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  1. Everything you said was spot-on, but this, this quote here, made me want to cry happy tears of joy. I love you for this.
  2. I made a dumb decision and got rid of my last one. Regretting it deeply. Thereby, looking to overpay (BY ALOT) You: FFA R&D III Me: ursus corsair medusa cap40 bullshark $300k and a 3 slot cisco with the Armas body kit on it (chimera i think it is called.) Literally every gun I have, every dollar I have to my name, and the only car in my possession that's tradeable. I'm willing to CLEAN MYSELF OUT here. PM me, or respond in this thread.
  3. Taking into consideration all the mandated social distancing/self-isolation, my life is about to radically change stay exactly the same. Thanks for the free month, guys. I knew ya'll were BAMFs.
  4. As equally as calling someone out for being incisive and subversive is not bullying, but rather, attempting to stop a bully -- it is also not complaining. I recognize and agree with what you are saying but that is not a topic that the forums are mature or focused enough to handle as it is a matter of perspective and broadness of scope that is truly inconceivable to the average APB player...as you can see here, even with multiple requests in the OP that this thread stay on topic and remain free of any drama-starting, it happened anyway. This is why I mentioned in PVE's thread that we have to change if we want change. In order for the true breadth of the issues in the game to be acknowledged, and then addressed, we have to be of a higher quality and more tempered mettle than we are, and only then will (because of perspectives growing in conjunction with broadening of viewpoint) will the average APB player have enough of what we called 'game sense' in the professional circuit to actually know what needs doing, let alone realize the true crux of the issues we face.
  5. Misery's recoil is in-line with where it should be as an AR and the recoil doesn't ramp, the crosshair bloom does -- but it doesn't bloom at all until after the 3rd bullet which means you can fire 3 rounds with literally 0 crosshair growth, let go for a split second, and fire the next two rounds with the same benefit. It is literally a casual obeya rifle with 5m less range and comparable recoil mechanics. (I think in the game assets it was literally called 'casualobeya' prior to its release.) I actually 100% agree with you on strife. It doesn't need a health or hard damage nerf, I don't think it needs pellet spread tightening or a range nerf (due to pellets being far too spread for it to actually do any good at 15m vs. anything but cars) and the reasonable tradeoff for its ability to delete cars AND people (and oneshot fragile, hah) is that it is ABSOLUTELY the slowest shotgun.... it has the highest skill floor of all the shotguns available, but if you are capable of utilizing footwork/WASDancing while simultaneously taking disciplined, patient aim before firing instead of falling to the JG/CSG tendency to spam max fire rate and spray pellets til the red name dies, you can pretty consistently out-gun both of the aforementioned. There is not a single gun in the game aside from pistols (and even then, non-magnum-ammo pistols) that I can conceive of being capable of jumpshooting with any measure of accuracy. The scout, anubis, and dog ear can jump shoot up to something like 20-30 meters with absolutely unnecessary accuracy. There is no need for any gun at any point to be able to absolutely dominate at all play ranges, no matter how high the skill floor is. Slap CJ3 on a sitting duck, practice jump shots, and you can massacre EVERYONE at EVERY range with something like 70-80% consistency, with two exceptions being someone who is point-blank on you because they were corner camping, and conversely a DMR/heavy HVR between 90-100m. That's the furthest thing from 'balanced' you could possibly get. ACT and RSA got minor accuracy buffs recently. I can tell heavily on the ACT. It's visceral and very noticeable. The RSA feels 100% unchanged, and with the same regularity feels as though its crosshair is 'lying' to me (meaning that the crosshair plainly shows I should not have missed the shot, but somehow have missed the shot.) Maybe the RSA needs a range boost over the ACT in lieu of another accuracy buff, or it needs another accuracy buff. Or a VERY MINOR ROF buff. But compared to the ACT which has identical range, it will get out-ttk'd because the ACT will now more consistently land 4 shots at 69m than RSA will land 3 at the same range. OCSP is amazeballs IMO if you use it in a fashion that's a bit outside the box. It can reliably land shots all the way up to draw distance and while it will only be hitting for mosquito bites at that range, it's still a free Tagger for you and your teammates to use to keep an eye on a sniper, or anybody who happens to be at that range for any reason...heck, I'd use the OCSP for a free draw-distance tag AS a sniper just so I can more easily keep an eye on someone that keeps dipping between 99-101 meters on a defense objective or something. Basically I don't know if OCSP was really intended to be a gun whose primary function was to be TTK-competitive with FBW and .45 as much as it is a solid mid-range pistol ith good accuracy, OR literally free tagger at any distance thanks to its insane accuracy but smol damage.
  6. I don't think a slower fire-rate would address it. I think damage values ought to be adjusted. That would make the gun less capable of pushing every other gun (again, aside from snipers on deep-roof dig-ins) out of its play-zone and pigeonholing them into its own. I believe if you adjust the STK and leave the ROF alone, it is likely that less RNG (depending on whether you use RS3 or HS3, seeing as how the carbine's intent, as all 'semi-auto rifle's' intent, was to be versatile) would be acceptable. Once upon a time the carbine was the ultra-versatile answer to CQC and mid range, the obeya rifle was the ultra-versatile answer to ARs and snipers who made the mistake of engaging from less than 75m, and the OBIR was the answer to snipers at all ranges (although OBIR still successfully fills the 'anti-kevlar' role it was designed for.) Since OBIR is able to get off 3 bursts before HVR with CJ3 can get off 2 shots, it was an effective anti-sniper. The risk/reward was that due to the overdamage it did, it was able to engage an HVR at mostly any range and win IF you landed all 3 bursts, but if you missed the 3rd burst you needed to IMMEDIATELY dive for cover because trying to be cocky and go for a 4th burst would most certainly get you dead as dead could be. Quickswitching changed all that - and I'm deeply happy QSing was changed... I'm drifting. Point being, I think all the semi-autos are not in the place that they were designed for anymore, and could do with adjustment. I believe leaving the ROF on the carbine but upping the STK could appropriately balance it having a tighter crosshair when paired with either RS3 or HS3, but it ought to probably remain somewhat loose if neither accuracy mod is used.
  7. There's no implication. It's not even remotely inferred. Preferring gear-based PVP over skill-based PVP is legitimate and valid. Most MMOs that are PVP-centric (although few of them are shooters) are gearbased and not skillbased. You are one of the most blatantly negative people I have seen on this forum and I am struggling to think of anything you have said recently on any post in any thread that was remotely constructive or added anything useful to the topic, you don't even make counter-suggestions when you try to cut the legs out from under someone as you are doing here. If you don't like what was proposed here, make a counter-suggestion. But I hve reason to believe you don't actually have anything to suggest, seeing as how you are crapping on these suggestions as well as PVE's, and in neither thread did you say anything that would lend to being a positive remark, as much as said derisive things that equate to you doing your best to derail the intended topic of conversation* without being able to be accused of outright flaming.
  8. I literally only added that poll option in an effort to be unbiased. There's no judgement attached to that poll option, it is a valid opinion and preference to have. The reason I made votes anonymous instead of showing the names and publicizing who voted for what, was specifically to ensure that there was no judgement placed on someone's vote. Edit: No, I personally do not think it's the right direction to move a PvP game in, but it is not my game to make that decision. This is a publicly available game, on a Freemium business model that is available on Steam. If I were to assume that my opinions of what the game should be, relating to mechanics, were "right", that would make me a terribly bad sport and an awfully self-important piece of crap.
  9. I am a proponent of LO's most recent decision to withhold the actual stat numbers of the currently proposed shotgun changes in an effort to discourage theory-crafting. The end result of theory-crafting is oftentimes similar to what you'd see in Warframe, where people make builds for their frames/weapons that perform vastly differently in the Simulacrum than they do during actual play... when you can restrict the testing of your theorized build to the closed/sandboxed environment of a very small area with disproportionately thick mob density, the build is going to naturally more accurately hit the mark on the theorized performance, but when taken out into organic mission instances, performs extremely differently and in most cases will be comparatively underwhelming (though personal experience can attest to the reverse effect occasionally being the case.) In the instance of these two guns, I can unashamedly admit that maybe what you propose for the PMG is more acceptable, but the carbine is as it stands currently able to lay the smack down in unrelenting amounts to pretty much any gun that falls within its range as any gun that has a comparable TTK is going to be much more difficult to control aside from perhaps the huntress, and in all instances of guns that reach beyond 35 meters, abusing car play makes it to where the only guns that are literally beyond its reach are the longest-ranged weapons that are typically used from rooftops and other places where cars can't just let you 'run up and gun up.' Primarily this tends towards referencing sniper rifles, as most folks using the OBIR, Obeya Rifle, NTEC (and variants) may occasionally go for higher ground, they rarely choose a plot of high ground that is completely inaccessible to carplayers. Snipers are the only class of weapon that seem to primarily lean on the rooftops and other high-ground environments that require several ladders and a minor "jump puzzle" to get to, being that they are intending to set up for a solid defend-camp. Nothing against camping with the intended weapon in the right scenario, as that's intended gameplay, but the point remains that a car capable of taking a few bullets allows the carbine to, in essence, 'bully' pretty much any gun out of a spot where it's given an environmental advantage over the carbine's consistency of achievable TTK. If you can jump out of a car on someone (given you're smart enough to jump out on the side that doesn't expose you to being shot) you're nearly guaranteed to beat out every gun with a slower ttk, most guns with a comparable ttk, and even some guns with a faster ttk depending on whether or not the opposed player is capable of keeping their cool and not falling victim to User Input Error based on the sudden panic that tends to come with being carplayed against when they are running a loadout that does not counter carplay. Try to keep in mind that carplay lets higher rank players heavily abuse the fact that lower rank players have 0 anti-vehicle options that offer any versatility, being that their sole choice is an ALIG and literally nobody mains ALIG because it's a garbage anti-personnel weapon due to (humorously enough) having full out garbage bullet RNG when firing on people instead of cars.
  10. Doxxing? What is that, do you mean DDOSing? This is a trend that has been alive and well in the hacker community since the 1990s, but it is now become a major threat to anyone who uses the internet. Doxxing involves researching the details of people’s lives. The purpose of this practice is either to expose that person to legal prosecution, to embarrass the victim, to draw criticism towards that person, or to cause them physical harm. People’s lives have been ruined by doxxing. Some doxxing attacks have lead to a mass campaign of public shaming, the online equivalent of mobbing. The effects have caused people to lose their jobs, their families, and even their homes. Targets of major doxxing attacks have been forced into hiding and have had to delete all of their online accounts and change their identities. What the hell does doxing even mean, then? The term “doxxing” derives from a hacker word for “documents.” “Documents” became “docs” and then “dox.” When you “dox” someone, you are documenting their personal information. The important pieces of information you can find out are a person’s social security number, their address, telephone number, email address, social media profile names, place of work, details of relatives, partners and children, and so on. The term first surfaced in the 1990s when hackers would dox a rival out of spite. In this case, the doxxing focused on identifying the hacker and his misdeeds and turning those details over to the authorities to get him arrested. Okay but like, what the hell is the point of that? Doxing is a weapon that has primarily been used for malicious and evil intent. The Anonymous movement and its associates on the 4Chan message board are particularly keen on using doxxing as a way to punish enemies. 4Chan has millions of members, and a hate campaign launched against a celebrity or company leader on that site can be very destructive. As doxing is often fueled by the need for revenge, the victim doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad person -- however, the attacker garners support by making false accusations against that person and publishing the contact details of the target. This was the case with Kyle Quinn, a biomedical engineer at the University of Arkansas. He was identified as taking part in a neo-nazi rally. However, it was simply a case of mistaken identity — the marcher looked a bit like him. Once doxxers got involved, however, his life, that of his family, friends, and colleagues became hell. Lol sure big deal I doubt anybody else has had it that bad. Actually, this dude got off easy. He was fortunate that he had actually been in a public place on the night and had several colleagues from the University’s administration as witnesses to his innocence. The resources of the University helped him survive the attacks. Few people are that lucky. Jessica Leonhardt of Florida launched a tirade on YouTube against 4Chan users back in 2010. For some reason, the 11-year-old had been accused on 4Chan of having sex with a member of the band, Blood on the Dancefloor. Thanks to doxxing, which revealed Jessica’s address and contact information, the young girl was overwhelmed with attacks both online, in person, and through email, phone and chat apps. Her father got involved and posted a video in defense of his daughter to threaten those attackers to back down. The trolls had a field day. Within a year, Jessica’s father was dead of a stress-induced heart attack and the young girl was taken away to a mental institution. Are you really using the meme Jessi Slaughter to example the damage it causes? She's still a human being and there was still a human cost, and aside that, god forbid an 11 year old act like a child and be forgiven for acting like a child. But if you want the mechanical breakdown, arguments on social media , video games, or literally any other online venue can escalate to false accusations and a hate campaign. Doxxing adds teeth to these disputes, leading to psychological destruction or even physical attacks. Doxxing takes cyberbullying to the next level. Dude it's the fucking internet, calm down it doesn't REALLY hurt anyone... Research presented at the 2017 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting revealed the number of children admitted to hospitals for attempted suicide or expressing suicidal thoughts doubled between 2008 and 2015. Much of the rise is linked to an increase in cyberbullying (Source: CNN). More teen suicides are also now attributed in some way to cyberbullying (1, 2, 3) than ever before. Furthermore, young males are most likely to commit suicide than females, although teen suicides overall were up between 2000 and 2017..... It appears bullying has effects beyond self-harm. Javelin Research finds that children who are bullied are 9 times more likely to be the victims of identity fraud as well. If they're so weak that words from people on the internet made them kill themselves then that's their problem. Well, one, you're a soulless piece of literal garbage for feeling that way, but two, it actually even goes beyond convincing them to self-harm and takes it to full on falsified information being used to get SWAT vans sent to people's homes. Wait, what? Are you serious? Now that doxxing can reveal the identity of an enemy on the other side of the world, prank attacks have intensified into seriously life-threatening situations. These attacks are known as SWATTING. In a SWATTING attack, the perpetrator poses as the victim, but doesn’t call pizza parlors. He posts threats to shoot up the school and bomb football stadiums in a faked online account. The attacker makes sure to expose the discovered contact details of the victim to lead a trail to the target’s house. Alternatively, the attacker simply phones in an anonymous accusation to the local police claiming that the victim has a bomb and is plotting a terrorist attack. A SWAT team or other police force then arrives on the front lawn, fully hyped up and armed. SWATTING is becoming an increasingly common form of revenge and could not be practiced without doxxing. Ok but that was just Chris Brown, Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift...that's never happened to normal people. Wrong again. In a 2017 incident, two Call of Duty gamers falling out over a $1.50 bet resulted in a death thanks to SWATTING and flawed doxxing. Tyler Barriss of Los Angeles called the police in Wichita, Kansas, claiming to have shot someone and that he also held two hostages. The police SWAT team immediately went in force to the address. When Andrew Finch walked out of the house to find out what was going on, the SWAT team shot him dead. Neither Barriss nor Finch were involved in the original Call of Duty dispute. Bayliss was acting on behalf of the disgruntled bet loser and acquired the wrong address for the target. That address was the home of Finch’s mother, whom he was visiting at the time. Can I get a tl;dr dude you talk too much Cyberbullying, witch hunting, net mobbing, hatesquadding, falsifying claims about people, and sharing their IRL personal info, has taken lives, and it isn't just suicide -- the horrible human beings who practice these tactics have gone so far as to get SWAT teams called to people's homes, at which point the police open fire at the first sign of a clear shot, over A DISPUTE REGARDING ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS ($1.50 is apparently how much a human life costs to a cyberbully.) Primary source, with many thanks given to the OP. You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Those of you who know who you are, know exactly who you are. There are specific people I am talking to, if you do not think you are one of them because you don't escalate shit-talking in-game to this kind of level, then this isn't about you -- but SEVERAL PEOPLE have specifically threatened ME with doxing by ambiguously saying 'get doxxed lol' or similar phrases. Awareness saves lives. Well, that, and a modicum of integrity, self respect, and consideration for other human beings than one's self, I guess.
  11. Destroy all that which is evil, so that which is good may flourish. Veritas aequitas. In nomini patri et fili spiritus sanctus. Semper fidelis, brothers...
  12. This document's contents intends to make APB's rock-paper-scissors gameplay based on weapon class as a baseline (AR as scissors, shotgun as rock, marksman as paper) instead of fleshing out the gameplay type and keeping the guns unique within their class (cobra barber scissors, atac poultry shears, misery embroidery scissors....) And actually to kind of keep with my euphemism here, if ARs are scissors, the NTEC is and has always been for a long time that all-purpose pair of scissors your mother keeps in the junk drawer in the kitchen that she uses to open packages, cut your hair, and trim the dingleberries off the dog's patootie when they start to clump up -- and your adjustments here seek to take trauma shears made out of high grade surgical steel, as well as a pair of hedge trimmers used to do landscaping, and make both of them look and function almost identically to the junk-drawer, all-purpose, dingleberry-cutting scissors with the indestructible plastic thumb holes your mom refuses to replace because somehow they never actually need to be sharpened thanks to some inexplicable form of dollar-store sorcery. I get what your reasons are for the changes described here. I'm 100% positive that it will remove the variety and uniqueness of the guns and still make them useless compared to the contact rentable guns for the opposite reason: they're too similar to each other and therefore there would be no real reason beyond aesthetics to spend G1C/JT on acquiring them. If they are all equally as effective as each other within a negligible margin of applicable difference, it would make every gun a remesh/reskin of each other and essentially bring every class of gun back down to only having 2 types of guns per class. Yes I understand there are 'technical differences' between the guns as you are describing them by stats, but when put to play-testing the applicable differences would be, as I said, negligible. Which, in the end, would be time and effort spent by the dev team to make the guns represent your proposal, only to leave them literally as purposeless as they currently are, except they wouldn't suffer from not being competitive like they currently do, they'd just....be fancy skins and sounds on the same old same old same old guns we've had since launch. Edit: I 100% agree with the idea that RNG based guns need to be less RNG based, but in exchange for that, they need to have SLOWER TTK. I am extremely suspect of the idea of making both the PMG and Carbine "more accurate" when every PMG and carbine I face off against somehow manages to have 80+% accuracy from LITERALLY any range within its current "effective range" value. Consistently PMG users seem to be able to not only track perfectly but additionally completely remove the 'rng' nature of the gun because 5 shots are fired and 5 shots land about 90% of the time when fighting a PMG in asylum, and 6 shots are fired and 6 shots land from the carbine on ANY map at ANY range it seems. Outside 35m it doesnt kill in 6 shots but I'll be damned if they don't still land all 6 shots. And it's very clear, as you can listen and count the gunshot sounds up to your death. Well, MY death. So the insistence that two guns that people use that seem to only miss 1-3 bullets per magazine, need to be made MORE accurate and less RNG based, is incredibly suspicious to me. I wonder if you would recommend the same for the .45 and additionally give it another bullet in the mag just in case....
  13. Multiple instances of JG with IR3 test-firing on CSG with IR3 on both stationary and moving targets (for stationary, distance was first 10m and then 14m which is CSG/TAS intended optimal play range without IR, and maxes out on JG's literal effective range WITH IR3, while the moving target testing varied between a reasonable 8-17m) ended with JG winning 8/10 engagements, with 5 tests done for stationary, 5 for moving, and the CSG NOT ONCE having been capable of a 2 pump kill, one 3 pump kill during the winning 10 meter stationary test, and a ridiculous 5 pump kill on the winning 'movement' test which was also on the lower end of the approximated distance. During the movement testing, it took 5 pumps (and lost the other 4 engagements) very clearly due to missed pellets despite having patiently lined up and fired on center mass, as 50% of the pellets (at the very least) were visibly not landing. And that can be attributed to netcode, accuracy loss from movement, whatever. Plenty of reasonable excuses why it was user error, net error, reg error, etc. I'd like to hear viable explanations as to why the CSG/TAS lost 4/5 stationary engagements and could not land 100% of its pellets on a target 10m away where both combatants ensured that crosshairs lay on center mass prior to combat starting... if you mean to tell me that it is not intended to be a 2 pump kill at 10m then I do not understand its purpose comparatively between the JG or Shredder. And the worst part is, the 1 win the CSG enjoyed during the stationary testing, seemed to be attributed to the fact that the JG user clicked too quickly on their fourth pump causing it to not shoot, which most definitely would've ended me, as after the 3rd pump I was a TG-8 dart from death thanks to the JG's pellets spread and damage-per-pellet being spaced out so that an approximate 25% of pellets missed per pump....but again...the CSG was missing 0 of 21 pellets and didn't kill until the third pump, at what realistically ought to be considered the CSG/TAS' intended niche range. There is something to be said for the fact that both pump shotguns are intended to fill a very similar niche and comparing them against each other, and not against other cqc weapons is perhaps nitpicky due to them both being solid options vs. short range carbines, oscar, and (all but one) SMG if you are closer than 10m. But even then, the JG was clearly the more consistent, reliable choice, and IDK any player including myself that would sacrifice reliability/consistency for the very mild potential to have a somewhat better damage output at ranges where the CSG's 21 pellets have a considerable potential to miss 50% despite being within the 'effective range' of the gun without IR3. I believe the damage values need reversing, or the pellet count needs reversing. It stands to reason, to me, that the more pellets a shotgun puts out, the more damage it ought to be doing. JG's approximate 85x12 (hard capped at 775) damage output from a single pump compared to CSG's 40x21 (hard capped at 620) output from VERY comparable ranges thanks to the CSG's inability to land 100% of pellets at it's unmodded maxed effective range, is really bonkers. CSG needs to be brought in-line to be CONSISTENT and RELIABLE of its own stat-based accord, not counting the user's input, OR the JG needs to be adjusted so that it is just as fickle and temperamental as the CSG dependent on the user's everything including internet and framerate. tl;dr neither gun is bad but one is clearly consistently better than the other vs. each other and the same one is consistently more reliable vs nonshotguns at the same effective ranges the inferior one is meant to excel in. But if you can make the CSG 2 pump with equal consistency as, and at greater range than the JG, either beyond their effective range with IR3 or within the effective range without IR3, I would really appreciate a class on how to make it happen, cap'n. No sarcasm, I really mean that. Because if it is simply something I'm doing wrong by trying to play the guns to their stats and intention, I would really really like to know, eing that I have 3 seperate versions of the CSG/TAS that more or less collect dust because of its consistent inability to achieve 2 shot kills outside of a JG's unmodded range. I mean sure I can make it 2 pump within 7 meters, but why would I choose a CSG over a JG if I'm going to be restricted to that distance anyway... Sorry for the novella. Game mechanics are fascinating to me and I care a lot about APB's future. Weapon balance seems to be a polarizing subject and is equally as likely to put the game to death if done wrong (unsatisfactorily to the community), as it is to revive it with gusto if done correctly (makes err'body happy.).
  14. From my playtesting, the changes that have been made in this district fall well short of their intention. JG with IR3 still beats CSG with Ir3, Strife with IR3, and Shredder (unmodded.) And NFAS is actually MORE overpowered than it was previously. If the intention was to move shotguns back into their niche of JG at point blank and CSG being somewhat range-capable, it was not achieved. CSG still feels more or less useless compared to the JG with IR3. And Somehow, now the NFAS is actually equally as viable with CJ3 as it is with IR3. Doesn't feel like these changes hit the mark you guys were aiming for. Stil waiting for District A to populate so it can be playtested.
  15. And I personally heavily support that rock-paper-scissors style of gameplay And while I feel there are no 'useless' guns, I DO feel as though many of the guns that weren't part of the base game, have delineated from that intention and I would frankly like to see them brought in-line with that again. Although, this is kind of precisely what I mean by 'nerf the meta or buff the submeta.' By and large the reasons the meta guns ARE the meta, would be because they are extremely generalized comparatively. While the G1 guns fit into niches really well, the original guns fit general scenarios in the rock-paper-scissors style. Rock-paper-scissors, in this context, will almost always be able to beat lizard, spock, dynamite, wizard, and dinner plate. The 'almost' is the reason I dont think the submeta is 'useless.' But it certainy does not feel like they are legitimately on a level you could consider 'competitive'.
  16. I didn't really say 'jack of all trades all situations' I agree with what you're saying completely but in order to know what guns need what adjustments, that straight line needs to be established definitively. s an example, I am consistently told by people that the ISSR-A is a useless gun and serves no purpose/has no place among the assault rifles, as 'every other assault rifle can outperform its every function.' I have been told the same thing about the Rabid, that it is 'pointless to use because many other LMGs can fill its role.' I don't agree with these statements at all, but it seems to be a commonly shared perception among the average player. Truth be told from what I can tell it seems like most veteran players want to go back to the days of RTW where there are ONLY two guns per gun type. NTEC STAR, JG NFAS, HVR DMR, Obeya OBIR, OCA PMG, SHAW ALIG...when these conversations/arguments about 'useless guns' are had, what I can gather (and occasionally has been said outright) by RTW-era vets, is that they think all these extra guns are stupid and the game ought to go back to having fewer guns. ...which would be the only thing that would kill this game for me. Pretty much exclusively the only thing that's fun for me is the extreme variety in the arsenal and how the gunplay among gun types is so varied and different from gun to gun.
  17. In this instance I am speaking solely on guns and PERHAPS weapon mods, but before we can address any specifics like you mentioned, there needs to be a baseline set for those things to be adjusted towards so, my primary intention here is standardizing unslotted/unmodded guns. You cannot know where to build/how to adjust/which gimmicks to remove until there is a standard/baseline set for what is, without modifications or any gimmicks at all, 'balanced.' Personally I think step #1 is going to be removing mechanics from guns that reward bad aim instead of punishing it. This is a PVP shooter that plays at being an e-sport, I do not think guns should be built to be 'more accessible' to people who are not good at shooters/cannot aim. The entire intention of shotgun raycasting, it seemed, was to 'make shotguns more forgiving and accessible to people' meaning to me that it was intended to reward players who were unskilled and had poor aim and could not land their pellets. There is absolutely no logic behind weapon mechanics that are 'forgiving of unskilled players' being added to guns that are on the cash shop/earned through JT grind (aka endgame content). The reason the FBW is still one of the most used secondaries among players of all 'ages' (veterans/new players) is because it is extremely forgiving of player error. But that's the point of it being a starting weapon, as with the STAR. They are given as the first guns, because they are considerably more forgiving of UIE (user input error.) You should not be rewarded for constantly screwing up.
  18. All I can say is you guys are geniuses for making Asylum into the weapon test district. Seriously. At least, for shotguns. I'd count this as a surefire way to get players involved and actually playing the changes, as well as witholding the actual stats to avoid theory-crafting in lieu of actual usage. Hopefully people don't decide to just be obstinate and outright refuse to play the weapon test districts.
  19. Power creep refers to the practice of applying a higher-than-normal power level to new content over time. It basically means if you drew a graph of the average power level of everything in the game over time, it would be sloping upward. The opposite of sloping upward is sloping downward. While there is no term for power 'regression' it is mainly due to the overwhelming opinion that it would, by and large, only anger and frustrate the players. In this game, the answer to what was becoming a steady trend of power creep, was the bullet curves system and when it was implemented seemed to be received highly negatively. Although everyone seems to agree that balance is an issue that needs addressing, nobody seems to agree on how it ought to be done on a weapon by weapon basis. Multiple discussions (read: arguments, fights, and other volatile interactions, as this topic is HIGHLY debated and leads to more than a few people become extremely heated) recently have made it apparent that there is a large portion of players that find more than 'just a few' weapons have no place in the game as their purpose is filled more capably by the current META, thus leaving many to already feel as though their $ was wasted, or their time/effort spent to earn the JT and buy the weapon in game was wasted, leaving a bitter taste in their mouth and furthering the discontent that seems to be rife within the playerbase among both new players and veterans. This poll is simple: The idea is that balance is achieved when the power levels of all implemented weapons are more or less 'standardized' across the whole of the game and are made competitive and fair for F2P and Premium players, veterans and new players -- that 'balance' has been achieved when the only advantage in the game is had on an experience level, skill level, map knowledge level etc. and is not dependent upon the gun you are using, bringing ALL guns to a place where they are competitive, enjoyable to use, and capable of standing against the current META (most effective tactic available.)... TL;DR people are unhappy with how guns are currently, but also seem unhappy with how the guns are being adjusted, so instead of having LO waste their time which could be better spent on more important content development/game fixes and updates (like the engine) by implementing changes, and then repeatedly rolling them back, let's help them figure out what kind of changes OVERALL we, as the playerbase, want to see in the guns. There are two straightforward options that will most effectively achieve balance across the board and should (conceivably, fingers crossed) satisfactorily apply a literal baseline to build towards in the future, as trying to adjust each weapon individually with no 'baseline' to compare to, no standard to measure against, is simply that -- adjustment, not balance. 1: Buff the sub-meta to be comparable and competitive with the current meta. 2: Nerf the current meta to be comparable and competitive with the sub-meta. Important Edit!: Buffing/nerfing is by no means generalizing all the guns. It is intended to mean adjusting the guns niches, and their balancing factors, to be more competetive with each other in relation to the environment. The meta is currently capable of reaching well beyond/extending far beyond its intended niche, while the sub-meta is far too specialized/has too strong of balancing factors for the niche it fills. This is something I likely should have stated, but for some reason to me it felt it should have been taken as a given that this was the intention and not that I was suggesting we generalize all the guns/remove the rock-paper-scissors style of gameplay that APB has always enjoyed. Balance is only achieved when one of these two is achieved, and fiddling with all of the guns weapon by weapon has so far only served to polarize (to the extreme) the community and damage the game's longevity. Please stick to the topic at hand -- this thread is not intended to discuss what the current META is, or anything at all beyond how to most effectively achieve weapon balance across all weapons and make the game fairer, more playable, and more enjoyable across the board. This thread is not to discuss individual weapons and how to balance them either. It is very specifically to get the playerbase's thoughts and feelings on whether or not balance should be scaled upwards, or downwards, so that the dev team can have a goal to aim for that will be represented as the desires and preference of the playerbase. If you do not vote you are opting out of your chance to be heard and make a difference and thereby cannot blame anyone but yourself if changes are implemented you do not like. In the spirit of maintaining the constructive intention and purpose of this thread, I would ask that any forum moderators please delete any posts that they feel are solely inflammatory and do not lend towards a civil, useful discourse.
  20. Close this please, I've already gotten my FFA
  21. I have the guns you'd want (Ursus, thunder, duck, ogre, etc) I will not trade more than 15mil worth of guns for it, several experienced traders for the Jericho market (citadel and Jericho's economy differs) have told me it's not worth any more than 15mil. PM me here and we can exchange info.
  22. Both of your responses are exactly what I'm talking about, as if it's bad stupid(edited for redundancy) to be positive and nice to people, or something. Can't you just act like a REAL human being for two seconds? How awful is it to just be god damn nice? Literally both of you are doing EXACTLY what I mean. There was no need for that. At all. But you have to come in here and take it personally, as if I mentioned your names directly and said this was about you. If you took it personally that's on you. But dude yeah, for the record? It's bad to be bad and do bad things and people should feel bad for doing bad things. It's called a deterrent. If you don't like feeling bad when you do something bad, maybe don't do bad things, instead of making excuses for why you're not bad because of your circumstances, or justifying why it's ok for you to be bad because of this or that. And by bad, I mean harmful. Good is helpful, bad is harmful. It's not subjective, it's just what it is.
  23. So far, my absolute favorite thing about LittleOrbit is their absolute dedication to the idea of transparency and trying to encourage candid, honest conversations with the playerbase. This is not so much a suggestion as a request... Any player worth their salt in this game utilizes APBDB.com to get the actual numbers for their weapon stats so that they can more effectively utilize their gun -- however, APBDB.com is limited to only the information that has been released by, and confirmed by the devs. I cannot express how important it is that the weapon curves graphs be released so that they can be added to the database, because so far as I can recall, the only graph that has ever been released was the one for the NTEC. The Curves data is absolutely essential to be able to most effectively utilize the guns that are on the Weapon Curves system. With the way the game mechanics are set, and then purposefully made as literally ambiguous as possible by the in-game UI, the database is our only way to access information on gun stats that is unequivocally essential to gameplay. But Weapon Curves is easily 2/3rds of a gun's "effective range" data, which in a game where powercreep was (thankfully!) replaced by damage falloff balancing, is information that any serious player needs in order to compete... And aside from that, allowing the playerbase access to the Weapon Curves data would help US as players, help YOU as devs, make better choices for weapon balance to make everyone happy.
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