgrade engine 3.5 does improves graphics or shutter problems

MattScottLast Saturday at 3:47 AM
@Machine659 #WeWantEngineUpgrade SPCT has already gone on record about the stutter problems. Those are all but eliminated in the Engine Upgrade.

AceLast Saturday at 3:46 AM
I have a question relating to the console version - do you get the impression that the console version by DS was half-finished or somehow rushed out at the end owing to lack of motivation or time constraints?


MattScottLast Saturday at 3:48 AM
@Ace The console version was rushed, but perhaps not why you think. Koch hired another dev team to do the port, and that team failed. Reloaded had to step in and clean up the mess with little to no budget.

I can say that XB was/is a mess when it launched.That's not a slam on anyone. It's just a fact. There are lots of unfinished areas that needed to be optimized for any level of decent performance.


obsessLast Saturday at 3:47 AM
since contacts are being held back for a little while, will we get any teasers on content? and how will the new contacts work - iirc they were intended to be mid level contacts - does that mean everyone over say, r195 will automatically max them out?

aseri/asuLast Saturday at 3:48 AM
yeah im extremely curious about the new contacts
feels hella weird for them to be plugged in as a level 10

obsessLast Saturday at 3:48 AM
but throwing in level 255 contacts isnt going to help much, there are still a lot of unmax rank players


MattScottLast Saturday at 3:50 AM
@aseri/asu @obsess I'm in the middle of drafting a large forum post / news blog about the new Contacts. Some information has already been released. But my goal is to walk through everything for the community including where they will fit into the progression, the rewards, and signature items we are introducing into the game that will make these Contacts appealing.


aseri/asuLast Saturday at 3:51 AM
also are we getting new male hairstyles that aren't bad at any point in the future

MattScottLast Saturday at 3:52 AM
@aseri/asu Hair style animations are not on our immediate roadmap. Although I am toying with adding 1 new male and 1 new female hairstyle alongside the Engine Upgrade.

obsessLast Saturday at 3:52 AM
speaking of animations, do you have an animator on staff?
i know thats been a big content roadblock for years


MattScottLast Saturday at 3:53 AM
@obsess We do, and they are digging through the animation pipeline now on some tasks for Contact rewards. From there we can do some QoL animation fixes.

Akorn •I'll RSA a noob•Last Saturday at 3:54 AM
There's so many janky animations that annoy me, I also really hope, the point the gun in the air while full autoing bug gets fixed with 3.5 :haaaaaaah:

MattScottLast Saturday at 3:55 AM
There are a ton of visual bugs in the Engine Upgrade. I admit that I'm not going to be that precious about it. We're going to launch the upgrade as soon as possible.

obsessLast Saturday at 3:56 AM
visuals bugs are fine as long as it performs

MattScottLast Saturday at 3:56 AM
@obsess performs is a fairly broad term. I can say that the Engine Upgrade already performs better at the low end. Meaning LIVE dips down to far worse performance than 3.5. However we're still trailing the high end performance by a bit.

Machine659 #WeWantEngineUpgradeLast Saturday at 3:57 AM
matt, when nerkova players will be merged to citadel


MattScottLast Saturday at 3:57 AM
@Machine659 #WeWantEngineUpgrade That is a great question. The Nekrova situation is a mess. Lots of unhappy players on both sides. Some want the migration yesterday regardless of compensation. Some hate the migration plan because they will be under compensated.

Explosion #GibYourDirtyBombStuffLast Saturday at 3:59 AM
hey matt so hows middtown going :LUL:


MattScottLast Saturday at 4:00 AM
Just so I have said it, Midtown was a prototyping district. While they included it in the lore, 90% of the assets were eventually included into Financial, so there isn't much in the way of anything left.

Personally there are so many things I think we need to focus on, before we add a new district. I can understand the desire to want somewhere new to play, but it would honestly be horrible for the player base.

SeedyLast Saturday at 4:02 AM
i do belive more people will come back when you announce engine upgrade times. I think poeple know the hacker epidemic is pretty much gone and you are doing a good job. Engine upgrade will be good

MattScottLast Saturday at 4:03 AM
@Seedy The focus is to make sure we have the basics covered by the time we start testing the Engine Upgrade. Anti cheat. Anti DDoS. New content.

obsessLast Saturday at 4:04 AM
i do worry that the engine upgrade has been massively overhyped at this point, so day 1 will see a massive surge of players that will quickly leave once they see that its not a perfect magical fix


MattScottLast Saturday at 4:04 AM
@obsess Agreed. The large Engine Upgrade thread was an attempt to level set expectations.

obsessLast Saturday at 4:06 AM
speaking of which
will the out of bounds system be reworked at some point in the far future?


MattScottLast Saturday at 4:07 AM
@obsess I'm looking at changing the out of bounds system.

obsessLast Saturday at 4:05 AM
idk i think i would prefer to make the current districts more intricate, adding more interiors/rooftops/verticality
over a new district


MattScottLast Saturday at 4:07 AM
I am definitely interested in making tweaks to the existing districts to fix some of the existing issues - specifically WF needs help.

There are some big problems with doing missions in the corner of WF. Bad spawns there, and lack of cover.

We did rework spawns for RIOT. But those points are as dense as we can get them. Its important that each spawn point not have line of site from another spawn point. There is only so much we can do.

traumaLast Saturday at 4:09 AM
matt remove low yields since they are a huge problem for newer players


MattScottLast Saturday at 4:09 AM
Low yield changes are being discussed. But we are going to be a bit more careful this time with anything that touches weapon balance.

I'm going to be putting up a thread on a couple balance ideas soon. We can discuss it there.

obsessLast Saturday at 4:13 AM
oh big question @MattScott will there be any tweaks to the sprintshooting system?
its currently garbage

it wasnt removed, it was nerfed - they added sprint delays and it messes with every other weapon but the "broken" ones


MattScottLast Saturday at 4:14 AM
@obsess with respect to the sprintshooting system, I can't really say. Bigger fish to fry right now.

MattScottLast Saturday at 4:17 AM
If there are bugs you'd like to see fixed, go ahead and PM them to me. I try to stay up to date on the forums including the bugs section, but I do have other responsibilities.

Before I go, I also want to recognize the dumpster fire that Support wait times has been. We are now down to less than 3 weeks wait times. Hardly acceptable, but lots better than where we started.

I need to get going. Thanks everyone.


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5 minutes ago, UubeNubeh DaWog said:


thanks friend

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2 minutes ago, Snubnose said:

god damn, that's what I needed to hear!

thx matt.

inb4 "contact pass" on armas for $5 USD

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Just now, Glaciers said:

inb4 "contact pass" on armas for $5 USD

pls no....

I cried when I heard there'll be "seasons" for RIOT with some sort of season pass...

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15 hours ago, Pinpuce said:


I think you just saved me from disaster

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