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  1. By blasting this at full volume during the creation process just like how all the pros do it.
  2. So many great sweaters, but come on guys don't dislike entries, that's just mean.
  3. Oh balls. That makes sense, sorry guys no bug at all, I just couldn't figure out the system. Thanks so much for clearing that up for me.
  4. No worries! I also did a thing for you incase you or anyone else wanted pictures:
  5. Yes. Like WF says 0 Pumpkins left and F says 79 left. I guess that makes 150, but then how do I get to 300?
  6. AFAIK the Halter Top is a part of the Juggernaut Strike Pack, although the store page just lists it as 'Urban Strike Clothing Set' so not much help there and I can't find a single picture of it in game but it's basically a fancy bra thing?
  7. I'm not sure if it is the same issue but I just cleared WaterFront of Purple Pumpkins and the counter is only showing 71/150. Shouldn't clearing one district make it 150?
  8. Thanks so much for the insight! I don't have the patience or technology to do that CSI on my fight scenes so will take your word for it. But it does make sense - maybe the JG's slightly faster RoF means that a miss isn't as devastating or as noticeable as it is in the Strife where a miss basically means death.
  9. That is the perfect way to describe it. Except with the HVR you've got a nice 99m gap between you and your opponent in CQC that gap ain't so nice so waiting for that bolt-action to decide when its ready is basically asking to be put on your knees. Speaking my language, man. I swear sometimes I shoot through enemies instead of into them or there is a slight delay in between me firing and the pellet leaving the gun. Or maybe I'm just lagging my balls off because other people say the hit reg on the Strife is really good. All in all I regret buying the JT Strife - 2/10 because that's how many shoots I can connect in a day.
  10. Don't suppose y'all got a config solution for this beastly setup: i7-2640M 2.80Ghz 16.0GB RAM Nvidia 4200M
  11. This is so much fun. It's not cheating if I make multiple entries?
  12. Thanks everyone! I had heaps of fun making Mattea and heaps more at the event! Looking forward to any future ones, Citadel is such a fun place!
  13. Thanks for the fun event everyone! Awesome night of conga lines, poppadoms and a dash of beards.
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