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  1. Knite

    FFA 5.56 R&D III?

    Power JMB 9 gave FFA originally. It became the other box later on.
  2. Knite

    I Miss Colby

    I think you mean Zombie
  3. I'd like to give people a little perspective here. A World of Warships developer/staff member used to run an event only on NA called Corgi Captains. This event took place over the course of 3 days for 24 hours each day, and had ~150 volunteers playing as Corgi Captains for the entirety of NA. You would win some premium currency and an exclusive flag, but only if you landed the killing blow on a Corgi Captain. 150 people for the entirety of the NA server, which has a constant population of something like 12,000 players. "But Knite," you might be saying, "the volunteers could get on at any point in a 72 hour period!" As a player, I saw a Corgi Captain once, and managed to steal the kill from somebody. I participated as a Corgi Captain twice, and had so many people in chat ask "What's a Corgi captain?" "What's your point?" you might be asking. Well, the absolute scarcity of the Corgi Captains never engendered the kind of rage I've seen with this event, and Corgi Captains were only around for 3 days each time. This event ran way longer than 3 days. I'm not opposed to everyone that logged on during the event getting the skin, but neither do I think this kind of behavior from the community should be rewarded.
  4. You shouldn't be saying "fix" like it was a mistake to adjust the Yukon; the RoF outside MM was straight up bugged, it was never meant to be like that. I owned one prior to the fix and I still own it; I felt it was a stupid gun before (and it's still a stupid gun), but at least now it's not stupid because a bug makes it better than the competition.
  5. Aside from what owzzy posted, there are a ton of areas that are accessible with a Vaquero/Mikro/other small vehicle that Pioneer/Espacio cannot get into. There are some areas a T-25 can get into that Pioneer/Espacio cannot as well. Most of OP's points are right or have some credence, but they were wrong about one thing. In any case, I don't particularly want LO to address these in the current engine, as the more time spent getting 3.5 out the door, the better.
  6. Excuse me, but the N-FA 9 is the best secondary in the game. Advice on how to use the N-FA 9:
  7. Knite

    How to Mod the Euryale

    Personally, I use muzzle break and mag pull 3; I feel that hunting sight is unnecessary, given how the recoil knocks your aim around anyway. Muzzle break lets you focus more on reducing vertical recoil and mitigates the side to side jumps.
  8. Knite

    Updates on APB development progress

    Thanks for the update!
  9. Knite

    Autumn Assault!

    He's all like But I tell you what
  10. We know you guys are on a tight schedule with everything else going on. Don't listen too much to the naysayers; I think this event is great, even if we don't know what all of the rewards are (but really, can we get a full list of rewards?)
  11. Knite

    Epidemic - walk through

    Time to git gud, Cooky