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  1. APB has always had a 100m hard render range. Damage dropoff (weapon curve system) was introduced after Reloaded launched, which heavily contributed to the meta we have now. Before dropoff, RSA and ACT-44 could counter CR762 and HVR to a degree; now you hardly see anyone using either of those sidearms. I'm also in the "current TTK is too fast" camp, but people like to argue that when Reloaded trialed RTW TTK districts, the community reaction at those times was sufficient to judge RTW TTK as not worth bringing back; those districts, however, were not RTW TTK because they included Reloaded mechanics, ultimately negating the experiments' results.
  2. You want to honestly argue that the cheating problem now, with an active anti-cheat, is MORE of a problem than when there was literally NO active anti-cheat?
  3. They literally turned PB off in RTW because it made server performance awful. Cheating nowadays is nowhere near as bad.
  4. Other side of the coin being if LO made a totally new model, people would say "what about the weapon models that haven't been released yet?"
  5. Everyone in here attacking OP be like Let 'em have their feel good moment, y'all
  6. "Jewelry Pack" doesn't necessarily limit it to earrings; watches are jewelry, for example. At least I was able to use the Pestilence suit and snowball head to make a spaceman; I'm still thinking about what can be done with that cow skull mask.
  7. Toxicity in district chat is reduced from a few years ago. I rarely get truly insulting whispers anymore, too. GTA Online public lobbies are honestly more toxic more often than /d in APB.
  8. Just on the subject of shotguns, when they're implemented such that they mirror real shotgun performance, they basically edge out every other weapon out to 50m. Police and military commonly use 12ga. 00 buck shotshells; 00 buck (on unarmored targets) is lethal out to 50 yards. Remember also that a single 00 buck pellet is ballistically similar to 9mm Parabellum, so being shot with a single 12ga. 00 buck would be similar to being shot a bunch of times with a 9mm Glock. Shell spread IRL is determined by choke and shotshell construction; for the most part, only choke really determines shell spread, as basically only one shell is designed to keep the shot relatively grouped (Federal Flight Control). With an open choke and regular shells, average spread is 40 inches at 25 yards. Federal Flight Control gives a 6 inch group at 20 yards with an open choke. Imagine if shotguns acted like this in APB. Would you really want to use SMGs at all? Sorry for slight off topic.
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