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  1. That's the fully upgraded version of the Agency Truck from Crackdown 1 https://youtu.be/4cJJ0TjIYJY?t=110
  2. DDOSing an open beta? Well, hopefully it doesn't negatively impact the beta too much.
  3. They are visually distinct, as well; the Scoped N-TEC has a scope on it.
  4. Excelled at AV role, no real reason to use an OSMAW over it. With the hard damage reduction, it still can do AV, but gives back some of the niche to the OSMAW. Volcano is better suited as an anti-personnel weapon anyway, due to the airburst paired with its shorter range.
  5. Also, time doesn't really move in San Paro. It's obviously a pocket dimension.
  6. Colby Classic Cowboy Boots Naked Cowboy intensifies Thank you for finally letting me complete that outfit after 10 years
  7. Welcome! And let me get this out of the way:
  8. How will people know I'm cosplaying Judge Dredd without my Judge title?
  9. Removing the Notoriety/Prestige system is removing a core part of APB; I personally am opposed to it being removed, and would much prefer to see improvements made to it. What are the big pain points of the current system? Players TKing to lose N5/P5 No way for Enforcers to bribe down "Mission interference" AKA These are really the three biggest issues, and unless I'm overlooking something obvious, every other problem stems from one of these. The in-lore explanation of N5/P5 is that whoever reaches that level is so dangerous to the opposing faction that it becomes open season on them to literally anyone in the district; the TKing issue could ostensibly be hand-waved with the lore as well, given the notion that Enforcers are basically criminals with a badge, but I'm not 100% on board with that. The system needs some looking at for sure, but should absolutely not go away.
  10. People when they get teabagged: Me when I get teabagged: Being teabagged is hardly offensive, I usually just shrug it off; there are much worse ways of being rude to people than rapidly crouch spamming. Hell, it's even how people say "hi" in plenty of other games.
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