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  1. shini kemp keep making content shoutout to the colby subforums matyr ur videos were great too
  2. oh boy i cant wait to watch my favorite streamers shinychin and schlopington
  3. daily reminder if ur under 6ft u will never have a gf
  4. man this guy in his female apb character pitch black hoodie and khaki colored chinos tucked into socks wearing a ski mask with goggles and outlaw mask and as short as possible killed me AGAIN aiming down sights with the ntec i sure do HATE listening to his to this 30 second theme too
  5. I'd still like further clarification if I have the SAME name on 2 different faction characters on both Citadel and Joker.
  6. i have KNickz on both NA and EU server how the hell am i going to keep it i did it before and ill do it again lads we have to get together to name this server JOKER
  7. This is actually crazy. I can't believe you guys are pushing efforts to get money AWAY. Merged. Wait we can buy a 3 slot osmaw, what have you guys done??
  8. being that you are just now voicing your opinion on shotguns you must be an nfas user
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