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    OTW Balance Changes

    Hi Everyone. Below are what we've changed in the current version of OTW. One of our main goals with this balance pass is to try and get weapons focused more within their intended ranges. Shotguns are currently a bit overtuned and dominate close up (where as previously they were rarely used in favour of SMGs due to their relative inconsistency). Likewise Assault Rifles (particularly the NTEC, but also in general) tend to push a bit too much into the range of Rifles, making Rifles for the most part seen less often than other categories. A lot of the changes here are somewhat experimental, and in this case we expect a fair few of them to be reverted entirely, but it's worth playtesting them to see if they're viable. We should also point out not to expect any of these changes to go live at any point soon, we want to do a lot of testing on these over the course of the next couple of weeks, and only release ones we are sure are ready. This new forum section should be used as a space to provide feedback on these changes. Assault Rifles In general. The standard-ranged ARs have received a 5m effective range reduction across the board. Combined with an increase in the range of rifles, this allows rifles (and LMGs, to an extent) to shine at longer ranges where previously most players would just take an NTEC. Min Damage Range stays the same, so you'll see a more gradual falloff of weapon performance over distance. This also promotes taking Rifling if you want to increase your range (more on this in a bit), at the cost of reducing your TTK at close range. This affects the following: AR-97, ATAC, COBR-A, FAR, Raptor, S1-FA, STAR. NTEC The NTEC is a fairly difficult challenge to tweak, as it's by far the most popular weapon in APB and thus any changes will affect near our entire playerbase, but it does need some changes. There are two effective ways we can go about this without drastically changing the feel of the weapon, so we're investigating both simultaneously and we can compare side by side. Test A - Increase the fire-interval of the NTEC very slightly (from 0.14 to 0.145), adjusting accuracy stats so the accuracy over shots stays the same. This helps increase the perfect TTK slightly so it's closer to its contemporaries. At the same time we also reduce the Magazine capacity a little, to 30. It has a very high Kill to Magazine capacity as it is (and a relatively fast reload), so reducing this helps in a few ways: It makes missing slightly less forgiving, it makes the choice of blue mod more interesting, and gives players another comparison marker when choosing to use the weapon over the STAR (which now has more ammo than it). Test B - Reduce the effective accuracy of the NTEC, making it a little worse in terms of pinpoint effectiveness than other ARs, giving space for weapons like the ISSR, LCR and AR97 to get a look in. This reduces the base accuracy of the weapon to 28cms at 10m (from 24) and the Marksmanship modifier to 40% (from 35%). It also decreases jumping accuracy to 18 (from 12) to see if we can reduce jumping spray at close ranges a little. Minimum accuracy is 'improved' to stay the same as in live (since it's a multiplier on base accuracy). With this test, we also reduced ammo in the weapon to 28. Note: The Scoped variant is unchanged in testing. If we actually make any changes to the NTEC, those changes will carry over. Rifles In the same vein, we've increased the effective range of non-carbine Rifles by 5m, giving them a bit more oomph at ranges where they'd previously fall off. This affects the following:, FFA, CR-762, OBIR, SBSR. This is also important as a lot of rifles were relying on Rifling to make them valid for long distance engagements, and we're moving Rifling to be more of a trade-off than it was. Shotguns The range-reduction we made at the beginning of the week on Live for Shotguns was a stop-gap solution to help reduce the problem while we look at further reducing the power of shotguns. Their now very consistent kill-rates at close range allows us to change them in other areas to reduce their power while still making them the best choice at point-blank. We can also start dropping the effect of the pellet bonus damage in some cases where it's resulting in the weapons being too effective. Strife Test A - Effective Damage increased to 903, 2-shot pellet count improved to 8 from 9 (Reduces Pellet Scale to 0.926 from 0.933). CSG Test A - 2-shot pellet count reduced to 15 (from 13) (Damage 64 from 70, Scale 0.935 from 0.9). Fire Rate down to 0.8 (from 0.68). Effective Range changed to 1000/1750 (from 750/1750). This gives the CSG a little bit of its range back, but requires better accuracy, and takes longer to kill, helping distinguish it more from the JG. JG Test A - 2-shot pellet count reduced to 7 (from 6) (Damage 100 from 140, Scale 0.897 from 0.82). Shredder - Increased fire interval to 0.42 (from 0.37). This is a revert of a buff from the previous patch. We buffed it in a number of ways, this one was maybe a step too far. OCA The OCA fire-rate buff a few years ago was a bit over the top, but it did need something at the time to make it viable (it was overshadowed at the time by every other SMG other than the Norsemen). As such, we want to pull back the buff, but not remove it entirely. Test A - 0.95 fire interval (from 0.92). Test B - 0.98 fire interval (from 0.92, very close to its old 0.1 fire rate). Rifling We reduced the effectiveness of Rifling on live while we made some mechanical changes behind the scenes to be able to change it on a percentage basis, and this is the first test of this. Rifling (the OTW test variant) now increases range by 5,10,15%, followed by an absolute increase of 1, 2, 3 metres. This means it works better on longer range weapons, but at least has some effect on close range weapons (where the absolute increase has more of an effect). On average, Rifling 3 increases Shotguns by 4.5m, SMGs by 7.5, Carbines by 8.25, ARs by 10.5 (9.75 in prototype), Rifles by 10.5 (11.25 in prototype), LMGs by 13.5 and Snipers by 16.5 (essentially removing max range for them). Cooling Jacket We're also testing to see if adding the Cooling Jacket effect to Burst Interval as well makes sense. It provides an interesting counter-option to rifling for burst weapons, though notably right now Cooling Jacket is essentially all benefit for Burst weapons and no downside, so that'll need some thought before we go further with anything in this area. Financial Weapon Prototype For the purposes of making testing easier, we're running some slightly different rules on the Financial testing districts. The big difference you'll see immediately that everyone is PvP unlocked at all times, allowing you to easier test weapons in various circumstances. You can run missions in there as well, but be aware that players outside of your mission will be able to interfere. It's also essentially an open conflict district, to avoid any matchmaking issues with low player counts.
  2. LO_Beastie

    Cobr-A "Adder" & "Venom" armas prices

    We are working on better highlighting, but the featured tab should now be rotating, with items in that tab receiving a price decrease. In this case the COBR-A "Venom" is on the featured tab, so has a discount applied..
  3. As I mention above Tobii, these changes aren't meant to be final by any means (and I agree with you). We know from the previous round of testing that the Shredder wasn't too powerful with a shorter range, but in a better state than its previous live iteration, so this is a change we can make in a short amount of time while we look at longer term solutions.
  4. Hi Everyone, Following up on Matt's post here: As Matt mentioned, we're going into another round of testing over the course of the next few weeks, and we'll be working with you all to both find balance for the shotgun changes (which were a little OTT) and also some tweaks to other weapons that we didn't cover with the previous test cycle. Since this is going to be a longer test period, we don't want to leave the game in its current situation for that length of time, so have some tweaks to shotguns in order to bring their ranges down somewhat. We know these changes are slightly blunt, and these weapons / mods will be receiving different balance changes in the test districts as we find a better position for them. The OTW build currently up contains the following changes: Rifling changed to 2.5m, 5m, 7.5m (from 3, 6, 9). CSG: Range down to 7.5m/17.5m (from 10m/20m) JG: Range down to 7.5m/15m (from 10/20) Shredder: Range down to 20m/40m (from 25/45). To reiterate, these changes aren't necessarily what we're planning to keep in the long term, they're short term fixes while we improve the items through OTW testing. These changes are available in the all non-prototype districts on the OTW client and we'd appreciate any feedback. Note: There are other changes in this build that are part of the setup for the A:B testing. These aren't going live this week. You can ignore them for now, I'll discuss them once these changes are tested.
  5. LO_Beastie

    Armas Mkt Item not delivered

    Hi deadcoyote. When you buy clothing items from the Armas Marketplace, the items don't directly appear in your locker. Instead, they become unlocked within the wardrobe, where you can add them to your character You will find the Nanofiber vest under the Armor category.
  6. Hey all, here are the changes we've made to balance in the 1.19.6 patch. New Weapon - Showstopper The showstopper is colby's newest sidearm, a revolver firing shotgun shells that reloads a shell at a time. This is a close-range weapon that can devastate a target point blank or finish off wounded stragglers. The Showstopper is currently available through Joker Distribution and will be making its way to Armas soon. Shotgun Changes Shotguns now deal more damage with the first pellets per shell that hit the target. The amount of front-loaded damage varies based on shotguns, and provides shotguns more consistency, as you can partially hit a target and still do considerable damage. This also requires us reducing the range of shotguns in order to stop them doing extreme damage outside of those ranges. These changes are (old values in brackets) : SG-21 'Strife' : Initial Damage 80 (45), Damage Total 858 (945) Range 7.5-15m (15-25) CSG : Initial Damage 70 (31), Damage Total 614 (651), Range 10-20m (20-40) DOW : Initial Damage 80 (41), Damage Total 471 (492) JG : Initial Damage 140 (66), Damage Total 700 (792), Range 10-20m (20-30) NFAS : Initial Damage 80 (41), Damage Total 381 (492), Range 10-20m (20-30) NFAS-Ogre : Initial Damage 50 (41), Damage Total 432 (492), Damage Total Range 10-20m (20-30) Shredder : Initial Damage 100 (49), Damage Total 482 (441), Fire Interval 0.37 (0.42), Range 25-45m (20-40) HVR Changes The HVR now has a reduced damage when firing with low accuracy. When accuracy is at unaimed accuracy or lower, you now do 280 damage. This increases up to fully accurate, where you do 850 damage. This helps us reduce quick-shooting and lucky hits from the hip at point blank range. Other Weapon Balance Changes AR97 'Misery' - Increase damage to 240 (from 200), Decrease recovery delay to 0.25 (from 0.58). This improves tap fire ability significantly. Decrease increment of Yaw Recoil Curve, meaning it ramps up less harshly. Removed minimum yaw recoil. Should now recoil more gently right and left. COBR-A - Removed Accuracy curve completely, using linear drop instead, Recovery Delay of 0.204. Recovery Per Second of 9.5. Removed minimum yaw recoil. Should now recoil more gently right and left. ISSR-a - Lower recovery delay to 0.335 (from 0.35) SWARM - Reduced horizontal recoil by 33%., Double recoil time to 20ms (from 10). Given the fire rate is 18ms this means that the gun never stops recoiling when you're firing full auto, making for a smoother, less jarring recoil., Walk Modifier 1.75 (7), Accuracy Cooldown 30 (20). SBSR (Rifle) - Gives it a unique recoil pattern that's significantly less harsh than the sniper variant. Base recoil halved to 1000 (from 2000) H-9 'Curse' - New Recoil Pattern. Same vertical recoil as before, but significantly reduced horizontal recoil (-35 to 23 from -118 to 118, now pulls slightly to the left). S-247 'Oblivion' - Walk modifier set to 0.25 (from 3), Accuracy Cooldown to 30 (from 20 default), Resupplies 10 rounds at a time (up from 5), Can now switch weapon during refire timer, Increased Damage to 325 (from 285), Decreased Reload time to 2.75s (from 3.2s). NCR-762 - Switched Crosshair. Uses existing assets but simplifies, stops overlap and removes top and bottom elements. Remove Movement Accuracy Recovery curve. Adjusted recovery rates and overall shot modifier caps to compensate. Will now never get more than 1-shot's worth of recoil away from full accuracy. Significantly increased the effect of the pershot modifier reduction as you fire. Increased Fire Rate to 0.735 (from 0.77). STAR 556 'LCR' - Fire Interval 0.27 (from 0.32). PerShotModifier 0.525 (from 6). Scoped Ntec / Ntec 7 - now correctly uses the scoped assault rifle effective range. Rifling Changed downside to... - Reduces Fire Rate by 6, 12, 18% (ranks 1, 2, 3 respectively). This change also affects burst interval. Increases upside to +3, +6, +9m range (from +3,5,7). We understand this is quite a controversial change, but felt it necessary as rifling didn't have much of a downside, resulting in a lot of weapons being forced out of their niche by weapons that should be lesser ranged. This provides players the ability to make their assault rifle act more like a rifle (for instance) but at more of a cost to its close range effectiveness. The fire rate decrease can even be seen as a buff in certain situations as it forces a level of fire rate control you would otherwise have to do manually. Naturally we'll keep an eye on this and tweak further if necessary (and will be reviewing all preset guns with rifling). Joker Distribution A number of weapons have been added to the Joker Store. These are: AR-97 'Misery' JT1 AR-97 'Misery' JT3 FAR 'Vanguard' JT1 FAR 'Vanguard' JT3 Raptor 45 'Hawk' JT1 Raptor 45 'Hawk' JT3 AMG-556 'Stheno' JT1 AMG-556 'Stheno' JT2 S1-TIC 'Rabid' JT1 S1-TIC 'Rabid' JT3 SWARM 'Killer Bee' JT1 SWARM 'Killer Bee' JT3 R-2 'Harbinger' JT Showstopper JT SBSR 'Coroner' JT1 SBSR 'Coroner' JT3 SG-21 'Strife' JT1 SG-21 'Strife' JT3 H-9 'Curse' JT1 H-9 'Curse' JT3 S1-NA 'Manic' JT1 S1-NA 'Manic' JT3 S-247 'Oblivion' JT1 S-247 'Oblivion' JT3 SBSR 'IRS' JT1 SBSR 'IRS' JT3 Adjusted cash requirements for the following weapons: N-SSW 74 JT1, N-SSW 74 JT3, STAR 556 'LCR' JT1 Other Changes Added increased fire rate description to Double-Drum mag modification (purely a text change). Fixed bug with 'Yukon' Mountie variant that allowed it to fire incredibly fast from the hip.
  7. Thanks. I've fixed this locally and it should be fixed in a future build.
  8. Thanks SKay. This is a bug with the showstopper primarily, as it's essentially acting a little like a pump action shotgun. It's somewhat intended on the pump shotguns, when you switch to a shotgun it has to rack if there's no shell chambered, and a freshly initialised weapon by default doesn't have a shell in the chamber. This parts a bug, we should definitely fix that, but it can also occur on pump action shotguns if you fire and switch away before you rack a new shell into the chamber, which is intended. Naturally this shouldn't apply to the showstopper at all, being a revolver (the cylinder snap animation is mechanically a racking anim), so there's a bug there.
  9. LO_Beastie


    FYI the collision diameter is 68cm, or essentially 83 when leaning and face on to the shooter. If it helps further calculations, the height is 91 standing, 60 crouching and moving (standing on the balls of your feet), and 53 crouching and stationary.
  10. Now we're closer to what we're happy to push to live, our next iteration only has one set of variations over the latter, labelled Weapon Prototype E. These are based on the previous C test stats with some differences, listed below. Rather than the Weapon Prototype District D District, we now have the Weapon Control Group District, which has the stats from the current live client, to allow us to test the stats we want to push live against those that actually are, and ensure they're improvements without going too overboard. The goal here is to end this test with changes that will end up with an improved weapon experience all around on live, even if we have to re-visit some of the weapons later to add a bit more oomph (it's no good having 'better' stats sit on OTW for months while we iterate, leaving the live servers less fun). These changes are: Rifling Adjusting Rifling mod, reducing downside and improving upside. This is now +4, 8. 12 m range (rank 1, 2 3 respectively), and -5, -10, -15 % firerate / burst fire interval. There was a bug where the burst fire interval was only applying on ranks 1 and 2, so we've fixed that as well. I've also added a set of weapon mods with no rating requirement that will be sent to players on OTW. This is one each of the rank 1 and 2 mods that would unlock through the roles, plus a few each of the rank 3 mods. Weapon Balance CSG - Test E: Added 5m to the effective and minimum range (15m effective, 25m min) from the C stats. Anubis 'NCR' - Test E: Making some further tweaks to crosshair. Centre dot is now smaller and always white, so easier to focus on. Pulling in side elements a little. Shredder - Test E: Increased range by 5m (25m effective, 45m min). Increase Fire Interval to 0.37 (from 0.42). Adding Test Balance for STAR-556 'LCR' - Test E. There are only 3 variants of this weapon, all preset, and two of them have Rifling on them, which proportionally affects them quite a lot, given they're very slow firing as is. As such, this testing variant that has a slightly faster fire rate (0.27 vs 0.3) and adjusted pershotmodifier to ensure that the accuracy still performs in the same way (PershotModifier 0.525 from 6). Note: this means the PR1 and PR2 versions fire very slightly slower (but gain additional range from the upgraded positive of rifling) and the Old Glory fires slightly faster than before. Text Fixes: Double-Drum modification: Updated text to mention the increase in fire-rate that the ogre has (purely a text tweak for clarity, the effect has been on the ogre for years).
  11. Thanks so much to everyone for the initial testing on the OTW weapon balance, and the feedback you've given across the forum. We've had enough data to make some initial changes, though again this the changes we've put in are not final, and some weapons that haven't received changes may still be adjusted (we just don't have enough info yet to make further tweaks). With that in mind, here are the changes we've made in the latest patch. Testing Methodology For the most part, we're happy that the changes in the first pass are improvements, and don't overpower the weapons (other than the shotguns, more on that later). We've generally picked one of the two sets of stats from the A/B test, and applied these to both C/D versions. From here, we adjust the C variant further, allowing you to compare the new tweaks against the version from the A/B test that we've chosen. This is quite important as we want to ensure if we hit a sweet spot of balance we don't just keep iterating for the sake of it, so having the previous test to compare against is very useful. We also have enough initial data from the Weapon Prototype districts that we're happy to open up testing of the rebalance on other districts. All districts that aren't weapon prototype districts now default to using the C balance set. So first, I'll go over which of the previous weapon sets are now the base set (used for set D). COBR-A: Test A Mistery: Test B ISSR – Test B CSG: Test A chosen DOW: Test A JG: Test A Strife: Test A . NFAS: Test A NFAS-Ogre: Test A Shredder: Test A Apoc Death: Test B Showstopper: Test A HVR-762: Test B Apoc Curse: Test B NCR: Test B You can see the values for these tests here: Shotguns I mentioned above that the Test D variants will be the previous test values as a comparison. For shotguns, we're breaking this somewhat as it's clear that for the most part the shotguns needed a range reduction across the board. For that reason, in the D stat set we've taken 5m from the effective range across the board on all of the shotguns. For the test C variants, the following changes are made (Previous test values are in brackets): Strife Test C : Effective Range to 7.5m (15m). Min Damage Range 15m (25m) CSG Test C : Effective Range 10m (20m), Min Damage Range 20m (40m). DOW Test C : No Change (it needed a buff, and this gives it one. Note that this means that the C variant has a further range than the D variant, so this still provides us two data-points to compare) JG Test C : Effective Range 10m (20m), Min Damage Range 20m (30m). NFAS Test C : Effective Range 10m (20m), Min Damage Range 20m (30m). NFAS-Ogre Test C : Effective Range 10m (20m), Min Damage Range 20m (30m). PerRayDamageScale 0.94(0.81). Damage 50(80). This puts it closer to its original form, with a damage reduction overall and a slight damage bonus if you hit 7 or less pellets). Shredder Test C : No Change (Same as DOW, it needed some love). Other Weapons Showstopper Test C : Damage 88(75). PerRayDamageScale 0.818 (0.85). Showstopper 'Thunder' mod: Reduced Fire rate reduction to 35% (50%). S-247 'Oblivion' Test C : Walk modifier 0.25 (1.25) SWARM Test C : Walk Modifier 1.75 (7), Accuracy Cooldown 30 (20). This is a fairly major buff to see if this neglected gun will work well if we move it towards a walk and fire style LMG. The remaining weapons we're either happy with the balance of the chosen data set, and want to see if they play well over the weekend, or we aren't entirely sure what more needs changed, and are looking for more data from financial and waterfront before making further decisions. We're feeling the ISSR and NCR at least will potentially need more tweaks, and the Misery needs careful examination to ensure it's ok, but I'm happy to leave the current stats over the weekend to get a better feel of what, if anything further needs done. Oh, and I realised I've been using developer terminology quite a lot here. Apologies if it's some of the language is a bit obscure. The main one that might be confusing here is Accuracy Cooldown, which is the rate at which your accuracy regenerates from movement modifiers (so when you stop running, walking, etc). The higher it is, the faster you have full accuracy after standing still. Now, here's two other major tweaks I've made that are related to these balance tweaks... Improved Rifling This mod's always been a bit of a funny one. In a lot of cases, the downside has no effect, so it's purely a great mod to put on most guns. While previously this had very limited effect on Shotguns, now it will be very, very good on them. Too good in fact, essentially making them mid-range weapons (we all saw what the test A/B shotguns were like). To counter this, I've switched the downside of the mod from increasing the Shot Modifier Cap to something a bit more drastic. Fire rate. When I first had a look, the plan was to implement this as a shotgun-specific downside, but having more of a think, it could make sense in a more general fashion. The reduced fire rate (9/15/21%) can actually be a help to a lot of weapons with more control of recoil and accuracy degredation at the cost of minimum time to kill. It's certainly worth a test overall before we make a decision on whether to limit the effect to shotguns only. It'd be worth testing across the board, as it'll affect how a lot of weapons lose accuracy. This also affects Burst Fire Interval, so it does affect the burst fire rifles and pistols as well (*cough* Fang *cough*), and it may affect some weapons a bit worse than others (if we want to go this route, it's likely the LCR will need a buff, since 2/3 of the LCRs have rifling built in, and it's already a very slow killing weapon). The fire rate decrease is also quite heavy, so we may want to tone it down (or improve the rifling range effect). We'll see what the feedback is like. Mountie SF9 'Yukon' Finally, when adding the new rifling effect for testing, I came across the Yukon bug (fire rate increase of the mod affecting hip fire), so I've fixed that while I was in there. I mentioned previously that this patch is primarily for improving weapons, but considering it's an error that was easily fixable, it made sense to fix that at the same time. This does mean it has an effective full-auto fire rate nerf from 0.045 (which is what it bursts at) to 0.078 (the actual fire rate of the base weapon).
  12. LO_Beastie

    Let's talk: OTW Improved Rifling

    Hi, I'll be writing up a larger post on this in another balance thread,, but I should mention my reasoning behind this Rifling has always been a funny one, on a lot of weapons it has basically no downside as they aren't designed to hit their maximum bloom (Rifles, Shotguns and Snipers primarily). With the changes to shotgun mechanics, we're now balancing them partly on effective range (rather than just ray-spread), and thus Rifling goes from being a fairly negligible mod on them (no downside but only a tiny poking upside) to actually being a major benefit. Due to this, we need a downside on Rifling that will affect shotguns. At the same time, the general concept with weapons for the most part is closer range = faster effective TTK. It's not the full truth, a lot of other things apply, but it's a general concept. As such, a longer TTK seems a good trade-off for longer range. It can also be seen as a slight improvement on some weapons, as the additional handling you gain from a slower fire rate may allow you to full-auto in situations where you'd otherwise have to tap fire. With that in mind, I implemented a straight up fire rate decrease (it effects burst interval as well) as a downside for rifling across the board on all weapons. I'm somewhat worried that some weapon is going to break with it on, since accuracy and fire rate are intrinsically linked, but it's worth an experiment. This may break things, so we may restrict it purely to shotguns, but the OTW is for testing, and it's interesting enough to try out. If you see anything that feels a bit wonky with it, let me know. Oh, and I know this will make some presets a bit worse, especially the LCRs, so if this goes through they'll need a buff to compensate.
  13. It varies per weapon. A lot of our weapons don't use effective range curves at all, and these just lerp between the minimum and maximum percentages over the distance. Weapons with effective range curves aren't calculated with a formula, but instead use Unreal's curve system to physically draw points on a graph. We define an X/Y point and a tangent, and Unreal stitches them together to make a curve. For the most part we use flat tangents (they're normalised, so we don't specify any weighting), so the curves tend to be simple ease in/outs. This results in a more gradual ease at the start and end of the damage reduction, so you don't feel such an immediate impact when your weapon reaches its effective range limit. Here's the assault rifle's curve as an example: The exception to this is the rifles, which tend to have a more exponential drop off (ease in, but drop more dramatically out), like this: Note the little white handles to allow us to change the tangents. So to answer your question, there's unfortunately not an easy formula I can give you to calculate range drop-off as they're tweaked by hand (and I'm not aware of what system Unreal uses to generate these). The shotguns all linearly interpolate btw.
  14. Apologies, I mispoke. Your last post is correct. I'll edit mine.
  15. Sure, right now the shotguns have the following values (blue values are live, with the pellet value unchanging) Sorry that it's a picture, just by far the fastest for me to grab, and I'm busy getting the next iteration of stats ready. This is the data for the graphs I posted earlier (the CSG is currently being shown on my graph, hence why it's grey in this image). Pellet damage is calculated with the formula Damage*Scale^PelletsHitNum. Of minor note is damage is calculated as an integer, so floor any values that formula throws out.