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  1. Bloodsports : Remove Assault, Remove Deathmatch, Remove Survival. Add team deathmatch, then simply lower requirements to start a match to 4 players rather than 5. This will stop team-stacking. As for promoting training for players... simply add raids for factions which have two difficulties. One easy as fuck, the other with stronger NPCs where players might need to focus specific NPCs or crossheal properly to survive. This way you add a repeatable method to earn faction, besides simply killing NPCs, still earn faction/xp but can add a proper payout as well. Then of course it also adds at least something to group play besides Citadel.
  2. Well... truth be told I can't think of an anti-cheat that would watch for this. Since it's not an actual error, besides L&F methods... but it could at least track it better.
  3. Well ya there's that option as well, but you'd still need it to change your character's "scale" of height. Even then, it should be possible for male/female characters to simply be cosmetic rather than anything involving game mechanics.
  4. The Q&A with Matt Scott and myself explained it... They will most likely have a secondary "legacy" server with older data and a newer server, the older server would simply be there for those who want to keep said characters/items, but most likely not be as focused as the new one in terms of performance... after all it's littered with duped items.
  5. Or just allow males to scale down in size to equal that of a female character, then add "one time" quest item (kinda like the faction reset in flagstaff) and cash shop item which will change a character's current "scaling" to that very same minimum. Any boosts can be quickly abused, even if you consider the idea "Well my male is 50% bigger", does that mean 50% more health or defenses in general would fair? Even if it was 25%, people would roll male simply because at no point will being a small female give you "that" much of an advantage. Then consider client/server-side issues causing heavier warp between players, it's simply not a solid idea to add boosts as if everything is consistent.
  6. No AP limit would mean everyone would have a build with everything, especially characters currently in-game which would simply apply injectors before their removal. Max skills/mutations and stats?... Just wouldn't work unless you were talking post-wipe. Even then limitations are a good thing. "Rework of the combat system" doesn't explain how, if it's similar to previous combat system, or what will change. If they're intended to introduce a new client I doubt a combat revamp would be out of the question. GORE Bosses would be useful, if they toned down GT armor resists and improved GORE weapons while reducing material requirements to craft. (Well that and upgrade chance) Harvesters still work fine, but I admit if they were more consistent (pre-nerf) people would probably fight over them more, if there was population, but that also means intense levels of hording. Items are on NPCs to craft which will still require crafters, all and all it's more efficient to harvest the very same materials... NPCs are simply there for a chip sink (which is kinda busted since they also are the only means of chips otherwise) +1, if it can be reverted... but at the very least improved would be a huge improvement.
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