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  1. Hey, at least they fixed the freeze + mouse lag that some people have since august. They just change the bugs
  2. This is NEEDED, just try to keep the count for kill 100 Pumpkin Head soldiers. It is ridiculous
  3. Yeah, horrendous idea to use "red" as a title being the same color as the enemy color...
  4. Devil17

    Latest migration patch

    I have the same problem and it's fucking annoying. I can't play like this!
  5. Speedhacker entire evening on FC in Citadel. What is gonna be the next anti-cheat? Because it doesn't look like it's working like it shoud do...
  6. Yes, they added the IRS to rifles a couple of week ago and I don't know why. It is a sniper, the Coroner is the rifle version. You are right, it is very misleading. I don't know why LO did this change.
  7. People saying SBSR (IRS) is useless just don't know how to use it... It is a little less powerful than the rest of snipers? Yes. It is useless? No It has high hard damage for destroying vehicles and fast fire rate for either suppresive fire or hit various enemies fast. Maybe is not the best "sniper", but is not useless and actually fun to play with it.
  8. I couldn't get a match of Riot in Citadel for 2 days so... YEP is dead, it seems everybody who wanted the skin already got it and stopped playing the gamemode.
  9. Well I just had a russian cheater on my team last Riot game (If anyone have played Riot recently on Citadel you know for sure who he is...) And I have played against him a couple of game after. I recorded it and send to LO support but knowing how they do things is just useless... I've seen more cheaters since EAC was implemented that with Battleeye to be fair. EDIT: He turned the hack off after some games it seems, now he is totally bad. That's what happen with low pop games, everyone gets your name after a few games...
  10. I know, I mean my main problem is they only touched that. No new rewards, no more grinding JT... I already got to contact lvl 5 last week, there is no point on keep trying to play this mode when there are no people and no rewards...
  11. We asked for more rewards and JT because there is no point on grinding for only a skin on Riot. In the patch notes is show that they only increased the cost of unlocking the weapons on Riot. Just fucking euthanize this gamemode...
  12. Contact lvl 5 right here. I think is bugged, and not only the contact standing. I´ve played games where I didn't get standing points or even APB$ at all. This could be true, but I actually got like 400--800 standing points in games where my entire team died in a couple of minutes...
  13. Remember G1? Everyone loved them for saving the game after Realtime Worlds shut down. Years later they became APB's worst enemy. LO acquired G1 a year ago, and they are starting to have big problems with the community as you can see with RIOT (that no one asked for) and the 0 information about UE 3.5 (still waiting the info and images that Matt promised in March...) I had faith in them when they bought G1 a year ago. But right now all I can say... “History repeats itself"
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