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  1. It's been a while since I've played so I could get a few things wrong, my apologies. But I remember few things grinding my gears, and few ideas of how to improve things so I'm going to store them here in hope someone feels the same way or perhaps someone in LO takes notice and implement it if any of this is good. Anyway - here's my wall of text. 1) Fuzzy Bunny Shotgun - make it do a tiny bit more damage than Elephant Gun or give it a nice +rifle bonus, anything really just so that it's not a reskin. Right now you're paying more rifle points for no additional damage. 2) Low level keeps - delete all the high level consumables, if memory serves right. There's like level 55 stuff there for no good reason. 3) Make a faction keep in sector 1 pvp zone. The new players won't be aggroed by the npc guard, but won't be able to loot faction supplies, sparking interest in how it all works. Whichever faction controls this keep, gets most exposure, so those clans that want more recruits would fight over the real estate. 4) Make an item that stops xp gain, a trinket. A "broken lifenet collar". Something that would also give +15 Stamina Regen like muscular regulator does. 5) Rework some of the trinkets so that they could be useful. Some trinkets give like +2 Health Regen +2 Stamina Regen and never get used because everyone uses muscular regulator. They could provide benefit scaled to user's level. 6) Fix non-faction people not getting deathtoll from killing each other. 7) Make a clan invite be something you have to do in person, like the way you start a duel. Too many people get sent an invite, accept it, and then never interact with anyone and after a few days log off forever. They need to see that some people have clan tags, and some don't, and they need to get curious and actually engage another player with a clan tag, you know, interact a little. Clan tag should mean something, and clans just mass inviting everyone and then never talking to them cheapens what a clan should be. Make a clan invite cost 10b for person inviting. It's non issue amount of money, but already you will think twice before inviting 40 random people. You'll have a talk with them first, feel them out. In my opinion. 8 ) Have a few non-marketplace items that can only be bought with chips. And make them cost 10y. Money sinks. Make them look so that they're actually worth it. 9 ) Last I was playing, people went straight for GT stage suits, skipping every single suit in between. I think that, in order to craft GT stage suit, you need every single per-requisite suit. So, Engineered Mesoprene Suit -> Volatile Mesoprene Suit -> Mesoprene Stage 2 Coresuit -> Lifeline Coresuit -> GT Stage 1 And no skipping by using faction suits either. This ensures that pre-fall techs are a commodity again and grinding citadel is worth it. 10) In outpost, the enemies drop too many valuable things like volatile chems, that really needs to go. 11) Would it be too much to ask that once a month like, earthwalker spawned near embry, but it would take an entire raid team to down it? Make it an event and make it drop something special, then 55's would visit lowbie zone, lowbies would witness and participate in something exciting, you know, get some energy going. If this dropped a sub for a month, you would not go broke from a single person getting a sub once a month. But this would create a buzz and people would sign on to play that day. 12 ) In stalker online, the keeps are on a timer, and they only have vulnerability during certain time, let's say once a day. During that time, clans gather to either assault or defend their keep. When timer pops off, pvp usually starts, unless the defenders aren't there to defend. I'm not sure if this would kill pvp at large in fe. But there's enough keeps in district to have a fight every hour of the day, half hour even... I think it would be interesting if a keep was "held" for a day, it spawned an npc guard near the keep, along some faction mats so that crafters could sneak in while under "protection" of the guard. And if keep was held for 2 days, it was 2 guards, 5 guards etc. That way a single person could not take a keep that someone managed to defend 5 times, they would have to bring some protection. Just some thoughts about this. ================================================ I'll keep adding. Please feel free to speak your mind about any of this.
  2. I was thinking like, if for whatever reason you wanted a higher level mutation, and specced into willpower, you could like turn on gird 9 or something and get a nice boost to your hp while not really missing out on gamma because you have more coming from willpower. And if that's not enough, what would make it less garbagy? If memory serves, there was alpha mutation tied to it, and that too is an orphan of a line. It feels to me like that should be shown some love and perhaps power and alpha could be made to intermix so that if you did scale into willpower you would get new toys. Seems like it would be relatively easy to add skills/buffs there that were cut in previous versions. Maybe gamma regen too ? Dunno, just thinking outloud. I think that ability to create variety of builds is good.
  3. Reaps, why not just make it not empty? Make it give gamma and make more patch/bolster/disrupt/gird levels. It could lead to some funky mutations builds. Just a thought.
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