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  1. It's 9:45am PDT, LO main office is in California, hold your horses
  2. RIP pre-dropoff RSA/ACT44, able to compete with primaries at range.
  3. Tuesday? What Tuesday? I think you need to lay off the herbs, bud
  4. Someone made one of these in APB!
  5. We can be more creative than that
  6. LO is in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation here. The initial balance passes were a show of good faith, at the very least, but I would prefer waiting until the EU drops for further balance changes.
  7. Yep, permanent 0 slot JG, whatever clothes/symbols/songs/themes you had. Nothing else. There was talk of a title at one point, IIRC, but that never materialized. Also, all of the clothes from RTW that were unique are now available either on ARMAS or in JT store.
  8. Worth something for the files on the disc
  9. Whatever the reason someone plays without premium, it shouldn't penalize them in a way that directly affects gameplay; the doubled cooldowns when F2P are just painful to deal with, which is why I feel bad for the F2P populace. It's not meant like I pity them out of some sort of superiority complex.
  10. I've had premium pretty much always, and whenever it runs out I immediately feel bad for the F2P population; the doubled cooldowns are just painful. I've been advocating for a cooldown timer equalization for years, and am glad that it's finally happening.
  11. OP's join date: 2012 Trolling?
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