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  1. Nysek*, tho this is my original tag. I mean for the most part it's been porting over NPCs/buildings/etc over to the new system, so I want to say yes? But definitely no ETA on any form of alpha/beta.
  2. Wat? Wouldn't this go under suggestions?...
  3. Cenfozz is in Warhammer RoR Jd is doing random nonsense Ivy is around Inane is back/forth on games but mostly mobile port over to PC Shitlord is I want to say in Archage?... Mashed is in WoW Lydia is trying to find something decent to PVP in that isn't brain cancer cPG I know is around but last thing we played together was Will to Live Online Maria has been MIA from the gaming scene| Lockewood I have no bloody idea at all Trying to think of anyone else not accounted for... but I mean to my knowledge most aren't entire sure there will be a reboot but they'll more than likely play it if it does happen because the current market is hot garbage. Or at least what's populated is...
  4. Oh I know I am at times my brudda Level 100 is not the same as 55, Considering the scaling was adjusted specifically for this level cap. Even if I based it off current scaling, the current builds do not transfer to level 100 compared to their 55 counterparts. All of which are simple yet we have Stage 3 and GT which are not properly scaled, including AP. I doubt you even know the formula for resists, but either way. You then need to make 9 weapon/armor tiers of each type which is unreasonable. (AR/BR/Shotgun/Sawnoff/Sniper/Lights/Mediums/Heavies/1h/2h) Skills do scale by a static amount each rank, fact is they would need to be added and the client updated to support more ranks. Implying that making content to make up for those 45 levels is "easy", we don't need more useless content. Already played through FE once as have most who stuck around, the fact is progression is borked. It's one thing to skip 50% of content due to efficiency, but going straight to end-game as your time is better spent doing that as ultimately you'll avoid Stage 2/DT Tier 1/DT Tier 2/Stage 3/GORE as their farm is considerably longer than GT Armor & AP weapons. Levels have never made any game better, it simple bolstered superficial stats which translated to being just as strong in the previous version. Fixing the current > Adding bullshoot Spoiler : If you play through just the story you'll still be maybe 35 tops unless you count faction missions... maybe 40 then.
  5. ......Not to be a jackass but do you understand how much work would go into allowing level 100? Maybe 60, but bloody hell that's another 9 tiers of armor/weapons. Then you figure skills would jump from 195 (196) to 330. Mind you most skills already have ranks 5-9 already at 192. So considering they usually scale by 18 that's another 7-8 ranks to account for when every skill/mutation has 2-4 abilities. Then you need to figure out the proper scaling of weapons and armor to line up the current resists... And we can't even begin to speak about 1575 AP which nomatter how you'd slice that every build would have EVERYTHING. No my brudda, you dew not know dah wei. Edit : 60 would actually be easy as we could reach it with current available content. Possible 1-2 rank increase in abilities Canmove AP and GT armor to level 60 to avoid needing to make another armor (tho strongly suggest new models) Only slightly warps balance as obviously we'd gain a considerable amount of AP from levels (175 AP) tho most of which most likely would pump into passives, new 210 skill tier, and whatever "meta" Even then FE does not need "more" levels, it needs proper progression and either rework or removal of useless content. FE has plenty of content as it stands, just a lot of which is obsolete due to future content releases. If the servers went up tomorrow I could skip 90% of the game simply because it's more efficient to do so, that's a problem.
  6. Just because someone claims a game is better doesn't prove much when we compare the two. Yes I'd agree it's better but if we're talking from a profit standpoint? APB blows FE out of the water without any contest even at it's prime. APB's marketplace is superior in every possible aspect, one could argue that FE could've done better.... But fact is it didn't. Then add in the dupes which even tho reported were ignored making most of the transactions even less valued by the playerbase. G1 and the previous staff dug a hole that's gonna be a fuzzy bunny to get out of. They're already putting in work even with the chance of it falling flat. A fucking shirt for ONE slot of your cosmetic line for a minor boost usually to weapon skill (let me remind you there are 14 armor slots + 1 trinket, tho can probably tone that down as 3 are head slot) for 5$? And there are cosmetics also 5$ for one of said 14 slots. In most games that's an entire bloody outfit. The best buys in the market were the following. Wardrobe unlock all Vault slot boosters Pets (when available) Keys Boosters (all could be duped easily) GORE enhancer + bait (when they were broken, see above) Mounts Faction shirts for +3 weapon skill (can be gotten with reward points) Farms Very few cosmetics when available Then of course you had subscriptions which did help but only if you were a crafter if you could justify their original pricing (I never went above wastelander until they made commander 15$) TL;DR, APB makes them more money, it sucks but it's always been a fact.
  7. The most recent update was posted in general, there is no date simply that they are working on it.
  8. I'd rather they just open up every starter town at creation again... it's annoying running to zanesville everytime for basically free equipment to lvl 15+ An event would be nice but I hope they think about mainstreaming the system so progression is friendly to the current MMO player.
  9. It needs a wipe to remove duped items, period, it would be a healthy start as well for people coming into the game. Tho they should definitely make it easier to reach 45ish before any real grind should happen... and a XP lock feature for those that want to stay in certain sectors for whatever reason. The level of difficulty for a new player wanting to "do it all" and craft is a long and tedious road, that's definitely the first thing to look into for a new player starting up. Vendors having materials of course helps, if you have chips, but doesn't help that new player when the economy is inflated with duped items jacking up prices. Most of the issue in that regard was due to node nerfs, a planned map to allocate where nodes would spawn to help progression would be huge, as would adjusting progression of armor/weapons post-45 as now we have THREE PVP lvl55 "end game" armors. Tho you could also count DT tier 1 and Stage 2 suits. As well as DT tier 1/2 weapons, volatile weapons, GORE weapons, and AP weapons. Which the weaker variations should be scaled down on cost to properly sttep-up, even tho I'd never in my right mind craft stage 2 unless every other option wasn't available.
  10. True, tho it definitely had better micro transactions... FE would've had a lot more funding with properly prices items as well as just a broad selection, afterall they had two individuals on the art team. Tho I enjoy the work they did on "The Unknown" given that I don't think they could add a new model.
  11. Gonna try to keep this short... General Remove save checks from skills/mutations - It's an RNG system that hasn't been tuned in 7+ years, it should simply be abolished from a PVP standpoint. Which isn't many abilities thankfully. Weapons Remove passive 5m bonus range in system, this is across the board. Increase melee listed range to 3m in stats. Skills Kneecap (Dirty Tricks) needs dispel values checked to make sure preservation/suck it up cannot dispel it. Stanch Wounds cast time and cooldown increased by 1s. (Still think it should be self-only... but we'd have to add another heal) Remove passive 7% critical chance given to characters for free, instead split it between Weapon Skill and Precision. This would bring the total at "cap" investment for player level to 29% vs 22%. Weapon Skill would be 2.9% Precision would be 26.1% This increases the gap between pure power builds, power/precision, and most certainly pure precision builds. This does not mean critical chance caps at 29%, obviously like all passives it scales base on total boosted stat. (7.5095 vs 9.8989 per 1%) Diplomatic Immunity should remove all armor debuffs off of a friendly target (Not for self) This aura is one of the weaker lines and could use a boost. Fix Power's tooltip (6.3% at max for your level) and Weapon skill tooltips (.7% at max for your level) These are clientside actually, serverside should be 90/10 (%) of total investment checks (Was confirmed back before GORE by previous staff) Mutations Increase cooldown of high damage nukes (direct damage) by 50% (ThermalTK/Sonic would be 30s rather than 20s. It's a "free" hit, given it's potential to kill a target with enough players it should be planned rather than spammed. Increase cooldown of Benevolence by 1s A slight nerf to healing. Add "mutation/grenade/heavy weapon" protection of 5/5/10/10/15/15/20/20 (%) to Resilience under Enhancement Vital Omosis change HoT (or a mix of direct/hoT), most will probably agree this heal got a bit too strong. I'd prefer the old 20s cooldown zone, required positioning. Mutations requiring one to "stand still" should root the user while casting, but also increasing cast times of Benevolence/Endless Reserves/Vital Osmosis by .5s (If V.O. remains in it's current state) To allow punishment of healers in PVP, won't effect much in PVE as mobs do not currently switch agro from healing. Meditation 5 under Illumination fixed to require 123 illumnation NOT 121. ADD A BLOODY METHOD TO USE AN EQUIPPED MUTATION WITHOUT IT TAKING OVER SECONDARY FIRE (Assign it a key of it's own) Huge QoL change, would open up TK/Nano to Dual Wield users that were punished by not being able to time attacks fully. Would add more but not going crazy here.
  12. Did either of you play this game?... Melee has always been the META unless in PVE. Pistol was DPS king with obviously highest difficulty (minus AR/BR/Sniper as they never reached DPS to kill people effectively) Melee was your second best option as you were just behind pistol dealing the most consistent DPS, period, and due to no issues of reload meant pressure was always on when winning any fight. Shotgun like melee had consistency due to it's aiming method, yet it's DPS was pitiful. Thus it's only real aspect was in group play and positioning which gave it an edge in group fights. As for "sprint" : Smoke Sphere, Charge, and Dash. This is before considering options of snaring your enemy (Sonic, DT, Rifle, HW, and hell even suppression if you drained out their stamina) You "could" turtle in this game, but it only shines in PVE. In a PVP aspect at no given point will you have enough HPS to beat DPS unless going heavy HP6 build with SW7. And melee obviously would still kill you as it doesn't have reload downtime. Enhancement, EA, Green Paste. You could already reach a consistent 60% reduction to primary damage, if you needed more in PVP I recommend looking into dodge. Hell you can effectively make a 150-160 HPr build with SW 7 and roughly 1.3k+ HP with very little effort which is pretty much unkillable in PVP (teamfights) and impossible to die in PVE.
  13. Well actually in 3.2 you can be debuffed by DT, GT, TK, HW, and grenades... so normally quad-cut unless pierce/slash for the little bit HW also cuts. Social's Diplomatic Immunity when used properly on allies actually handles it quite well, armors don't really need a buff.
  14. My brudda, why you trying to jack my name :o
  15. Bloodsports : Remove Assault, Remove Deathmatch, Remove Survival. Add team deathmatch, then simply lower requirements to start a match to 4 players rather than 5. This will stop team-stacking. As for promoting training for players... simply add raids for factions which have two difficulties. One easy as fuck, the other with stronger NPCs where players might need to focus specific NPCs or crossheal properly to survive. This way you add a repeatable method to earn faction, besides simply killing NPCs, still earn faction/xp but can add a proper payout as well. Then of course it also adds at least something to group play besides Citadel.
  16. Well... truth be told I can't think of an anti-cheat that would watch for this. Since it's not an actual error, besides L&F methods... but it could at least track it better.
  17. Well ya there's that option as well, but you'd still need it to change your character's "scale" of height. Even then, it should be possible for male/female characters to simply be cosmetic rather than anything involving game mechanics.
  18. The Q&A with Matt Scott and myself explained it... They will most likely have a secondary "legacy" server with older data and a newer server, the older server would simply be there for those who want to keep said characters/items, but most likely not be as focused as the new one in terms of performance... after all it's littered with duped items.
  19. Or just allow males to scale down in size to equal that of a female character, then add "one time" quest item (kinda like the faction reset in flagstaff) and cash shop item which will change a character's current "scaling" to that very same minimum. Any boosts can be quickly abused, even if you consider the idea "Well my male is 50% bigger", does that mean 50% more health or defenses in general would fair? Even if it was 25%, people would roll male simply because at no point will being a small female give you "that" much of an advantage. Then consider client/server-side issues causing heavier warp between players, it's simply not a solid idea to add boosts as if everything is consistent.
  20. No AP limit would mean everyone would have a build with everything, especially characters currently in-game which would simply apply injectors before their removal. Max skills/mutations and stats?... Just wouldn't work unless you were talking post-wipe. Even then limitations are a good thing. "Rework of the combat system" doesn't explain how, if it's similar to previous combat system, or what will change. If they're intended to introduce a new client I doubt a combat revamp would be out of the question. GORE Bosses would be useful, if they toned down GT armor resists and improved GORE weapons while reducing material requirements to craft. (Well that and upgrade chance) Harvesters still work fine, but I admit if they were more consistent (pre-nerf) people would probably fight over them more, if there was population, but that also means intense levels of hording. Items are on NPCs to craft which will still require crafters, all and all it's more efficient to harvest the very same materials... NPCs are simply there for a chip sink (which is kinda busted since they also are the only means of chips otherwise) +1, if it can be reverted... but at the very least improved would be a huge improvement.
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