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  1. Goes down the day I actually wanted to play......
  2. Think they restarted it. Its fixed for me
  3. Do yall really think that its going to help if they make it so that golds cant play in bronze? Lmfaoo I don't think it will tbh. Let say that they do go with that plan.. I can only see bronze district population be low all the time ( Means you will hardly get enemies for matches and most people will probably quit the game and complain that "there is nobody playing in bronze anymore".) and I can see yall complaining about silvers wining all the time LOL. I think they will only kill this game even more if they do any of that.
  4. Same. I cant get to any of them.
  5. I'm having the same issues.. Haven't been able to join for 30 mins now.. Yes I've closed the game / steam / restart the pc.
  6. Time for me to comeback to this game and chill with the bronzes =)
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