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  1. KNickz

    I Miss Colby

    i cant seem to find my name on this list chief
  2. KNickz

    I told all of you so

    its nice that the only other relevant shotgun wasnt touched which was the only one that needed to be
  3. honestly can we just throw away the cobra we have now for a completely new one
  4. KNickz

    Will APB end?

    when will my life end
  5. give me a 2 slotted csg with cooling jacket magpull and reflex sight and world war 2 wont have shit on the amount of kills ill get
  6. KNickz

    Anime Themed Car

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! theyre fucking legit relax
  7. KNickz

    Anime Themed Car

    i am selling shini clothes and car for 400k ea pm me in game
  8. wait what theyre changing shotguns again
  9. quake champions has a rank system? i keep getting put in EU servers against people who are 100x better than me
  10. KNickz

    Who is TastyBurger's meat supplier?

    do you think theyre still hiring
  11. maybe cause you're on apb at fucking 4 in the morning dude
  12. KNickz

    APB = Pay2Win

    still waiting for the juggernaut guns on the joker store