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  1. PunkStrider

    Accountwide in-game money and JT's?

    a warehouse system could be nice, too.(for money and other stuff like mods, weapons, etc) maybe to avoid anxiety of transfer character-to-character mails(it's just one problem of mine, btw) about jts, maybe accound wide could be a nice way to reduce grinding time but... there could be downside in gameplay, imho. How can i explain that? mh... maybe a greater number of smurfs in game? just similar to refer-a-friend system? if i have the power to do this, i would make fight club weekly missions account related(instead of a singular character), with (also a little bit) better jts rewards, making also jts permanent stuff able to send on account's characters(just like legendaries).
  2. PunkStrider

    Armas debundling

    is just me or LO repriced also weapons?(i mean... not everyone but at least silenced rfp, tas20 stock)