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  1. Oooh so it's there to prevent possible glitch abuse? I personally think the trading system should be tax free, because you have to be online to accept a trade. Consider it a benefit of using the trade system over marketplace purchases
  2. Count me in (Hopefully I show up) I have the Vazuga Sounds great, you're in
  3. I had a blast, makes me want a 40v40 full district war with cap and hold points around the map
  4. The event is in 4 days! So far I have 4 people going to participate, and as of right now the prize is a Bullshark.
  5. This was fun, we need a district wide cap and hold district. 40v40 asylum type gamemode. Also why are all the devs and GMs enforcer?
  6. Good to know you're having a do over, mistakes happen. Can't wait to try and 8ball a dev, this time for real
  7. So how many people actually got into the server? why even have a rank 50 cap in OTW?
  8. The real question still stands: Will 3.5 break Vegas wheelies in PC version? I'm excited for a trading system, that'll be great. Oh yeah, AND 3.5 BY THE END OF THE YEAR? WOOOOOOOO Where do you keep finding these? You have so many of them lol
  9. holy moly that's some fast reverse speed, maybe i'll actually buy myself one holy moly that's some fast reverse speed, maybe i'll actually buy myself one this is the best reverse wheelie I did
  10. Sounds great, I've put your name in the list! Woooo, your name is now in the list! Log on as a crim and you can use my Varzuga Rally Sounds great! You're on the list!
  11. Sure, you won't be able to compete in the trick competition with a normal Varzuga though. If anyone who doesn't have a rally Varzuga wants to use my car they can, they just won't have the use of nitro 3 Feel free to show off your designs! If I were a smarter man and there was enough interest I'd start a car show and have a Varzuga Rally stunt competition as an event inside of the show.
  12. Hello everyone, I love this car too damn much. I want to get a group of them together. No Varzuga Rally? No problem! Come to the event as a crim and you'll be able to use mine for the trick competition! You won't have access to NOS 3 though. If enough people show up we could have a trick competition in the skate park in Financial, with a prize of a Bullshark or something, we'll figure it out as we go Feel free to bring whatever car you want, but only Varzuga Rally cars will be able to win a prize in the trick competition. When: 9pm Central on September 21st Where: Gold Financial 1 at skate park EDIT: Okay, looks like we have enough people to make this a thing! I'm gonna start making a list of people who want to participate here! JennyMcNilson BrandonBranders Knite BL0SS0M Zolerox ProfessorUtonium
  13. Yep, results in reverse wheelies lol
  14. We need one and we need it now. There's a JT store version but I want to make one look like my own design. This wouldn't take long at all to do, the stats are already in the game.
  15. What is this glitch you speak of? when you sit in the passenger seat of a 4x4 the camera is zoomed more than normal
  16. I CANNOT LIKE THIS MORE, that would destroy APB for me
  17. i think it's quite clear what LO needs to focus on and that's the 4x4 vegas passenger cam glitch
  18. why doesn't your forum title have something to do with macho man in it?
  19. Thanks for the update, I can't wait for that engune update. But if 3.5 breaks vegas wheelies like it did in the console I'll be very sad
  20. thats just comma(n) sense i'll delete my forum account now
  21. what? i feel like he was clear. "Just stop cry and play Apb" /s
  22. They already do have a suggestions subforum, but their choices shouldn't go off of comments and likes. You could just spam the post with new forun accounts. Their choices to add player ideas should go through the dev team, they'll know what's possible. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/forum/80-game/
  23. Forums: We want new things! LO: okay here's a new gun with a new reload animation Forums: this new thing is garbage boooo
  24. I want a customizable Varzuga Rally so bad. I love how you can roll it on curbs
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