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  1. oh my goodness that website is hideous.
  2. this looks like you're trying to cook an egg on your video card, Jesus.
  3. After reading this and giving myself a headache by all of the ellipses in your responses there OP, you're wrong. Little Orbit did something that should of been done a LONG time ago. That thing they did was unban players who were falsely banned or banned for no given reason what so ever, just something an in-game GM wanted to do. Little Orbit has done A LOT more than what you have said. Here are a couple examples of things they have done. 1. Patched the game This is something that the game has not seen in over 9 MONTHS, something that the people of APB (including myself) thought would never happen again. Little Orbit brought hope and promise back into this game with not just one, but two patches in the last month. While these patches are minor, they were something needed to bring the game back to speed. Minor bug fixes and a new anti-cheat come a long way to a community and playerbase that have been abandoned for months. 2. Being involved with the community The company of Little Orbit has been vocal with the community and open about issues. They own up to their mistakes and keep us posted on what is going on. They give us heads up, like the support ticket count and progress, state of the game updates, and updates on their progression with new updates and features they are implementing into the game. We all remember G1 who did absolutely nothing to help out the community but ban those who spoke their mind and had opinions who were against theirs. GM's are in game again, answering questions and helping out the community. Moderators are back on the forums making sure everything is running smoothly. These are crucial steps to get the game back on track. There are some of you guys who are saying that their priorities are out of order. That the stability of the servers should be top priority. I hate to break it to you guys, but the servers are an on-going issue that takes time to fix. Unbanning players is literally a flip of a switch. Unbanning players, who have left APB for good because of GamersFirst banning them is a great way to get the hype training going again for this game. Obviously this has worked, as the player count for the game on SteamCharts has increased by nearly double since Little Orbit took over (http://steamcharts.com/app/113400). You all can say what you want about Little Orbit, but they have brought hope and promise back to APB and have resparked the community. They're doing a hell of a lot better job than other companies. The most important thing I can say is this: GIVE THEM TIME! You can't fix a game that has been broken for years in a month. This is a long process and if you don't understand that, hopefully this post will make you think about it.
  4. Maybe I have good luck, or maybe I'm wrong but I haven't seen a 100% confirmed cheater since I was unbanned in the wave of unbans. There's always going to be crazy good players who know the ins and outs of the game and do suspicious things. I've done some things by luck and I instantly think, "wow if I was on the other end of that I would think he's a cheater" but it's hard to tell who's a cheater and who's legit in this game.
  5. I honestly prefer old technology over the modern stuff at this time, considering BitCoin and other virtual currency has taken such a huge toll on the computer market (RAM & GPU price spikes). For comparison though, before I bit the bullet to upgrade this is what I used to run APB on. Old Set-up CPU: i5 3570k OC @ 3.8ghz GPU: GTX 960 2 GB DDR4 VRAM RAM: 8GB of DDR3 - 1333mhz Plus the PSU, MOBO, and HDD, this was around 650 to build 3 years ago. Now since older i5's are hard to find for market price (>$150) I would recommend looking for something newer in this department or taking a risk finding one used. I did buy mine used, and it lasted me 3 more years before I decided to get something a little better. The i5 3570k is honestly still a usable processor today for gaming. I had no issues running Battlefield 1 or anything on Frostbite or Unreal with destructible environments. Running APB on this was steady 60 frames, only thing that lacked was the GPU with weird textures and rendering issues at some points. It would still be a good option for APB today. New Set-up CPU: i7 3770k OC @ 3.8ghz GPU: GTX 1070ti 8 GB DDR5 VRAM RAM: 12GB of DDR3 - 1333mhz Nothing really changed here besides my GPU since the GTX 960 was starting to lack in performance, so I bit the bullet and bought a new GTX 1070ti. No regrets in doing so by the way, its a great card. The game runs amazing since my "upgrade" (basically I got a hand me down PC from my buddy since he went to AMD with the new Ryzens). Really though, you don't need a top end computer to run APB, the 500 dollar budget you suggest is easy. I would recommend a newer i3, since they are much better than before, especially on single core performance (which APB only runs off 1 CPU core I believe). A mediocre GPU will get you buy as well, such as like a GTX 960 or even GTX 1060 if you find room in your budget. 8 GB of RAM will get you by, but if you're like me, you need 32 GB because you never close background programs. Also as stated before, make sure your voltages are correct which could lead to the issue of your PSU's exploding. Also make sure you're getting a large enough PSU to cover the power you need for your computer to properly run. I never buy below a 750w PSU becuase I'm a paranoid silly person who always likes to have give room with stuff like that. Also a surge protector is a must. Update yours because older ones tend to go bad overtime. (learnt that the hard way).
  6. Is the patch strictly the implementing of BattlEye, or are there going to be minor fixes as well? Specifically the splash browser screen when you launch. I absolutely hate seeing that pop-up and I feel like it puts a trashy image on the game even before launch. Being prompted to "like us on Facebook!" is not an ideal welcome in my opinion.
  7. I've never understood why car surfer is a mod, rather than just a feature in the game. From day one of me playing APB, I always hated how you can't stand on cars while they drive. If they should do anything, remove the car surfer mod and just have it be a feature in the game.
  8. From what I'm gathering, the OP just seems impatient. Just be patient man, let Little Orbit do what they need to do. I would rather have a patch with BattlEye done correctly rather than a rushed patch with multiple bugs and issues. Little Orbit isn't a huge company, while I think many people think they have lots of staff, they're wrong. Allow them to work, constantly posting on the forums complaining isn't helping the process go any faster. It'll be done when it's done...I don't get why this is so hard for people to understand and be patient.
  9. This looks like a major bug that should be patched ASAP, considering you just posted this for everyone to see...
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of code that was completed by G1 is hardcoded. It seems like something they would do just to make things work and get by rather then doing them the correct way.
  11. From the way it sounds from Matt and the rest of the Little Orbit team, they are most likely in the testing phases. They're most likely making sure everything works and runs smoothly before they release it. For you all who don't understand how coding works, this could take a couple days or could take weeks depending on their test runs. Coding is extremely tedious and one single line could cause everything to break. To make it even better, sometimes your tests don't catch this line of code so you could be in for a long, very tedious process. All we can do is be patient and just appreciate that Little Orbit is doing this right, rather than rushing it.
  12. 110% agree. It's not the largest advantage but it certainly is something that gives a small edge. I'd love to see the re-balancing of premium as a whole. The initial gain should be larger than the premium gain. Especially when it comes to cash income. It'll offer a friendly side to F2P players, so they don't feel hindered by not having premium. Also the customization limitations should be removed as well. Having to have premium to get the full customization access for the game is silly in my opinion as well.
  13. I think these questions should of been posted here. I know it's a jumble of questions and the feeling of them being overlooked is high, but I honestly think they're reading through each post.
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