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  1. Knite

    gm no help???

    OP's join date: 2012 Trolling?
  2. Yeah, those look pretty good, not gonna lie
  3. One bug I ran into --
  4. You're on point here; a lot of the community has a lot of different desires for the most desired fix, so LO probably feels like they're being pulled apart by horses. Just refer to them as RP, since that's who they were
  5. Knite


    Given the issues many people experienced with FF, I'd rather we have an anti-cheat that has a good reputation regarding false-positives; we know BE works, and I'll wager it gets better as it has more data to work with and /report is more frequently used. And remember that 3.5 is coming.
  6. Knite


  7. Knite


    So, because BattlEye is a "bypassed anticheat", LO should bring back FairFight, which was proven to be less than useful?
  8. Knite


    There's an extremely fine line for LO to walk here between devoting effort to stopping the ongoing cheating issue and pushing forward with 3.5; once 3.5 lands, we should have some blessed quiet from the cheaters for a little bit while cheatmakers rush to make something that works for APB. Besides, I'm fine with knowing as little as we do about how LO is handling anti-cheat, as it means the cheaters also have less information to go on. And reporting the stream itself.
  9. Knite

    happy news

    Time to re-make my crim Taxi!
  10. You can do 500yds without optics if the wind is calm enough and you're experienced enough with your firearm. There's a guy who can do 500 yds with a 1911
  11. It's easy enough to hit targets at 100yds without optics; Hickok45 does it frequently on his YouTube channel. Typically, large bore revolvers with optics mounted on them are used for handgun hunting, where the scope makes it much easier to acquire your target.
  12. The RSA is a Colt Anaconda Here's an Anaconda with a scope mounted
  13. If this were implemented, I might actually use one to be all