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  1. I fixed it via just reinstalling the game. It's an Internal Code Error that Repair/Verifying won't fix. Takes like, 5 mins to REDL the Game anyway
  2. DxpeDog

    Match making

    Indeed, Turns out I'm so bad with pistols, he actually Trashed me x)
  3. APB is far behind it's time now. Games like GTA:O Exist, even if it is dogshit for everything. I Propose a few things. 1. Rebuild APB:R from the ground up. Carry over all the users and players Stats and Weapons and all of that but rebuild the game to the point that it'll bring people back. Like Final Fantasy XIV did. FFXIV was t r a s h when it released. It shut down for a year and a half, was given a new Director and it came back to end up being just as, if not bigger than World of Warcraft. Also of Course, update the Engine Entirely to UE4. 2. If APB were to be rebuilt from the ground up, the release of Public Assets to be put through a vote from LO could bring a ton of old players and Designers to the game. Imagine new Cars, new modeled weapons, Including Melee Weapons, New clothing all made by the people. Jackets, Long coats, Uniforms, Hats, Helmets etc. 3. Balancing of Weapons, Player models and Vehicles. Depending on circumstances if this insane proposition is ever even looked at without all of LO Losing their shit with crying laughter, Adding modular Damage to Vehicles and Playermodels. A shot to a Tire would blow it out. A hit in the leg would slow you down, I know this isn't DayZ or Battlefield or any other Shooter game but a touch of Immersion would be nice. 4. With the rework of APB, something else that is nice would be to have the ability to change Gender at will. People like that kind of thing. I don't know why. This concludes my Insane Rambling/Idea on how to bring APB back to life and actually have it become super popular
  4. DxpeDog

    Match making

    We did end up in a Pistol only gunfight but the Language Barrier was there. He was BR and didn't understand a fuckin' word I was sayin lmao
  5. DxpeDog

    Match making

    I know I know. "Dxpe Dog you play in Silver against golds and fuzzy bunny when you get your shit rocked" I already hear a ton of you going off at me who know me But this isn't cool. I was in a Bronze District, Just going about to level a new Contact, And I get into a mission. Cool. I look and I'm a 101 Medium threat Silver against a fucking Level 10 T. BRAND NEW PLAYER I was and still am, armed with an Ursus, and a Colby .45. I could have completely RUINED this kids first impressions of APB if I wanted too by absolutely Cheesing on him. Of course, Throwing a game is Bannable but I'll take that risk by admitting I did throw it, I let him win because I wasn't gonna trash all over him.
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