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  1. That’s because there’s nothing going on with FE at this point— probably never will be. At least that’s what I’ve reserved myself to thinking. It’s a real shame, because there’s no other mmorpg like it.
  2. As everyone can see Matt posted an update on their progress today which is very good. I can’t help but feel the petition has partially helped this motion! Keep signing and sharing everyone!
  3. Thank you for a very in depth update!
  4. Let me know if you get the discord link man Thanks everyone who signed but make sure to share the petition with friends. This needs TRACTION!!! So the devs hear our voices!
  5. Well if we’re going to be heard, you need to share the petition or do whatever you can to get the word out Thank you
  6. Any new updates? This looks great!
  7. Hey all, I found some petition for a reboot by a guy named Boris. Anyway, he just wants the devs to see how many people are gonna sign it so they get an idea of how many people really want the reboot. You can sign it here https://www.change.org/p/little-orbit-revive-fallen-earth?recruiter=1131518156&recruited_by_id=df7349e0-c666-11ea-8bbf-7b89c0384853&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=petition_dashboard
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