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    Gamers First

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    State of the Game 08/12/2018

    Matt is the Goat.
  3. FoxFox

    The State of the Game (Updated 06/15/2018)

    5 Hours later, lag is so bad you can't even log in anymore. I'm out.
  4. FoxFox

    Setup overhaul time!

    Save up a little every month, any spare money. A decent rig costs you at best 1,000 pounds and you'll be good to go for +8 years.
  5. FoxFox

    .Ynbot vs. Emerald Sun (2v2's)

  6. FoxFox

    Reasons players leave

    nobody is cheating, get over it
  7. FoxFox

    Yet another video of the harvesting event

    this is so sad, can we make a second event?
  8. FoxFox

    Dear LO Staff

    I'm still banned, i've been banned for 4 years, i don't think i'll be unbanned anytime soon. Yet, i see Cheaters, Dupers, Hackers & Previous major rule offenders Unbanned - running around as we speak. I will also not mention their names, i think anyone that reads this Post and is somewhat Active knows who i'm talking about. I understand that there were probably no specific notes for either of these Unbanned players, but does that really mean you should unban them on that thought train that they "probably" were banned without much of a reason? Matt has mentioned this in the FE discord already, i'll say this quite bluntly, Unban all Players on FE. You're just making those who didn't harm anyone at all Upset at this point and making them never want to return to FE. I've been patient for +5 Weeks to get a decent response on either of my Tickets, since i've sent another one about 2 weeks ago. (I'am not the only one) I've said this before, your team is doing amazing work even though it's difficult with this kind of Community, and this isn't a rant or anything like that. I just want to get my opinion out there. If you read this, wether or not you respond. Thanks.
  9. FoxFox

    Opinions on Unbanning Everyone

    For everyone saying, reset items, etc. That's already too late - they unbanned Dupers for christ sakes.
  10. FoxFox

    50 Rothium Harvesters Operation Center Keep Sunday July 1

    i will pay you a visit with the gang
  11. FoxFox

    "Make Factions Matter"

    The only one leading PvP to die off is the: I'm going to outnumber you, gank you 24/7 and not give you fair fights because i don't like xyz or i don't like how you play the game, Grow up. (Not saying nysek's idea is good)
  12. FoxFox

    Unbanning Scammers?

    This is actually a problem, i saw atleast 5 dupers/cheaters/hackers unbanned but some are still banned that didn't do any of these - lol. If you're unbanning that kind of player, unban all of them.
  13. FoxFox

    New in game gms suggestions

    no i will be the new GM
  14. Servers are locked already or? Already servers back up?
  15. Is the unbanning in progress, or is it only tommorow?
  16. FoxFox

    Cash Shop payment issues

    Hm, you seem to be the only one with that problem...
  17. FoxFox

    Sup sup yall

  18. FoxFox


  19. FoxFox

    [WTS] Lifenet Pants x10

    sold out!
  20. Send me them Offers.
  21. FoxFox

    When are we going to get stack splitting back?

    Until they fix Duping, Split remains gone.
  22. FoxFox

    [WTS] Lifenet Pants x10

    Bam, 1 sold.