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  1. I can't understand why? This game is on life support. The promise of reviving this poor thing is long gone. The only ones that are playing can't let nostalgia die. Look at the stats, 20 people a day are on. The new devs should make this into a single player game and end its suffering. Hell, APB is in the old folks home, slurping on jello.
  2. All clothing have special bonuses. all provide some protection to Slashing, Piercing, Crushing, Fire, Cold, Electricity, Poison, Acid, Radiation or protection from mutation powers. There are some that provide buffs and de buffs to your stats. Nothing needs to be added of changed.
  3. I preformed a malware analysis on this file. I will not go into detail but there's an ambiguous indicators in the file and I would re frame from installing this to your computer.
  4. I had it back in the day and still use it today!
  5. Glad to see you know to come to the forums to start a needless thread instead of waiting and trying again later.
  6. Where are the Clan Managers? I checked sector 1 and 2.
  7. So you have a problem given people a choice to PVE and or PVP? The PVE is what brought me to the game.
  8. Yes, yes it will. I'm keeping the faith. I come into the forum now and then to see if there is any news, I even click the admin tracker in hopes of seeing something about Fallen Earth. Just keep the faith baby, just keep the faith!
  9. One little update would make a lot of folks feel better. The forums are right here make a post, Devs even just to say HI to the player base!
  10. Your character is going to be wiped with the reboot anyway.
  11. Sure, I'd also throw my hat in the ring. To be able to play my favorite game again would be worth the money! Give me the server files and I would be happy to rent a server to host the game.
  12. Well all I can say is there should be no difference in hit box per gender only in height.
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