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  1. The game does not clean garbage well(Garbage Collector). Those. part of cities loads and unloads textures. At these moments, the load goes to your HDD. SSD - really solves most of the problems with freezes. My PC config: AMD FX8300(3.3 Ghz) RAM 16 GB Nvidia gtx 750Ti (2gb) HDD 7200 rpm (150 mb/s) - Even such a reading speed was not enough. But what about the people who sit at 5400 Rpm?)
  2. In your opinion, everything is fine with Showstopper and he is in balance, and grenades that allow you to make attacks on campers all of a sudden OP? @VanilleKeks - described the whole situation with grenades wel. The number of grenades is your leveling character. As in any other game, a high-level player can offend a beginner player. And this approach applies to all weapons. The difference between a noob with OSCAR and the prof is very colossal.
  3. Ok, thanks for the answer. Apparently the guys really used cheats.
  4. Is there a chance that due to the broken report and the Cyrillic, the wrong people could be banned? I do not protect cheaters, but at the moment, Cyrillic have a lot of problems for both the Citadel and Innova.
  5. Are you serious now? This is not their problem. They were not given a free rename. Although other servers were provided. I myself have a nickname in cyrillic. I don`t play the game yet. In order not to violate the rules of the citadel.
  6. It's time to start a kickstarter theme about a completely new game based on APB I am a developer and I know what it means to work with someone else's noodle code. You spend three o`clock as much on it than you would write from scratch.
  7. Not to mention the fact that LO repairs servers and maintains their services on an ongoing basis. Many players bought guns forever and LO gets less income than companies before them. For this reason, it is better to wait for the new engine and support the money there. Including the fact that the new engine will have their(LO) code and restructuring will be easier.
  8. This is a misconception. I played and bought on the euro server, before they even announced the transfer to necrova. N-tec 3 slot, Cisco racing kit, Cisco Wheel Kit and Enforcer Waragi kit. Total ~ 4150G1C When there is a long vacation, I take a premium subscription. You make assumptions not based on facts. It turns out you are a liar.
  9. How did the Russians so offend you that you decided to leave the game? I think you think that Russian players playing with cheats. But the FFBans ->statistics server (49% Citadel.)site refutes this. The euro server is full of players who use mouse modifications using macros. This has been since 2015. Why didn’t the Spanish(your country) players leave. Patriot which also united with you. If you are worried about the Cyrillic alphabet, I am sure this situation will be corrected. And I, as a Russian player, do not mind at all. I write poorly, but I think you will understand.
  10. I am a Russian game player. I have a nickname in Cyrillic. I would be happy with a free rename. In addition, most of our nicknames can be written in English. AHTOH (RUS in Cyrillic) - ANTON (EN) - my name is Anthony Jnets (RUS in Cyrillic) - Reaper (EN) }{0Ta6i4(Symbol and number) - Hottabych(EN), this is name gin from Russian fairy tales.
  11. Hello friends. For many Russian players, English is also "spam". 1/3 of the population does not know English. They do not harm intentionally. I think that there should be a solution for everyone. Have a filter by language. This would help not only the Russian community.
  12. Thank you very much for your answers. This topic can be closed.
  13. Maybe because of the disc, but in other games there is no such problem. The processor does not rise above 56% in loading.
  14. Hi, guys Please help to configure the graphics or use a special config (give me link to the official Advanced Launcher). Constantly there are drawdowns in the game from 100 fps to 20 fps. This happens even outside the missions. My system : Core: FX8350 RAM: 16gb Video: GTX 750 ti (2GB) Hard drive: 7200 rpm And one more question. I have a hearing disability. Can I change the sound of the timer on the grenade? Make it louder or change it to another? P.S. If something is wrong, sorry. English is not my native language.
  15. My started car police https://imgur.com/YVeLFqM https://imgur.com/wBIlSgt https://imgur.com/F59uOHc https://imgur.com/byUryJ2
  16. Mehaku- I am a developer and work for the USA. My salary is $ 1500-2000. To buy the right one from Armas with a premium discount of 20%, it took me $ 400-500 for all the time game. Considering that I have been playing the game since 2010 year. A regular Steam game costs $ 100 +/- and spent 64-150 hours per game. That $ 400-500 for 9 years is not such a big amount.
  17. AlexaMercer The situation is very simple. For the new engine, server resources are needed, they will disable Nekrova server. Server support costs company money. It will turn off in any case with the transfer of characters or without him. The game is distributed free to play(we do not pay for the server), not on a subscription. From a business point of view, a server is a loss. Stop complaining and act like a child. Expect a transfer or make like me and many of my friends. Create an account on the Eu server and for all the time discussions would have been Level up to 150R +. New server, new things, and many are superior. And many things are cheaper here. Good luck!
  18. Dollar exchange compensation is also erroneous. Five years ago, the course was different. There is inflation in the country. "You can buy a hotel for a 1 dollar (this is a joke)." © Eurotrip I do not see the guilt of honest players. Many did not know that the GM handed out weapons. But such compensation is better than nothing. P.S. I bought guns on the citadel a long time ago and am already playing there. But it would be cool to move an old player.
  19. Hi, guys! ) Good joke! There will be a discovery for you, but the Russian community also knows English. Maybe not as good as a native speaker, but they know. I have a few questions. Many people played on Innovova and made purchases on 4Game. All weapons, cars, body kits. were purchased, and then transferred to Nekrova. This weapon will not fall on the citadel? 4Game is not Nekrova. Many players are concerned that their donat will disappear. Transferring clean characters does not make sense to them. After all, many people plays on EU and for a long time and remain on the necro precisely because of the donate. A lot of adult players are playing and honest. What do they deserve this treatment from GameFrist and banter from Citadel players. Yes, there are cheaters, but when I play on the euro I see the same thing. How are you better? Sorry for my poor knowledge of English, my ideal players are Citadel
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