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  1. according to a bunch of users, they are reporting the game isn't taking advantage of their GPUS. Also stutters on high end users.. Played for about 30 minutes heres what I got. SPECS: GPU: Gtx 980 ti CPU:I7 4790k Ram: 8gbs ddr4 Grphecs Lot of textures do not like bloom usage, such as fences. My Male model looks like he proped on oil for a massage. foliage looks weird when its copied and pasted with the same asset. BUGS Crashed right side of stairs in social district by the folliage, the crashed happened after I hit crouch button twice. Crashed by clicking return to lobby.(I may have done this once or twice already before the initial crash.) Insert image from URL Game stutters a lot. Doesn't like explosions. FPS should technically be higher IMO. Crashed by returning to lobby, then I selected my other character, was on the loading screen to Fight Club
  2. Extend the beta pl0x by hour or two
  3. It's not really totally your fault, the team before you guys where releasing the same type of content. Also, I really do appreciate the fact you gave acknowledgement to the issue.
  4. I totally agree with this post, keep thing simple and less complex when it comes to the final design of the clothing items. Another big percentage of gameplay in apb reloaded alone is the customization the game has. I also thought the Occult pants was just a preset, but according to this post it isn't (I assume th e post is correct) and it makes designing over top of something more sophisticated. The clolthing in pack of revelations is a good example of what not to create and release into the game as base clothing items.
  5. I don't know who gave me the thumbs down, but could you please identify yourself and then tell me why you think i'm wrong. ALSO, can a forum moderator please merge all the forum post complaining about bronze district, thank you.
  6. unfortunately for you guys, majority of the "small" population dethreats, and because banning half the population is a bad idea...
  7. dog ear issb, is a beast when it come to destroying cars and people. its a good gun, worth trying out at least. really doesn't need any mods, other then extend mags 3
  8. Issue can simply be resolved by putting the weapons on armas marketplace, as a person who spent a lot of money and has a lot of the loot box weapons, I don't mind this move, I think its a better option, plus maybe sales will increase.
  9. It was a featured that was removed technically permanently. But who knows what the future holds?
  10. I like many of the others, just advise you to wait.
  11. 1. fallen earth is trash 2. this is apb reloaded related.
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