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  1. do you think theyre still hiring
  2. KNickz

    APB = Pay2Win

    still waiting for the juggernaut guns on the joker store
  3. i mean you gotta give props to these guys jokers been a shit storm for the past couple of days and its not a DDOS
  4. KNickz

    when will it end

    did u actually just post a gif of you using a crosshair
  5. its funny because the devil dog standing on the roof is also a cardboard cut out
  6. KNickz

    Hate Mail

    is this a meme post
  7. vote me forum mod and ill make sure katchwi or queen of love will never post again as quoted by one of the ex moderators "Only cheaters get banned." -15 minutes before they got banned
  8. KNickz

    How do you Spell the Sound of a Sniff?

    just dont use the I
  9. Name: Ulgathor From: the sonic training facility Preferred faction: crim theyre coolest Likes : long walks on the beach and girls Hates: his parents Phrase: im going to kill you until your dead In-game:
  10. anyone who has played for a long time is probably going to prefer RTW, but i like the new shaders a lot more the current shaders could be a lot better if we just got rid of the ridiculous amount of blue in it, but won't be necessary when the engine comes out
  11. not mine but a classic
  12. did you just fucking summon cthulu in a forum post