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  1. So you have a problem given people a choice to PVE and or PVP? The PVE is what brought me to the game.
  2. Yes, yes it will. I'm keeping the faith. I come into the forum now and then to see if there is any news, I even click the admin tracker in hopes of seeing something about Fallen Earth. Just keep the faith baby, just keep the faith!
  3. One little update would make a lot of folks feel better. The forums are right here make a post, Devs even just to say HI to the player base!
  4. Your character is going to be wiped with the reboot anyway.
  5. Sure, I'd also throw my hat in the ring. To be able to play my favorite game again would be worth the money! Give me the server files and I would be happy to rent a server to host the game.
  6. Well all I can say is there should be no difference in hit box per gender only in height.
  7. Plattmaster is a good starter weapon. You have to think that when you enter the game is 100's of years after the bombs fell so the zip gun was phased out and better weapons developed.
  8. Just keep an eye out for the DEV updates to learn more.
  9. Will Blood Sports be included in the rebuild?
  10. I signed but knowing that Little Orbit has it as number 3 in it's list for reboot I think it will be forgotten and thrown out in the end. I will say Little Orbit please don't forget about us and Fallen Earth fans.
  11. I miss Fallen Earth. I 'm have withdraws!
  12. slerk

    The End

    I understand that the removal of the clan vaults was some time ago and I would come back to play but what killed the game for me is when they removed the clan vaults. It might not seem like much but the fact is I had a lot of stuff I bought off the Marketplace(real money stuff) that is now gone. They should think before acting.
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