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  1. Yes* I fixed some bugs that broke functionality, the default builds were not changed. For full transparency, hose default builds were only ever intended as a template to start from. *As a side note ....the only missing parts at the moment are the new skills being listed on the web component (they are working in the desktop component, though) so as far as things go I believe its just as up to date as the other 2 planners in circulation. AFAIK my math is still more accurate for trade-skills calculation and a few other math bits. Full details on what I fixed/added is here
  2. http://www.tacticalexstudios.com/projects/fecp.html Comes with some base builds that have a focus like sniper or healer. They are good to start from and customize to your liking.
  3. Everyone is starting from 0. You must be mistaken. "many people who's accounts seem to all still have their old stuff from back when the servers went down" things are NOT as it seems. Sure, its a bit of a grind to get back to top tier gear but I'm having fun going though it all again. Best of luck in the wasteland!
  4. I revived the Fallen Earth Character Planner. There were a few bugs that had to be resolved and the application is showing its age but it's up and running now! Read about it here: Fallen Earth Character Planner by Tactical Ex Get it here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/feplanner/ Revision list: =============================== Fallen Earth Character Planner Created by Tactical Ex Revision notes Version 2.6.0.x =============================== [0] New Features [1] Enhancements planned for next version [2] Known Bugs [3] Bug fix log [3] Fixed broken Stats, skills and mutation browser window. Opening these windows no longer showed the information and instead a blank white box and sometimes an error message. This was caused by an expired certificate. I removed any signing on my end to avoid this from happening in the future if the project cannot be updated simply to update the signature. This will cause some security warnings that did not occur before in some cases but there is no actual security issue. [3] Fixed the redirect issue with "View in browser". When clicking on "View in browser" the page would redirect to an error page. Site migration broke the redirect rules. In order to avoid this the link generated by the character planner desktop application was changed. Note that this is a HACK but was done this way to avoid creating additional bugs as attempting to isolate the redirect rules to just tacticalexstudios domain introduces risk for the other hosted sites. Know that resolving issues like this in the future does not require a new release of the character planner. If a problem like this occurs please report the issue and check back later. [3] About information updated to reflect new developers and publishers. [3] About links updated to direct users to updated forums location. [3] About link to download new versions fixed. [2] The web component is missing the new skills like "Desperado" (Pistol skill). These were added to Fallen Earth after this character planner stopped being supported. These skill information screens DO exist in the desktop application because of how the desktop application gets the information dynamically but the web application is static. There are no plans to amend this issue. If any fix is made it will be remaking the character planner with new technology. [1] A new installer. The old installer is no longer available at a reasonable cost. Expect future installations to look a bit different. Enjoy! Please comment here with any questions and requests. If you feel like tossing a few chips my way for the effort you can send it to "Tacticalex" in-game
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