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  1. Okay I've got 2 - 1 slot carbines on my crim and I was wondering if you guys could put dupe protection specifically for those weapons (not legendaries of course) or just make them tradeable. It would reinvigorate the market and make people want to open gold boxes more
  2. Okay I'm able to get into social today. I will update if I run into it again today. Hopefully it doesn't come back. Merged. Okay seems to be riot district is the only one that won't let me connect at all. Nope it is back in full force, can't connect to jack
  3. I was playing earlier today then I restarted after getting the green fog staying glitch from riot mode. Now I'm stuck connecting to district server for long times then a random error. Such as, client/server mismatch or just a disconnected from server unexpectedly. I repaired of course, restarted my internet, steam, and computer. However, I am still getting these errors at random. It might just be my shoddy internet connection, but everything was working fine until I restarted after the fog bug when I loaded into another riot instance.
  4. Akula_Rose

    Connect infinite

    Seems to be happening to my enforcer only. I can get online with my crim. I haven't tried my low lvl crim though, tired of rebooting the game.
  5. Akula_Rose

    Connect infinite

    Same problem tried letting everything through firewall and it's still doing it.
  6. They have about two more months to either do something about it or I hope they die like g1. Either way they're wasting our time with the "we're hoping to make the game better" bullshoot. Lilorbit do something already or just go away. At least g1 didn't promise freaking anything after awhile.
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