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  1. Crappy phone pic of 1.30 running on my Steam Deck; undocking messed up the aspect ratio and resolution, but it runs perfectly fine in docked mode with an average 50FPS on maximum settings @ 720p
  2. The details of the 18 page document need to be made public. Any suggestion with such depth cannot go unseen or undiscussed, especially when it's been given directly to the CEO.
  3. Personally I've had little issue with most of the points brought up here. LO seems to have gotten a grasp on a real direction for APB's future with the 64 bit work, and has stopped chasing the engine upgrade dragon. The effort spent on implementing and validating work for the current LIVE game is better spent elsewhere; weapon and car balance are largely fine and the outliers that do exist are not game breaking. Beyond all of that, the misplaced desire to revive the player-base before any meaningful delivery from LO will likely just leave a bad taste in the mouths of those players; "Oh, is the engine upgrade done?" "Oh, is there anything new to do?" Any serious drive to bring back players needs to happen when there's something they can come back to. This game doesn't even run reliably on RTX cards, so many of us can't even play it even if we wanted to.
  4. That's the fully upgraded version of the Agency Truck from Crackdown 1 https://youtu.be/4cJJ0TjIYJY?t=110
  5. DDOSing an open beta? Well, hopefully it doesn't negatively impact the beta too much.
  6. They are visually distinct, as well; the Scoped N-TEC has a scope on it.
  7. Excelled at AV role, no real reason to use an OSMAW over it. With the hard damage reduction, it still can do AV, but gives back some of the niche to the OSMAW. Volcano is better suited as an anti-personnel weapon anyway, due to the airburst paired with its shorter range.
  8. Also, time doesn't really move in San Paro. It's obviously a pocket dimension.
  9. Colby Classic Cowboy Boots Naked Cowboy intensifies Thank you for finally letting me complete that outfit after 10 years
  10. Welcome! And let me get this out of the way:
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