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  1. At the end of the game you could net everything for GT suits in Outpost. Dome was actually faster than Bloodsports and PVP (unless trading kills) for end-game weapons. Most materials were mid-range in terms of "best in slot" buffs or otherwise. That being said, yes harvesters/farms helped considerably and you could easily ghost-harvest or simply not place a farm in a PVP zone. Hell you could place harvesters/farms in TC just outside of the PVP zone and safely harvest. "PVE" players left because of F2P nerf, node changes (which made no sense), lack of FINISHED CONTENT, the fact time was invested into Dome as "PVE content" which was a 2 player instance, and I could probably go on for another 20 paragraphs but we'll stop there as it will derail and be toxic as hell.
  2. Opinions =/= objectively anything Big yikes my dude
  3. I mean... they had the ability to adjust abilities to do additional effects to NPCs. (Or simply NPC-only flagged abilities) Also GORE, originally, could 1-2 shot without any real effort and could bypass equalizer debuffs (re-equip derp) set in place to keep high levels from camping lowbes in S2/S3 zones. And in those situations lowbes were always one shot. A lot was cut as honestly the previous team(s) didn't know how to fix the boggled mess they provided previously... which is a travesty as many older effects could've easily been toned down to acceptable levels. Well that and a tiny bit of trial/error.
  4. Yikes, but fair as opinions differ from person to person
  5. Or someone running the client's patcher which still counts even if it isn't actually in-game which is the more realistic situation.
  6. I'm on a 95%/5% scale of agreement here, most players here can/would/will fuck it up without contest. And hell, even if somehow they were using the previous tools, they'd probably still not figure it out.... which is a big yikes.
  7. Most unbans were not checked, or rather couldn't be as most records were probably missing or otherwise. There were plenty of scumbags who got unbanned that did indeed harm both the economy and the PVP experience.
  8. PVP doesn't even effect PVE until you either A.) Use the command to flag up or B.) Enter a PVP zone. The only other counter argument to this would be "harvesters", conflict towns (when PVP zones are owned by a faction), and "PVP zone nodes". And to that I say "Reward for the risk, in truth it's minimal as you could easily make alts for any contested zone."
  9. Well we already had the fun of Stage 3, which was a bust. If anything progression should apply to previous suits making them considerably easier to get, thus making them stepping stones until GT.
  10. Willpower doesn't give gamma... it gave mind saves. Which after 1.9 did nothing as no "Mind Save" check mutations could ever be resisted. The only time willpower worked was if you went 4 mutations which all had different main stats up to 144 or to unlock the tier of choice there-of to slightly save overall AP.
  11. Actually the fact a male is roughly 15% larger than a female is kinda a big deal when pistols/snipers are involved. Melee/shotgun, not so much but it is still a major factor. The option is there to allow males to be made smaller via slider at creation, which originally could be exploited (and was not detected unless someone reported it, which obviously was harshly punished) but Tiggs running around on a toon that was always super tiny was a good example. Tho, that was a manual input... if the client and server allow the scaling then a male can be closer to a female's hitbox. Not saying a female toon should get larger, simply the male slider should have a wider range to allow them to be smaller. That being said, a female toon should also be allowed to scale up to the size of a large male toon. Why? Because sometimes I want a big patootie wall of a toon with 1.6k HP bodyblocking furballs
  12. I mean I'd say one way or the other, or simply have the higher tier ones as the new model as it makes very little sense that NPCs use our old Zip Guns only for ours to be different?... Don't get me wrong if we are speaking of weapon wardrobe (as long as it's tied to the weapon itself (Heavy Pistol can only be used on a heavy pistol) I'm game, tho I'm not getting my hopes up just yet for that.
  13. Willpower would actually be removed, perception was simply suggested to be adjusted to promote viability of the stat as a whole. Minus that it wouldn't be required for trade-skill specifically. Perception effects the following Dodge (50%) - Nerfed to dust beside dodge passive. First Aid (25%) - 186 unlock at least. Heavy Weapons (50%) - Strength is a superior option here, obviously can unlock 195 tho the gain is minimal vs 165. Rifle & Pistol (50%) - Same as above, tho at least if you go this route you can use Attack Posture and maybe apply some use in suppression. Tho on a 186 FA build it's already reasonable. Social (25%) - I mean if you want to waste AP past 160. Suppression (75%) - Vastly under-rated mutation and only mutation scaling this way. Tradeskill (25%) Thus why nothing was suggestion besides numerical value adjustments (which take less than 30 seconds, well ok maybe 45 seconds if we could reloading the database after as seen during G1 PTS testing.) While I admit it is indeed more work for them, it's like adjusting a value in an excel sheet which already has a formula in place to apply. I mean realistically speaking the only real change is mutations scaling to 196 without Willpower (as it isn't needed to begin with) thus saving overall AP investment in most builds. Beyond that simply adjusting perception to limit a "crafter" less. The only other big change is obviously Enhancement tho it gives an aura for ranged characters to spec into rather than having no option besides Group Tactics.
  14. I've been an advocate of this for some time, and I apologize in advance but I'll attempt to keep this short and sweet. Willpower : Remove Has no function beyond boosting mutations from 180 to 196 (Nobody in their right mind would unless the unlocks at this tier was broken) It does improve mind saves, which is a botched system that has not been properly functional (No proper scaling between abilities/effects) for quite some time. Can trick players into spending into it wasting valuable AP. If removed, move alpha mutation to scale based on player's level or Endurance. As well as having mutations scale at 100% of their main (75% scaling) stat. "Saves" - Reflex, Mind, & Body : Remove System has been scraped long before LO took over with inconsistencies all over the place making no two abilities be resisted as the same rates. Some not even working at all or simply do not have the "intended" save check The system itself makes sense, if functional, you have a percent chance to resist an effect of that effect type... if there are no plans to fix it then simply remove it. Obviously if removed, remove all save scaling from stats and any armor/consumes which buff them. Perception : Ajust I know this may leave some scratching their heads, but let me explain. This is the single most inefficient stats, that still has value, yet is underused for plenty of reasons. Tied to tradeskill, when paired with 98 Intelligence at 95 perception you will fall into some poor breakpoints. First Aid : 194 (You don't need above 186, ever) Suppression : 176 (While 174 can work, it's still big poo in terms of AP efficiency) Heavy Weapons : 160 (Besides the healing launcher, you should never go above 165, even then strength would be the superior stat for HP) Social : 146 (Seeing as it's mostly used for it's healing boost aura, chances are you'll invest into charisma for decent empathic to maximize it.) Dodge : 160 (You shouldn't be investing anything besides extra AP here, stance was nerfed to piss.) Rifle/Pistol : 160 (Only if you are going non-weapon stanced builds such as Attack Posture & Ablate) Even before considering the above, the only benefit of this stat is to effectively see users with Escape Artist & Reflex Saves. Thus why most will sooner invest into Dexterity as they will at least net some stamina/regen. So some pretty simple suggestions here when it comes to Perception. Remove 1 stamina scaling from Dexterity (2 stamina rather than 3 stamina per point), moving it to perception (making it 1 statmina per point). Giving it a bit more value when focusing on scaling. This way ranged characters still net a decent sum of stamina but aren't crazy above non-ranged builds. Remove perception from Tradeskill scaling, instead having it scale 100% on intelligence (98 intelligence would net 196 tradeskill) Greatly improved viability of craft focused characters in all weapon lines, rather than forcing them into a ranged role. Move Enhancement to scale with Perception, not Charisma, to give ranged weapons an aura line. Remove scaling of perception on Social, making it's scaling 100% on Charisma.
  15. I do agree the older models were definitely different from any other shooter, I'd rather just need the newer models on higher-end zipguns and maybe the zanesville rifle. Its not like the models were removed, just replaced.
  16. I think he's stating it based on the fact a small female's hitbox is considerably smaller than the smallest male. Easiest fix would be to allow the male's slider to go even further to equal them out, rather than having dead-spots in a male's hitbox or hitboxes for female characters outside of their visible frame. As long as it's damn near even, it should be enough.
  17. Nysek*, tho this is my original tag. I mean for the most part it's been porting over NPCs/buildings/etc over to the new system, so I want to say yes? But definitely no ETA on any form of alpha/beta.
  18. Wat? Wouldn't this go under suggestions?...
  19. Cenfozz is in Warhammer RoR Jd is doing random nonsense Ivy is around Inane is back/forth on games but mostly mobile port over to PC Shitlord is I want to say in Archage?... Mashed is in WoW Lydia is trying to find something decent to PVP in that isn't brain cancer cPG I know is around but last thing we played together was Will to Live Online Maria has been MIA from the gaming scene| Lockewood I have no bloody idea at all Trying to think of anyone else not accounted for... but I mean to my knowledge most aren't entire sure there will be a reboot but they'll more than likely play it if it does happen because the current market is hot garbage. Or at least what's populated is...
  20. Oh I know I am at times my brudda Level 100 is not the same as 55, Considering the scaling was adjusted specifically for this level cap. Even if I based it off current scaling, the current builds do not transfer to level 100 compared to their 55 counterparts. All of which are simple yet we have Stage 3 and GT which are not properly scaled, including AP. I doubt you even know the formula for resists, but either way. You then need to make 9 weapon/armor tiers of each type which is unreasonable. (AR/BR/Shotgun/Sawnoff/Sniper/Lights/Mediums/Heavies/1h/2h) Skills do scale by a static amount each rank, fact is they would need to be added and the client updated to support more ranks. Implying that making content to make up for those 45 levels is "easy", we don't need more useless content. Already played through FE once as have most who stuck around, the fact is progression is borked. It's one thing to skip 50% of content due to efficiency, but going straight to end-game as your time is better spent doing that as ultimately you'll avoid Stage 2/DT Tier 1/DT Tier 2/Stage 3/GORE as their farm is considerably longer than GT Armor & AP weapons. Levels have never made any game better, it simple bolstered superficial stats which translated to being just as strong in the previous version. Fixing the current > Adding bullshoot Spoiler : If you play through just the story you'll still be maybe 35 tops unless you count faction missions... maybe 40 then.
  21. ......Not to be a jackass but do you understand how much work would go into allowing level 100? Maybe 60, but bloody hell that's another 9 tiers of armor/weapons. Then you figure skills would jump from 195 (196) to 330. Mind you most skills already have ranks 5-9 already at 192. So considering they usually scale by 18 that's another 7-8 ranks to account for when every skill/mutation has 2-4 abilities. Then you need to figure out the proper scaling of weapons and armor to line up the current resists... And we can't even begin to speak about 1575 AP which nomatter how you'd slice that every build would have EVERYTHING. No my brudda, you dew not know dah wei. Edit : 60 would actually be easy as we could reach it with current available content. Possible 1-2 rank increase in abilities Canmove AP and GT armor to level 60 to avoid needing to make another armor (tho strongly suggest new models) Only slightly warps balance as obviously we'd gain a considerable amount of AP from levels (175 AP) tho most of which most likely would pump into passives, new 210 skill tier, and whatever "meta" Even then FE does not need "more" levels, it needs proper progression and either rework or removal of useless content. FE has plenty of content as it stands, just a lot of which is obsolete due to future content releases. If the servers went up tomorrow I could skip 90% of the game simply because it's more efficient to do so, that's a problem.
  22. Just because someone claims a game is better doesn't prove much when we compare the two. Yes I'd agree it's better but if we're talking from a profit standpoint? APB blows FE out of the water without any contest even at it's prime. APB's marketplace is superior in every possible aspect, one could argue that FE could've done better.... But fact is it didn't. Then add in the dupes which even tho reported were ignored making most of the transactions even less valued by the playerbase. G1 and the previous staff dug a hole that's gonna be a fuzzy bunny to get out of. They're already putting in work even with the chance of it falling flat. A fucking shirt for ONE slot of your cosmetic line for a minor boost usually to weapon skill (let me remind you there are 14 armor slots + 1 trinket, tho can probably tone that down as 3 are head slot) for 5$? And there are cosmetics also 5$ for one of said 14 slots. In most games that's an entire bloody outfit. The best buys in the market were the following. Wardrobe unlock all Vault slot boosters Pets (when available) Keys Boosters (all could be duped easily) GORE enhancer + bait (when they were broken, see above) Mounts Faction shirts for +3 weapon skill (can be gotten with reward points) Farms Very few cosmetics when available Then of course you had subscriptions which did help but only if you were a crafter if you could justify their original pricing (I never went above wastelander until they made commander 15$) TL;DR, APB makes them more money, it sucks but it's always been a fact.
  23. The most recent update was posted in general, there is no date simply that they are working on it.
  24. I'd rather they just open up every starter town at creation again... it's annoying running to zanesville everytime for basically free equipment to lvl 15+ An event would be nice but I hope they think about mainstreaming the system so progression is friendly to the current MMO player.
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