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  1. So I've also come to learn that mugging and turning items into contacts also ends up giving a minor amount of standing with pledged contacts, I'm not sure if I'm going to add this to the spreadsheet, as the amounts you get may be too insignificant to warrant adding them.
  2. I'll leave what my original text was here, however it turns out I was a moron, apparently my friend sent me a symbol to put onto the a bandana, not an actual bandana, I had thought the game ate it during the trade If you have your clothing slots all used, for example 70/70, and you accept a clothing item in a player to player trade, the trade will be successful, however you will not receive the clothing item, as a result it can be very easy to lose money because of this.
  3. Right? Usually if I decide to do N5 raids I get to 4, then mug until 5, generally I try to stick to 4 until I get ready to turn in which I usually do in batches like you said, so I don't lose big chunks of cash if I get caught.
  4. I just double checked, I get a flat 30, then for premium it tells me +38. So without premium 1 not 5 mug should be 30, and with premium, 68. That's included in the sheet, since there's a line for both non premium and premium values.
  5. I got bored and decided to put together a spreadsheet that allows you to enter what notoriety you are and see the values of raidable/muggable items within the game. Values for premium are included, and a box will appear if your weight goes over 29, this assumes that you're using a Packer Ceresco with the Extra Cargo Capacity 3 mod. Simply view the spreadsheet, then in the top right corner click File, then Make a Copy and you'll be able to edit the values. I have set some warnings for editing things that might break the spreadsheets calculations. I tested all of this in game today, though it's possible I made a mistake. The green squares are the ones you can change once you make yourself a copy of the spreadsheet, they control which notoriety you want to see the values for and the amounts of the items you want to see the total values/vehicle trunk capacity cost for. I'm not sure if anyone has done this before, to be honest I was too lazy to look https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18gboYxDu_tmUqY-5Tv2156Be0ddYuyZfUzvLq7BUpFQ/edit?usp=sharing Also yay me for finally using the forums