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  1. Can you give us an update? It's been a while now
  2. Can't wait for the character leaving moving vehicle de-sync fix.
  3. That really sucks. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.
  4. Basically what my bro Cozymedi said. LO really need to listen to better players in this community.
  5. It is if you dont actually have any proof. Yeah i can agree, if it's the case where no proof is provided it's kinda useless. But with proof i'd say the opposite.
  6. Not to sound inappropriate or anything but it's not a waste of supports time if you actually want to report someone with proof. Exhibit A:
  7. Ok that is for lags,but what is with new update in games?New engine maybe,new items maybe,new contact,new armas loyality gun, 2013y last contact in apb,optimizatio apb maybe because in game like apb i need to have 200fps not 80-90 i have in pubg all maxed 140fps,something coming very very soon or not? If you read the blog posts, you can clearly see what Little Orbit have planned to release in the future for APB Reloaded
  8. I'm starting to feel bad you think mitigation helps. Edit: Please stop.
  9. Welp the server goes offline again while the servers have Mitigation. Seems like mitigation is doing great. 10/10
  10. mitigation is only on when the servers are getting ddos’d of course they run better when there’s no mitigation Damn man you're so smart. I didn't know that!
  11. The servers perform far better without mitigation turned on. Please stop.
  12. but it's not doing any of the above, maybe the opposite if anything.
  13. The whole point of mitigation turned on is to prevent the servers to crash. Yeah that's already happened. Not to mention it's creating the server to lag which I think is unfair. So what good is coming out of it being turned on right now, please tell me.
  14. Can we just have mitigation off? It seems better without it, it's not doing anything at this point. The servers keep crashing regardless. LO?
  15. Can you explain why the servers are going offline? Are the servers getting a DDoS attack? I really like you LO but please assure me and the rest of the community why this is happening and if this will be fixed. I'm tired of dealing with the server being on mitigation. It's not fair. @Lixil @MattScott
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