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  1. game clearly loads faster and the game feels smoother but at some point the performance drops and becomes unplayable between low fps and fried audio. at least in asylum.
  2. you fired the rocket too soon, or at least was too far from the car in order to predict it.
  3. i've almost never seen a player playing a scout/.45 and quickswitching(even quickswitching in general with scout), pretty rare imho.(maybe cuz i don't play this game so frequently as old times) anyways nobody is telling ya to play that loadout in that way. There are many ways to play those weapons togheter, especially if you use it with coolin jacket 3(so sitting duck and rt1)
  4. first of all. LO is doing a great job imho since is working hard for the new engine. then scott some hours ago told us that, even if riot has a collapsing map, is NOT a battle royale
  5. in my opinion, if this is a work in progress of "riot" mode, it kinda works. there are a pair of things that should be changed/added as example. i think each faction should be divided in teams(similar to battlefield) since we are talking about a game mode that involves a great number of players and for me, the classic team system looks more confusing.(i think this one could be a little bit important if you're playing with friends or clanmates, even if i mainly play solo) there could be something cooler if icons of barrel stacks can blink(a glowing up or a warning indicator(?) could be better than fading imho) upon getting damage instead of only a simple life percentage indicator. about "barrel carriers", i think that's not really impossible as many people think it is. the game allows to kill enemies and count them as carriers even if they dropped the barrel after a pair of seconds. i made it in a very short time(excluding early game for help team to capture areas). maybe it's ok if you drop the kills required to 2(from 3) but i don't find it a necessary change
  6. apb doesn't need at all the only p2w thing in this game is only premium since it halves active skill cooldown. imho
  7. a warehouse system could be nice, too.(for money and other stuff like mods, weapons, etc) maybe to avoid anxiety of transfer character-to-character mails(it's just one problem of mine, btw) about jts, maybe accound wide could be a nice way to reduce grinding time but... there could be downside in gameplay, imho. How can i explain that? mh... maybe a greater number of smurfs in game? just similar to refer-a-friend system? if i have the power to do this, i would make fight club weekly missions account related(instead of a singular character), with (also a little bit) better jts rewards, making also jts permanent stuff able to send on account's characters(just like legendaries).
  8. is just me or LO repriced also weapons?(i mean... not everyone but at least silenced rfp, tas20 stock)
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