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  1. Going to ask is there going to be a way we can donate money to making fallen earth reboot happen. not expecting faster as we all know first hand what happens when devs try to butt rush a game out for cash and what not. i would like to ask this question as i do want to ensure we can get this game back, not for me but for others, and all the cash isnt funneled down to apb. if this is a possabley i would liek to know, and like to have a backing or what ever the fucking ensuring all donated money for the project isnt going to apb or some other shit like that. becuase i rather not have anyone at LO dealing with that shit storm, and i would like to have fallen earth back on online. becuase these other games look like 2001, and put me to sleep. even if no one here lieks me, and my writing is a shitpit of chicken scratch and swearing i would like to have a way of making sure this happens and does not get canceled do to a lack of funding then people crying about it for the next year and half.
  2. Just saying but it's kinda of a banana move to us to replace the download button on that page with a link to fucking apb. as you know must of us blame apb for the failure of fallen earth. just remove to download button instead of insulting us. it's the least you can do right now
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